Microsoft E3 2017 Preview: Project Scorpio Console Design Reveal, Forza 7, Possible New UI And More

Microsoft has a few interesting things in store at this year’s E3.

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Every year, it seems like Microsoft is in a new ditch. This isn’t to say that the company is doing horrible – far be it actually when it’s the clear number 2 home console around the world – but for the past few years en route to E3, Microsoft has had to “prove” itself. Last year saw the company make several successful moves with backwards compatibility, the new Xbox One S, discounts, top-notch games like Forza Horizon 3, Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 and the promise of Project Scorpio.

However, it’s fallen into a trap, one of its own making arguably – there just aren’t enough games. Think about the number of awesome PS4 titles (that also came to PC but still) that have released this year. Now compare that to the number of good/great Xbox One titles also available for Windows 10. Halo Wars 2 is the only title that really registers this year.

"Here’s the problem though – the Scorpio isn’t positioned as a console that’s going to offer brand new experiences."

It also doesn’t help that Platinum Games’ Scalebound was canceled, thus continuing Microsoft’s spree of abandoned/“on hold” games like Fable Legends and Phantom Dust. Don’t even get us started on games that have faded into the backdrop like Gigantic, Below and Cuphead despite large amounts of hype.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. E3 2017 is around the corner and Microsoft has the opportunity to establish itself in a number of ways. Project Scorpio could avoid the flak that initially befell the PlayStation 4 Pro and actually be a strong mid-generation refresh. It has the potential to bring true 4K gaming to the forefront, if nothing else.

Let’s talk about Project Scorpio first since that’s obviously the big thing. I expect the console’s actual look to be showcased (duh) since that’s always a big talking point. The price will probably be around $500 and get the right amount of people debating about whether it’s worth it. Which, by the way, still won’t stop a large number of people from buying it. Microsoft will dedicate a large amount of time to comparing games between Xbox One and Scorpio. There will be the usual VR gaming, native 4K and hyping up other features spiel.

Here’s the problem though – the Scorpio isn’t positioned as a console that’s going to offer brand new experiences. It’s not a console that’s going to have Halo 6 as an exclusive. As Microsoft has said time and again, this is a console for premium users. Right now, the problem with the Xbox platform is a distinct lack of games. First party, third party, 4K, non-4K, whatever.

"Perhaps the biggest game, that we know of at this point, for Microsoft’s presser is State of Decay 2."

So with games in mind, Forza Motorsport 7 is obviously an announcement. Microsoft has already established its bi-yearly cycle between the Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport franchises. If anything, it would be a major surprise if Forza Motorsport 7 wasn’t announced. This especially when high-end device maker Fanatec confirmed it was meeting with Turn 10 Studios in November 2016 for the same. A release date announcement, specifically for September is all but confirmed at this point.

Sea of Thieves looks to be Microsoft’s big attempt at capturing the shared world multiplayer market. With an action adventure approach, it will be a very distinct experience from the likes of Destiny 2. Tom Clancy’s The Division is alive only thanks to its hardcore player base so it’s not like there isn’t a huge market that wants these kinds of games. Maybe the adventuring, socializing and hilarity of Sea of Thieves will be enough to appeal to these players? Look for a beta announcement at E3 with a possible release by 2017 end.

Perhaps the biggest game, that we know of at this point, for Microsoft’s presser is State of Decay 2. Here’s what looks to be a solid follow-up to a great game with three large maps instead of one, four player co-op, better visuals and some serious improvements. It’s everything that owners of the original, over 2 million of them, could want. If Microsoft is smart, it will tell us exactly how State of Decay 2 will be worth the wait. The sheer style of the game doesn’t make it very presentation-friendly but it’s probably the only game I can think to buy on the Xbox One when it finally arrives.

Apparently there’s an unannounced AAA title that Microsoft will have marketing on. This doesn’t indicate an exclusive of any kind but at very least we’ll have something that could headline the Xbox One’s releases in the coming year. Something tells me that if it’s Ubisoft Massive’s Avatar, then it won’t be out this year. Also given how the timed exclusive DLC deal didn’t quite pull a ton of consumers towards the Xbox One version of The Division, I’d say it’s unlikely that Ubisoft repeats the same. Maybe Microsoft will surprise us all and have the first look at Assassin’s Creed: Origins at its presser. Again, don’t look for it to be exclusive or even a timed exclusive.

"Don’t worry though – if you’re gaming on the Xbox One, Microsoft should have a few things to tide you over this Fall."

