Microsoft Announces VR Partnership With Oculus Rift

Oculus will be on Xbox One… kinda.

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Yesterday, at Oculus’s pre-E3 conference, the company announced that it was going to partner with Microsoft to bring Xbox One games to Oculus Rift. Now, before Xbox and VR fans get too excited about this, it’s not what you think- well, not exactly anyway.

First the good (?) news, all Oculus Rift units will ship with an Xbox One controller, meaning that you get a quality controller to play your games straight up. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news end. The actual ‘playing Xbox One games’ on Oculus part? Well, it involves streaming Xbox One games to your Oculus headset, and then playing them on there. In a virtual living room, with the game itself still being displayed on a 2D screen. So instead of playing the games on a real life 2D screen, you are now playing them on a virtual one.

What’s the point, exactly? It is abundantly clear that 2D XBox One games will remain just that, even when played on a VR headset. So why do it? Why go through all of the rigmarole?

At least we get a good controller for Oculus out of it.

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  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    No matter how sh*t this announcement is for the OR and it’s now a cancerous DRM platform. (Which Valve won the VR war by default).

    OR still will never be as atrociously bad as the Morpheus.

    • XbotMK1

      Morpheus can be used on PC and from what I’ve seen, it’s better than Oculus tech wise and more comfortable.

      Oculus is a cancerous DRM platform? What do you think PC gaming and Steam is?

      PC gamers are a slave to Microsoft and you don’t even realise it. Such peasants.

    • Terminator

      The biggest PS Drone Virgin talking to the biggest PC Virgin? You both where meant for each other, without a doubt both of you will understand each other to the letter. Lying, misinforming, acting as I your opinion was a fact and talking BS is so you and him.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Morpheus can’t be used on PC. It’s POS4 only

      Morpheus is also inferior tech wise with dual projections of 960×1080 on a single screen. OR is 1200×1080 dual screens like the Valve Vive.

      Valve Vive and OR have refresh rates of 90Hz that PC games use natively at 90FPS. Morpheus has a hard cap of 60FPS which is interpolated to 120Hz.

      Morpheus has an input lag of 20ms. OR and Valve Vive will be 8-12ms following the release of Windows 10 and Steam OS.

      OR and Vive have true steroscopic 3D. Morpheus uses post processing.

      Moprheus is completely technically inferior to the Rift and Vive and your deluded shilling will never ever change this, John Derp.

    • XbotMK1

      Some Morpheus demos were running on PCs. Morpheus can run on PC if Sony wants it to. Even a half wit can understand that. Perhaps you don’t want it to because you’re a Valve drone?

      Morpheus has the larger display?

      Morpheus is capable of 120 hz refresh. Oculus and Vive are capped at 90 hz refresh. That means it’s only possible to hit 90 frames per second on Oculus and Vive stupid. You can’t go above the maximum refresh rate of a display. If Morpheus goes to PC, Morpheus wins with framerate. The “interpolation” you’re referring to is for the PS4 to compensate it’s hardware limits.

      Windows 10 and Steam OS have nothing to do with the input lag of Vive and Oculus. Don’t try and pull that bs on me you shill.

      The resolution isn’t much different between them. So far Morpheus has the least latency, most comfort, and better tracking if you don’t include Vive’s room mapping accessory. Also, the final version of Morpheus hasn’t been unveilled yet.

      What matters is price and most people don’t have PCs strong enough to make full use of Oculus or Vive. They probably can’t even afford Vive. Price is the biggest factor and that will probably be the biggest advantage of Morpheus.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      PS4 can’t go above 60FPS (It has trouble with 30. lol). Interpolation won’t hide the game is still running at an inferior framerate. OS Bloat was the cause of DK2 and CB1 input lag and that will be severely reduced with VR implemented at OS level in Windows 10 and Steam OS

      Morpheus has the most latency, worst tracking, worst hardware and worst everything.

      Oh and the Samsung Gear VR has superior specs to the Morpheus. In fact, it has twice the resolution. POS4 is worse than mobile VR. LOL

      Stay deluded. I will drink your salty tears after the Sony blunder of a conference.

  • Mark



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