Metal Gear Solid 5 Xbox One’s 1080p Resolution Statement Was A Misunderstanding, New Screen Released

Big Boss is apparently wearing the bandana once again.

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Earlier today Konami released the final specifications of the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. However the Xbox One version was reportedly running at 1080p according to an article published by Gamekyo last month. According to the publication, Julien Merceron, Technical Director on Konami’s Fox Engine confirmed that both PES 2016 and The Phantom Pain will be running at 1080p and 60fps on the Xbox One.

However that is not the case as the Xbox One version of Metal Gear Solid V is confirmed to run at 900p. In order to clarify the matter, Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, senior producer at Konami took to Twitter. He confirmed that those statements were not from Julien and were a misunderstanding. He also spoke to with Julien to confirm the same. Furthermore he also clarified Xbox One’s final resolution given the somewhat confused wording selected by Konami on the game’s product page. The game will run at 900p but will upscale to 1080p on the Xbox One, just like the previous games on the system.

Moving away from the technical stuff and focusing on gameplay mechanics, Ken-ichiro Imaizumi was surprised when he was asked whether the game will only have two areas. This is perhaps a testament to the scale of the game as early previews have indicated that it will take a long time for players to clear Afghanistan and Africa.

And lastly, Kojima has shared a new screenshot of Big Boss soaked in blood and wearing a bandana. Spoiler ahead: However didn’t Snake threw it away during the closing moments of Peace Walker? Kojima stated that Big Boss won’t wear it during the story but the player can wear it anyway.

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  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We never ever asked for 1080p show as a link we did, we didn’t.
    Our system has proven enough now we can do 1080p with FIFA, alien isolation, forza 5 and 6 etc

  • Starman

    stop modding my sht , and other ppl’s when they speak the truth ……..

  • *Also On PC

    Looks like we need another comparison to see the definitive completely right feeling version

    Oh look. PC wins again. Sorry Andyscout, better consider euthanising yourself :^)

  • AstroCyborg

    konami being shady again glad im not supporting the game

    • Mr Xrat

      Nope. They’ve been very transparent about the tech specs of this game. The only problem is Xbox fanboys who can’t final out basic concepts like “final output” and lived in hope that the Strugglebox might be able to pull off 1080p here. It couldn’t. Oh well, maybe da clowd will make up the difference? LOL!


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