One potential wild card is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Eidos Montreal is developing it instead of Crystal Dynamics. That’s pretty much all we know about it.  ID@Xbox could have some new, unique indie efforts (expect Cellar Door’s Full Metal Furies to be featured and hopefully have a release date) but we’ll probably be reminded of Cuphead and Below again. 343 Industries probably won’t be showcasing the next big Halo but hey, maybe it’ll release a single-player expansion for Halo 5 or something. Here’s hoping, even if we eventually just end up with more multiplayer DLC. The Coalition doesn’t seem to have anything in the offering. Lionhead’s dead. Mojang might have something Minecraft-related. Maybe Crackdown 3 will finally emerge from its coma and grace us with a release date. At this point, the company needs it. Xbox Game Pass and a possible new Dashboard UI could also be revealed.

Don’t worry though – if you’re gaming on the Xbox One, Microsoft should have a few things to tide you over this Fall. It may not beat whatever the PS4 has to offer but it doesn’t have to. All hands are on deck for Project Scorpio and where it could potentially go, no one knows. Stay tuned for Microsoft’s E3 presser on June 11th, 2 PM PT to make up your own mind.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to GamingBolt as an organization.

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  • Sp4ctr0

    “Think about the number of awesome PS4 titles that have released this year. Now compare that to the number of good/great Xbox One”

    Today 95% of games are multiplatform. All multiplatform games will look and play better on faster hardware. Xbox Scorpio is fastest console ever. Can’t wait for COD WW2, Red Dead Redemption 2, FarCry 5, Assasin’s Creed Empire, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and many more on Xbox Scorpio.

    • Mr Xrat

      More desperate selling from Uncle Phil after that underwhelming tech reveal and those laughable tech demo screenshots failed to impress and more damage control from Xgimps still waiting for that crumb. We all know you losers don’t buy games.

    • Sp4ctr0
    • scherzahahah

      Wrong, 2.5GB is for the PS4/Pro OS. Game logic is dependent on game.

    • Mr Xrat

      5.5GB for the PS4 Pro, actually. Combine that with the Shitpio having
      the same CPU upclocked slightly, just four more compute units and being
      held back by the base hardware, Xgimps are going to have one h**l of a
      reality check. 🙂

    • Sp4ctr0


      Game on PlayStation can use only 4.5GB because 3.5 is reserved for system. Only 3GB for graphics. Check facts.

      Sucker Punch – Sony internal developers of InFamous game

      “Sony’s next-gen console comes with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, leaving 4.5GB of RAM guaranteed to developers of PlayStation 4 titles.”

      You have 4.5 for whole game. Average 1.5GB is reserved by core game logic. So there is only 3GB for graphics on PlayStation. Want more? You need wait for Xbox Scorpio (7GB for graphics – 2x more than PS4 Pro)

    • Mr Xrat

      So you managed to confirm that sad spin image you spam is inaccurate. Anyway, it’s 5.5GB on the Pro because of the extra RAM freed up by the 1GB of slow RAM specifically for the OS, and a further 1GB can be freed from the OS for all SKUs if necessary.

      Anything else you want to be wrong about? Try spamming a few more images so you can convince yourself the Shitpio is a new console with no restrictions.

    • Sp4ctr0

      Sucker Punch is internal Sony developer. They said that there is only 4.5GB available for game. They have only 2.5GB for game data such as textures.

      On Xbox Scorpio there is a 8.5 GB of free memory for games (12 GB total). So instead of 2.5 GB for textures you can use 7 GB for data such as textures. This is 2 times more free memory for textures than on PS4 Pro.

      This is fact confirmed by Sony developers – Sucker Punch (creators of Infamous Second Son).

    • Mr Xrat

      And I have actual facts about the console known since launch, and not assumptions on your part about how much of the RAM is dedicated to what. It’s 8GB at most on the Shitpio, by the way. Funny how they needed a full extra gig of RAM for a 4K OS when the Pro didn’t.

      Your English is very suspect. Another misterxmedia goon? Maybe that XRays_Insider loser.

    • Sp4ctr0

      This is not “assumpions” but facts said by internal Sony developers Sucker Punch.

      PS4/PS4 Pro – 8 GB total memory
      – 3.5 GB reserved for system
      – 4.5 GB available for game developers
      only 2.5 GB available for textures in InFamous Second Son

      Xbox Scorpio – 12 GB total memory
      – 3.5 GB reserved for system
      – 8.5 GB available for game developers
      so there is at least 7 GB available for textres

      This is fact. Confirmed by Sony

    • Mr Xrat

      There is nothing in that presentation or anything else that SP that said that indicates they are beholden to those ratios for the RAM. It’s 4GB reserved for the Shitpio as well. Try harder, XRays_Insider.

