Metro 3: Five Most Wanted Features

Here is what 4A Games should include in Metro 3 if they decide to make one.

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The Metro series had quite a successful run with Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro: Last Light in 2013 which was a fantastic second entry. Later on in 2014, Metro Redux came out on new-generation consoles including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in August 2014 which contained both the games and all the DLC along with updated visuals and a smooth 60 fps.

Now that most of the fans have experienced the immersive atmosphere, story and believable mutants, what can 4A Games do with Metro 3 to make it even better and more immersive than ever? We’re going to talk about 5 things that I think could make Metro 3 the best entry in the series yet.

Next-Generation Visuals and New Engine

Metro Redux

With the power of new hardware and future tech on PC, we’d love to see what 4A Games can do with the third entry. Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light had great visuals that immersed the player in the post-apocalyptic Moscow that was filled with horror, survival elements and challenging mutants. Given the studio’s history, the game will most likely use a new in-house engine in order to completely blow away the previous games and other first person shooters out of the water. But by the time Metro 3 comes out, there will be a ton of impressive stuff on the market, so 4A Games has some work to do.

Virtual Reality/Oculus Rift

Metro Redux

Virtual Reality has been getting a ton of praise from recent events such as CES 2015. Assuming that virtual reality devices will be a force to reckon with, it would be interesting to know if 4A Games games would be willing to use this technology to make the game even more atmospheric than ever before.

Crescent Bay which was shown of CES 2015 was running at 1440p resolution and 90 hertz/fps. However, currently there are no actual specs of the hardware due to the fact that Crescent Bay is still a prototype and not finalized yet. Having said that it is a huge improvement over the previous Oculus Rift developer kits. If Metro 3 gets any kind of official virtual reality support then we’re in for a treat and we absolutely cannot wait to experience it.

Story Development

Metro Redux

The Metro series has a strong story narrative from the start of Metro 2033 and to the end of Last Light. While the game is based on the book written by Dmitry Glukhovsky it has done a great job of bringing the story to interactive entertainment. Without spoiling anything here it’s interesting and exciting at the same time to see where the story will go and what parts of post-apocalyptic Moscow will we venture next. Metro 3 has a great opportunity to make the story even more mysterious and exciting than ever before.

Open World/Open Ended Exploration

Metro Redux

This one is tricky, but if done right I think Metro 3 would benefit greatly from an open world design. While the typical corridor shooting mechanic works really well for story-oriented first person shooters I still think there is a chance for the future game to be even better than your room-to-room exploration.

Just imagine a dynamic eco-system with mutants and random events along with virtual reality and strong storytelling. Some people may think it would be too similar to previous post-apocalyptic games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R or the Fallout series, but I still think the world of Metro can be unique and gorgeous in its own way. Maybe not completely open world, but more open-ended with a bigger emphasis on exploration.

No Multiplayer/Co-op


I might get butchered for saying this, but I think Metro is one of those games that’s best left alone without having any kind of multiplayer, similar to the previous two games. If you’re going for a pure story-oriented first person shooter and immersive atmosphere to create an amazing single-player experience then you absolutely don’t need to bring in any kind of multiplayer.

Adding multiplayer will also ruin the horror/survival elements, Metro was always about you being alone in this world and trying to find help, escape from danger and complete your mission. If anything, putting in a multiplayer mode via a DLC would be a much better idea than having it in the main game and messing up the quality of the single-player experience.


Overall, we’re looking forward to see what 4A games will do with Metro 3 and we believe that a new engine, virtual reality, open world, better and bigger story and a complete focus on a strong single player experience will make this game better than the previous ones in the series. We already like the balance of shooting, horror and survival elements from the previous game and we don’t think it really needs any tweaks in that regard. However, addition of new weapons, new mutant designs and characters to interact with, and of course new places to explore would be necessary to make Metro 3 intriguing.

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  • ATInsider

    I fully agree with the author. Keep multi-player out of it. What I would love to see in Metro 3 is to ensure the game is at least 2 times longer than Metro Last Light. And have the unique difficulty of the original Metro. Not impossible to beat, but requiring strategy.
    I can’t wait for Part 3. Bring it on.

    • Also, the moral points system needs to be better, a lot of people complained about it in Metro Last Light.

  • Some of these are obvious, like better graphics and whatnot, 4A have already said that their next Metro game should be open world, anyway.

  • Luke Roberts

    stupid faggots

    • Triggerhappy

      Like your dad!

    • Luke Roberts

      quite right mule

  • Luke Roberts

    part 3 will be brilliant
    f this thread, metro displays the story so well within its confines, it would be broken as an open world title

  • Flerix

    Has anyone ever thought about how the game would be with an RPG aspect to it? Imagine being able to actually talk to different NPCs, not only listen to their monologue, to have lots and lots of side-quests to do beside your main storyline, to be able to actually explore the apocalyptic Moscow and it’s metro as detailedly as you can in the already promised open world. Though I’m not saying they should switch to a full on RPG gameplay completely, since their FPS gameplay is already pretty much perfect.

    • Triggerhappy

      We need better hair first lol!

    • Flerix

      They could use the HairFX thing that was used in The Witcher 3…

  • betkarh

    I fully agree about the no multiplayer bullshit.This is the most important aspect.Instead of butcher you, i am gonna kiss you in the mouth!!!And i have a very beautiful mouth as you can see…

  • chiffmonkey

    All I really want is for them to make the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 that never happened. 😛

  • Dan Lox

    I want to see some kind of Co-op. But PVP multiplayer, theres no need.

  • bio

    Lol I disagree with all of those suggestions except for maybe a new graphics engine. What I want is the ability to go prone and to peak around corners. In addition:

    1. Smoother-looking take down animations that are more brutal
    The take down animations are kind of stiff in Last Light. i.e. whether you choke or stab an enemy, the enemy will always have an animation where they suddenly appear standing even if they are sitting and then the take down happens. I guess I’m looking for something a little more natural-looking. A good example would be Dishonored 1 and 2. The take down animations are both brutal and incredibly satisfying and the animations are different depending on if the enemy is standing, sitting, sleeping, or if you’re above or below them. Hope that makes sense.

    2. Filters last longer but are less frequent
    Having beaten Ranger mode on the redux version, I really enjoyed the limited resources and even the stress of running low on filters. While I still want that aspect, I think filters should last 2-3 times longer but there should be 2-3 times less filters in the game.

    3. The ability to vault over obstacles and maybe even slide into cover using a run and crouch combo.

    4. Enemies have limited ammo and can actually run out forcing some enemies to retreat when they run low.

    5. Better enemy AI. Even in Last Light redux, once the enemy goes aggro I notice they tend to hide behind cover and then get up, run around in circles and then return to cover. The AI overall does okay and I like that they do try and flank a bit, but I would love to see this go to the next level. Have commander units that tell others what to do. More flanking. More group tactics.

    6. A less vague and obtuse moral point system
    Would be nice to have a moral point system that makes it very clear why you ended up with one ending over another. For example if I decided not to kill Pavil maybe he shows up later in the game and does something that changes the outcome versus a weird point system where if I kill too many Reds or forget to string a guitar my ending changes.

    7. Less linear levels.
    Ironically a metro station is linear by design, but I would like to see more ways of getting through a mission and more ways you can interact with the environment to aid you.


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