Metro Redux Dev Says “PS4 is Just a Bit More Powerful”

4A Games’ Oles Shishkovstov also talks about the 10 percent increase in GPU power that the Xbox One’s June update provided.

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Metro Redux

Metro Redux is now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, bringing visual and gameplay updates to Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light in one compelling package. While both the Xbox One and PS4 versions show compelling visuals, 4A Games chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov recently told Eurogamer that the latter was the more powerful console. This was apparent in the higher resolution that the PS4 version shipped in.

“PS4 is just a bit more powerful. I’ve seen a lot of cases while profiling Xbox One when the GPU could perform fast enough but only when the CPU is basically idle. Unfortunately I’ve even seen the other way round, when the CPU does perform as expected but only under idle GPU, even if it [the CPU] is supposed to get prioritized memory access. That is why Microsoft’s decision to boost the clocks just before the launch was a sensible thing to do with the design set in stone.”

Shishkovstov also spoke about Xbox One SDK update which allowed developers to utilize 10 percent more of the console’s GPU. “It is not like ‘here, take that ten percent of performance we’ve stolen before’, actually it is variable. Sometimes you can use 1.5 percent more, and sometimes seven percent and so on. We could possibly have aimed for a higher res [on Metro Redux], but we went for a 100 percent stable, vsync-locked frame-rate this time. That is not to say we could not have done more with more time, and per my earlier answer, the [Xbox One development tools] and system software continues to improve every month.”

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  • d0x360

    I was going go buy metro on ps4 but on Tuesday it was available for download so I checked the eurogamer comparison and decided the difference is so minimal I’d never notice so I grabbed it for Xbox one.

    The game is really nice looking, its a really well done update. The gameplay tweaks made to 2033 make it a much better game all around. Its a buttery smooth 60fps. I had it drop frames once in last light. I was in a town and the screen was full of people and there was tons of lighting effects and particles everywhere. It dropped to maybe 40 fps with some slight screen tear but it literally only lasted for about 3 seconds.

    You can’t get wrong with this game and they also broke it up into two separate games so if you only want 1 you can get it for $25

    • Michael Norris

      Ps4 all the way,i still want a native 1080p picture on my 1080p Tv.

    • Mark

      To both of u guys, to each his own. I’m really happy people r buying Metro Redux. C’mon guys, the graphics in this game is quite great! Oles from 4A Games said that, had they cut the frame rate in half, they coulda made the game look 2-3x better. Wow, I know that’s common sense, but could u imagine what the next Metro or their next game will look like? Locked 30fps with little input lag for a campaign focused game is fine.

      Their engine is sick man. Even the animations r impressive to me. Hope they announce something new within a few months.


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