    • Sp4ctr0

      You can have 15 disqus accounts, you can upvote each own post 15 times. But you can’t change facts. Xbox Scorpio have 2 times more memory for graphics such as textures. Each game will look and play better on Xbox.

    • Mr Xrat

      Thanks for conceding, XRays_Insider.

    • Michael

      Sony is still broken though, pony. It doesn’t matter how many games you buy from them. That’s why you got the half assed ps4 pro.

    • F ur scorpio, half assed xbox 1 and MS. Now give ur money to Phil and f off.

    • bewareofZ

      They’re so broke, that’s why they invest so much money in exclusives and marketing deals with 3rd parties, plus timed exclusive games and DLC.
      Meanwhile on Xbox One………

  • Y’all have a f’ing short term memory. Every Spring XB only ships 1 exclusive, but every holiday XB always ships 4 exclusives. This is the FIRST quarter that PS has ever shipped 4 exclusives all at the same time – every holiday and spring before that they’ve shipped 1, maybe 2, and suddenly everybody is wondering where MS games are, give me a f’ing break.

    • Mr Xrat

      Another Xgimp trying to pass off MS having nothing most of the year then dumping all its mediocrity in October/November while the PS4 gets games all the way round.

      If you don’t like it, take it up with Uncle Phil.

    • Lol the best scorpio apologist is here ladies and gentlemen!

      Scorpio is garbage, you might have 500+ games through bacwarss backwards compatibility.. but Sony has all the NEW games lol

      Your xbox is stuck in the pst while Sony moves on into new territory..

    • No one’s doubting Sony’s exclusives. I have a PS4 too, but I, like millions of others, really enjoyed Ryse, Ori, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, etc. So keep on lying, it’s what PS4 fanboys like yourself do, w/o acknowledging the truth of the situation…

    • Okay yeh.. if you like those games then do your thing and keep playing them.

      I personally dislike MS and the xbox i think they f’ed up with the xbox one.. maybe the scorpio will be much better.

      But imagine if there was no Sony.. wouldn’t you miss them?

      They brought insane ideas and games to the masses.. if it was solely up to MS we wouldnt have had bloodborne nioh horizon zero dawn etc..

    • It’s still no excuse for all the XB hate that has gone by this generation. And yes, I have Blood borne, Horizon, Uncharted etc. Still no excuse.

  • Luke Skywalker

    smh, this article title was such a clickbait…..and I fell for it

  • talocaca

    I don’t understand when people don’t admit the facts.

    It is a fact that Scorpio will be a more capable console (technically) than the PS4 Pro.

    It is also undeniable that the Xbox One will never match the PS4 when it comes to exclusive content.

    Blood borne, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us 2, Ni no Kuni 2, The Last Guardian, Nier: Automata, Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    Microsoft has Halo 5 (considered a disappointment), Gears 4 (also kinda just disappeared), Forza or maybe Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break (that sold well bellow expectations)

    • Sp4ctr0

      “It is a fact that Scorpio will be a more capable console”

      I Agree. Xbox Scoprio will be much faster than PlayStation 4 Pro. All multiplatform games will look better (PC ultra quality thanks to 12 GB of video memory). Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, COD WW2, Destiny 2, Assasins Creed Empire will have better textures, better framerate, higher resolution. Its new generation

      Sony can spend money on 2 exclusive games per year but another 98 games
      will be multiplatform. And all multiplatform games will look and play better on Xbox Scorpio because it will be much faster

    • talocaca

      I guess there is a market for everything.

      Personally I care about high quality exclusive and Japanese developers more than I care about a 20 or 30 % performance bump.

      It will also be interesting how Microsoft tries not to alienate original Xbox One owners.

      They will have to support the weakest and the most powerful console with the same games.

      So they can’t (or at least shouldn’t) give owners of the original system crappy versions of new games.

    • Sp4ctr0

      “It will also be interesting how Microsoft tries not to alienate original Xbox One owners”

      Like on PC. All PC games already support both GTX 750TI and 4x faster GTX 1070. Xbox One will get version for GTX 750TI and Xbox Scorpio will get version created for GTX 1070/1080. Simple.

