Microsoft Finds Creative Way To Advertise Star Wars: Battlefront On Xbox One

The ad gets around the advertisement exclusivity deal between Sony and Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Star Wars Battlefront Ad

It isn’t exactly a surprise that Star Wars: Battlefront is an incredibly popular game. That’s one of the reasons Sony, EA and DICE have struck a deal that forces any advertisement for the game to officially advertise the PS4 version. In the UK at least, Microsoft has found a rather creative way to get around this particular deal. In the Metro newspaper, a Neogaf user has spotted how Microsoft is making it clear the game is also on the Xbox One console.

In the paper, right next to a review of the game, there is a full page ad on the next page which simply says “available now on the Xbox One.” This makes it appear as though the review itself is an advertisement that is tied into the Microsoft Xbox One. This kind of advertisement allows Microsoft to get the word out there, without breaking any kind of exclusivity deal the game has with Sony. The company has made this kind of move before.

The company used this kind of “trickery” last year when it came to advertising Destiny, as that game too has a deal with Sony. In that case, Microsoft was even more imaginative but advertising the game as though it was a fragrance. This particular move seems even smarter, as the review says the game is available for the Xbox One, PC and PS4, it says it in small print people have to look for, while the full page ad hints people will only be able to get Star Wars: Battlefront on the Xbox One.

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  • XbotMK1

    I don’t recall Sony doing this when Microsoft had exclusive marketing rights to games. Regardless Microsoft is crossing a line. Publishers make money off selling marketing rights and Microsoft is using shady and anticompetitive tactics with this desperate behavior. And its not funny if Microsoft thinks it is. Play by the rules Microsoft.

    Maybe you should’ve used that page to advertise Rise of the Tomb Raider instead. What a jack*ss of a company.

    • bardock5151

      “I don’t recall Sony doing this when Microsoft had exclusive marketing rights to games.” Maybe Sony’s marketing guy’s just aren’t as creative, maybe Sony’s legal team (guy?) isn’t smart enough to find these little loopholes.
      “And its not funny if Microsoft thinks it is” Yeah it is.
      “Regardless Microsoft is crossing a line” No they aren’t.
      “Publishers make money off selling marketing rights and Microsoft is using shady and anticompetitive tactics” EA get’s their money, Sony still get’s the majority of exposure, but now Microsoft has the benefit of free advertising thanks to troll’s like you making a bigger deal of this, than it actually is.

      “Play by the rules Microsoft.” They are, you just don’t like creative competition.

    • Terminator

      Well said! TrollbotFailMK1 is such a tool who thinks he knows how business works. Man if he ran a company it would fall apart in less than a week lol

    • Darsman

      I agree that Microsoft should be considered as crossing over the legal line. In order for this to work the way it does,
      Microsoft would have paid for this review and ad being placed strategically so. Also, the Xbox One ad was designed to work with the review seamlessly. There is nothing creative or random about it. This was done in such as way that the intent was that this be viewed as direct marketing to the viewers and should be treated as such legally.
      Microsoft gets the free advertising by making sure their supportive gaming sites re-post the article.

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      It’s not desperate.
      Sony is in the red.
      We have agreed for them to recovery to keep Apple out, and that’s why we are not worried.

    • Psionicinversion

      Apple has no interest in the console market and if they were interested they could easily bulldoze MS and Sony out the way to sell there crapple consoles, they have $130billion at least in cold hard cash. Its no problem for them

    • Starman

      i think if antone will come in it will be ‘google’ or maybe , just maybe amazon .. i’m stretching it a bit with amazon but , that’s just my opinion…

    • Psionicinversion

      google wont come in because theres no money in it for them. Apple wont come in for the same reason… the margins arent high enough for it to be worth there time

    • kevin

      Dude if you’re going to troll and be a fanboy at least have some partial facts Sony hasn’t been in the red for awhile now matter of fact their last quarter financial report showed profits across almost every division of Sony but it’s easier being a clueless troll so by all means continue looking stupid.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      Haha! Behave, Mich!

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      No we have agreed that it’s best for Sony’s recovery to get a good version and will ask for DX12 later now.

    • Cypher-Unknown


    • Psionicinversion

      what about Batman AK packaging in Blue bit saying exclusively on PS4 and in small print mentions dlc only.

      What about AC syndicate wording on the TV ad in UK followed on so closely that it made it seem syndicate was only on ps4 and didnt show any other versions of the game like they usually do. and tons of other shady practices

      yeah your right sony does nothing wrong!!

    • kevin

      First off every company does that lol and second when Microsoft has an exclusive deal for games like you know fallout 4, fifa, madden, Witcher 3 etc you don’t see Sony acting childish and doing crap like this not to mention this reeks of desperation which I understand since star wars fever is in full effect right now and the battlefront bundle is going to shift a crap ton of ps4s this holiday which is why Microsoft feels the need to pull stuff like this. I mean they did the same thing with destiny and we all saw how many ps4s that game moved so a brand like star wars is going to do big business and that has Microsoft worried.

    • Riggerto

      This is because although the branding is “Xbox” the company behind it is Microsoft.

      And we all know about their history of business practices…

    • Starman

      you too , stfu !

    • Riggerto

      Acronyms. Clever you :o)

    • Starman

      yes they did , so stfu !….

    • kma99

      How soon we forget how sony used the fonts for sunset overdrive to advertise their Halloween sales dont we. Oh thats right you would simply call that being competitive and creative.

    • Tech junkie

      Sonys never been sued for its advertising practice. Oh wait

  • Untold Stories

    I’m glad ms is doing this. You have no idea how annoying it is to hear people say this game is “ps4” or “x1” exclusive and flock to that system when it clearly isn’t.

  • Mr Xrat

    That’s cute. MS should have done the same with Rise of the Turd Raider.

  • Scared



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