Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes TGS 2013 Gameplay Footage and New Details Revealed

Find out what lies before the Phantom Pain (quite literally).

Posted By | On 19th, Sep. 2013 Under News

Kojima Productions demonstrated new gameplay footage for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, namely of the Ground Zeroes portion of the game which serves as an epilogue to the main story. Check it out above.

Director Hideo Kojima also revealed some new details about the game, stating that it’s difficult to see in the night and gets so dark that at times you may not even be able to see enemies (and possibly run over wild animals while driving). However, enemies will have a tough time seeing you as well. Likewise, headlights while driving will attract attention. You’ll also be able to mark enemies using your binoculars, similar to Far Cry 3 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist that allows you to follow enemies.

You can also choose to act during the day time and see the enemies around you. But it will subsequently be easier for them to see you. Ground Zeroes will be an epilogue taking place 15 years prior, and will serve as a tutorial for the main quest. Thus far, missions objectives are straight-forward, allowing for multi-faceted approaches when killing or extracting targets. You’ll be able to decide your load-outs and take an open world approach to objectives.

It also seems that this is current-gen footage considering the lesser detail on the hair of Big Boss. Regardless, it still looks fairly good and will be arriving on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the near future.


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