      GTX 750TI – 1.35 TFLOPS (4 GB – 86 GB/s)
      GTX 1070 – 6.0 TFLOPS (8 GB – 220 GB/s)

      Xbox One – 1.35 TFLOPS (8 GB – 64 GB/s)
      Xbox Scorpio – 6.0 TFLOPS (12 GB – 326 GB/s)

    • Psionicinversion

      1070 isnt 6 tflops its 6.5 @ 1557mhz but it boosts to 1950mhz all by it self giving more power. Plus 6.5tflop nvidia = about 8-9tflops amd

    • Paul Josephson

      No matter the power it is how that power is optimized down to the core of the machine. Scorpio from the ground up (like all consoles in some respects) is designed for a singular purpose, gaming. That is why comparing off the shelf parts to any console is a fools folly. And the Scorpio as discovered by DF has taken some unique optimizations that really are making a difference. DF discovered when they looked at the Scorpio it worked at level better than the a PC with a NVidia 1070. The same game would drop a frames or stutter on occasion running Forza 6 at 4K 60FPS full fidelity but, on Scorpio (a game that had not even been optimized yet for Scorpio) it ran Forza 6 fluidly. And that NVidia was on a system that had an i7 internally. One ran at around 66% CPU usage and the other at almost 100% CPU usage. Guess which one was at 66% (hint the master race was not a winner that day) So, I don’t know how you clamming that NVidia 1070 is really equivalent to 9 TFLOPS compared to those AMD 6 TFLOPS that is meaningful. If anything it is even more of lost when you think the Scorpio did all that with less than the PC, even though the PC had all those extra imaginary NVidia TFLOPS.

    • Lol.. he got 17 upvotes does he also have fake accounts :D.. like mr. Xrat??

      Sony is everywhere bro.

    • Lol we hate the Scorpio already because of MS drones like you hahaha.. how much is MS paying you?


      Except that Sony doesn’t deliver 1-2 games per year (1st lie) more like 4-6, and the rest of the 3rd party games are not all multiplatform (2nd lie) there are many that will go with ps4 and not xbone (nier, nioh, tales, persona, dragón quest, etc.)

      And finally, it’s the quality you get on this exclusives that matter the most. Most of the best games this year so far ARE NOT ON XBONE!

      So you can keep your better textures on many middle of the lack games, you still don’t get the best experiences!

    • Mr Xrat

      This is correct. The sooner Xbox fanboys read, appreciate and understand it, the better.

    • Zothan

      Has anyone else notice that this guy always gets 8 likes? Those are obviously his accounts. He likes his own comments.


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    • Because Mr. Xrat is the leader of the ‘Sony Defence Force’ i am second in command..


      I see he has more than double!

    • kma99

      See above comment

    • TwoLiterSoda

      Most gamers play multiplatform games which will undoubtedly play better on the Scorpio. Exclusives are only a tiny part of the games we buy. It’s so annoying hearing kids bicker back and forth about a stupid console instead of just being happy there is a lot of options. Gaming is such a toxic community these past few years and yet fangirls/boys brag like Sony/ms is their life. Sad.

    • talocaca

      Lol…ok. glad your life is better, yet you are still here commenting on the “war”.

      If most people only play multiplatform games then that is a bigger problem for Microsoft.

      Many of them are not cross-platform compatible. So if your friends have a PS4, there’s no way you will buy a Scorpio no matter how good it is.

      So the new Xbox is already dead in Europe and Asia…and barely alive in the US.

    • AuricGoldfinger

      “Many of them are not cross-platform compatible”

      Play anywhere (pc + xbox) If developers such as capcom (Resident Evil) offered play anywhere titles, it will be interesting to see if and how many offer titles for (scorpio + pc)

      My guess……..
      -Xbox One S = $199.99
      -Scorpio = $399.99


      -Xbox One S = $249.99
      -Scorpio = $499.99

    • Aaron blanchard

      It’s only toxic because SJWs such as yourself are so sensitive to words these days. Is it more toxic to play a game that has you spraying brain matter from someone else’s head or to have someone tell you off. And don’t be sad for gamers. A lot of us have benefited from gaming. Shooting fake guns, not real ones. Stealing cars in GTA, but not in real life. How do you keep some kids out of trouble especially in the hood?? Would you send out your son when bullets are flying by everyday from drive bys or let him game on? The gaming community is not toxic at all but when spoiled millennials like yourself can’t take some adult words you cry foul. Want some advice?? Buy splattoon for Wii u and maybe you’ll walk away untriggered. These comment sections are more toxic than most games. So… I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Actually, yes I did. Now get lost…. fattie!!


      So that is what you tell yourself every time you see a ps4 exclusive succeed and realize the xbone exclusives are the lowest rated of any console?

