Microsoft Claims There Is A Market For Consoles in China

‘There is interest… in consoles in China.’

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Just yesterday, we brought you the report about how prominent developer American McGee had called out Microsoft on its intention to launch the Xbox One in China, pointing out that there is no interest in, or market for, a gaming machine in the country, and that any launch in the region therefore was doomed to fail.

However, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, who heads their Xbox department, has released a statement just today (not necessarily in response to McGee), that seems to suggest a much more positive outlook for console sales in the country.

“In Shanghai today talking to devs about Xbox coming. Lots of interest in consoles and how Chinese studios can get to worldwide gamers,” Phil Spencer said on Twitter.

Of course, it is to be seen whether Chinese games can even manage to garner any interest in the worldwide market, particularly considering that they will all be subject to the harsh, stringent censorship rules the Chinese government is imposing.

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  • Guest

    There’s a market for (bootleg, cracked, uncensored) consoles in China.

  • Psionicinversion

    i bet theres a demand for chinese devs to get games worldwide, easier to install backdoors or botnets to hack our military with!!!

  • ConkerBFD

    There’s a market in Japan, too. So?

    • ineedgames

      Japan is dominated buy Handhelds.

    • ConkerBFD

      Exactly! The fact that there’s a market for consoles doesn’t mean very much nowadays. Especially if it’s MS and the market is asian.

  • Kam Williams

    Not surprised to see Sony fans attacking MS for launching in China. In America we believe in free market capitalism and that any one or any company should be able to enter any market. If they succeed they succeed, if they fail they fail. But they have the freedom to try. Sony fans don’t believe in that freedom. They want to live in a more restricted society where some can try new markets and some cannot. My advice to them…buy a plane ticket. America is not the right country for you…

    • Guest



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