      Now, that only explains your hopes for Scorpio, but how have you justified multiplatform games running worse on the xbone all these years?

    • theduckofdeath

      The big difference library-wise is Microsoft doesn’t have Japanese support. That’s it. No American or European companies companies will take a risk and do something different. Or maybe the culture is too familiar to Americans so we don’t see much variety in Western games.

    • kma99

      Just stop it xrat

  • Mr Xrat

    Zzzzzzzz. Oh! Sorry. I already fell asleep. MS is so very safe.

    • Caroldfoster

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    • Zothan

      I’ve noticed that your comments always has 8 likes. You are obviously a troll who likes his own comment.

    • Because mr.xrat is the best!!! And he has fans. You have only scorpio lies and hype

    • kma99

      Really robonut really?

    • Obviously u xbox people think he has 100’s of accounts lol and that he upvotes his own posts hahaha…

      The majority of people don’t like MS and the xbox period.

    • kma99

      Obviously you dont know what you’re talking about. He has used tons of account most end up getting banned because he has mental issues.
      To your second point. Where is this report that supports your claims? Oh that’s right its only your opinion and it doesnt count for much. I can say the same for sony but it wouldn’t make it true either.

    • U can’t say that of Sony they are not MS.

      There is a distinction between them.. u know? Sony is doing way better than MS, the majority of people prefer a PS4.

      Therefore i said that the majority of people voted with their wallets for Sony! This is not an opinion.. but factual objective realistic events bro.

    • kma99

      And still thats your opinion. I work for a company that employs over 12 thousand people. Out of all the people I know most have an xbox with 3 owning a playstation and 2 owning both. Most simply dont care because they only play cod, madden and 2k. And still till this day playstation is out in 2x the amount of areas as xbox. So stop with this bull about who likes what.

  • CJLogix

    diddnt ps4 only have like 3 exclusives in 2016? Uncharted, last guardian, and no mans sky.

  • PachterStation

    Hardly anyone is bothered about the tech, we all know it’s about the games. Multi-format games, there’s hardly anything in it across all formats. The Scorpio will deliver games to sway people into parting with their money, but it’ll be the price that’ll sink it. I’d put money on it that Sony will drop the price of the PS4 Pro and VR. You can’t blame Microsoft for having another go, but the PlayStation is too far ahead. Still, price will sink the Scorpio.

  • sergeantnorider

    Definitely looking forward to Scorpio. Hoping MS will have some retail units on the floor at E3. Either way E3 should be fun this year.

  • d0x360

    Wow it’s been a while… mostly because I removed the site from my feed list but Google Assistant brought me here and I find the same click bait nonsense lol

    Microsoft in some kinda ditch huh? Microsoft makes a nice healthy profit every single day. They are #2 in game consoles… that’s it. OMG the horror. I don’t remember people ripping into sony this much FOR THIS LONG over something. Microsoft screwed the xb1 unveil. Since then everything they have done has been super pro consumer and pro gamer. Meanwhile sony treats their fans like trash. It’s taken sony since launch to finally release some decent exclusive games. Right now there are 2 or 3…the rest are still in development.

    As for total exclusive content…most of Sony’s is indie games and most of those are the kinds of crap you find on steam for $3.

    Time to tell Google Assistant to stop showing stories from this site because clearly you will never grow up and act like adults and worse…you encourage fanboy fights in your comments because it’s the only way aside from click bait to get any traffic

  • Edgardo Ortega

    Again Microsoft do a disastrous wrong decision on the Scorpio show a potent machine but whit out games that is the hard of the machine what is important on a console are the games and until now there no games that compare to the line that the Ps4 have for 2017-2018 this is equal to me not buying it unless they show a convincing line of games on E3 and even they showing the games I have to cross the fingers that they do not cancel the majority of them it is obvious that I lost the faith on Xbox (Microsoft) promises.

    • wobblypops46

      The XB1 right now has more games overall than the PS4 due to 500+ backward compatible games.

      Oh, and don’t worry there will be new games announced at E3 for Scorpio, as well as, for the XB1.

      All the CoD kids will want Scorpio because it will have the best version right across the board. On top of that there is no more parity with Scorpio so developers have a lot more freedom with it, now that other versions on inferior consoles won’t be holding it back.

      There’s also rumor that PC games will run on Scorpio which will be a huge advantage.

      I don’t see any issues Scorpio will do very well.

  • It hurts to be a MS xbox supporter i can see by your response lol

    • You must be really stupid if that’s the best you got. The other guy couldn’t even respond, you should do the same and stfu.


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