Microsoft Gamescom 2017 Preview: Xbox One X, Crackdown 3, Original Xbox Backwards Compatability And More

Microsoft should have some interesting announcements but will it be enough to ride out the lackluster Fall/Winter lineup?

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It really is a bad year to be an Xbox One fan. Granted, most gamers these days are either bereft of fanboyism, ignore the Internet’s opinions or pick up a specific brand for its specific franchises. But when you think about it, 2017 has to be weakest year for Microsoft’s IPs. We’ve had Halo Wars 2. Forza Motorsport 7 is out on October 3rd. Cuphead finally arrives on September 29th. Then there’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds arriving in the Game Preview Program and which will likely receive gameplay footage at Gamescom. Talk about slim pickings.

Still, 2018 isn’t all that far off. If Microsoft has to do anything at its Gamescom 2017 event, it’s hype up the releases to come. We already know the Xbox One X will be featured during the event on August 20th. How good will that be?

forza motorsport 7

"The fact remains that in terms of a Fall/Winter line-up, this year is poised to be Microsoft’s weakest showing yet."

Considering the amount of time Microsoft will have, along with a focus on when potential consumers can pre-order (coupled with the inevitable Day One Edition announcement), it’s likely to concentrate on the games coming this year that will be enhanced in 4K as hype up future titles. So let’s go with “slightly below average” on the bad to good scale.

The latest teaser from Microsoft indicates that Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Forza Motorsport 7 will receive new gameplay trailers. In fact, I expect Forza Motorsport 7 to be the sole standout if it’s single-player campaign receives new details. Every Forza game in the past few years has been great so this will be hard to mess up. Gears of War 4 was also teased, likely due to the significant improvements its visuals will receive on the Xbox One X. ReCore: Definitive Edition will be announced with improved graphics and a fifth Corebot added for fun. Which is fine. It’s nothing amazing but it’s fine.

There is some slight hope though. Super Lucky’s Tale looks like a decent platformer and it’s releasing on November 7th. While I’m somewhat skeptical about Microsoft’s claims of its awesomeness, it’s still intriguing and will be available to Xbox One and Xbox One X consumers in time for the latter’s launch. I would make some kind of prediction about Below, Capybara Games’ long-awaited dungeon crawler adventure, getting a release date but honestly you should just wait till the game is in your hands (or in the download queue) before having any kind of hope.

Not much information has been going around about original Xbox backwards compatibility since June. To that end, expect Microsoft to reveal even more information about what other games will be backwards compatible along with a release date for the function. Again, if you’re into that sort of thing, it will be fine. The fact remains that in terms of a Fall/Winter line-up, this year is poised to be Microsoft’s weakest showing yet.

"As for Crackdown 3…well, I don’t know what Microsoft could show from Crackdown 3 to generate interest but it has promised a better showing than San Diego Comic Con."

Hence we come to future games like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. We need more information on these titles and it has to be something that will actually captivate us since all three titles are launching in 2018. More exploration and emergent gameplay in Sea of Thieves would be great but we’ve seen it already. How about a new feature that Rare hasn’t mentioned till now? Maybe how players can go on raids and the like together?

State of Decay 2 should showcase just how much more feature-rich the world has gotten since the first game. Things are more serious, sure, but the open world genre has gone through some major changes over the years. Show us interesting things to do rather than a nice little trailer. As for Crackdown 3…well, I don’t know what Microsoft could show from Crackdown 3 to generate interest but it has promised a better showing than San Diego Comic Con. That will probably count for something. Perhaps the competitive multiplayer will finally have its time to shine.

I don’t think Microsoft will keep this conference as hefty as E3 2017. Games like The Darwin Project, Ashen, Black Desert Online, Deep Rock Galactic, The Last Night and so on should at least be playable on the showroom floor if they can’t be featured on stage. It needs to do something to keep the Xbox brand in the minds of those interested. Otherwise, they’ll play the third party titles on PC and PS4 or just ignore them completely. Cultivating Japanese developers would have been a great idea but Microsoft already killed that dead when it cancelled Scalebound. I know, I know, old wounds but it stings even more when you consider how barren this year has been for exclusive Xbox One releases.

"Microsoft at this point seems to be less about blazing a trail and just presenting a few exclusives that you might want to pick up this year…"

It’s hard to even imagine how Microsoft could hype up the Xbox One X any more than it already has. We’ve seen the 4K footage of said games at E3 2017. Microsoft itself has said this a device meant for a niche audience. The messaging would have been less confusing if we had a bunch of new games to hype up for 4K. Instead, there’s a fair bit of leaning on past releases. This isn’t to say that Sony didn’t do the same with the PlayStation 4 Pro but it did have a number of different titles in the works, even if many lacked release dates.

All of this negativity could be for naught when Gamescom finally rolls around. Microsoft could reveal another trailer for Bioware’s Anthem and how great it will look on Xbox One X. It could showcase new content for Halo 5: Guardians or, if we’re lucky, tease a brand new Halo game. Microsoft at this point seems to be less about blazing a trail and just presenting a few exclusives that you might want to pick up this year, perhaps for the Xbox One X. Maybe you’ll stick around long enough for when other exclusives arrive. Maybe you won’t.

Gamescom 2017 will be taking place from August 23rd to 26th for regular attendees, thus giving them a chance to play the games likely to be hyped beforehand. Share your thoughts on what Xbox One titles you’ll be looking forward to in the comments below.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to GamingBolt as an organization.

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  • Why don’t we just wait for the Gamescome live and than we will see who is in trouble.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Microsoft, its Microsoft that’s in trouble, Microsoft, let me spell it out for you M-I-C-R-O-S-O-F-T. That’s who’s in trouble its not even a question at this point, its blatantly obvious, you’d have to be the most clueless of fanboys to not see it. In case you forgot its Microsoft who’s in trouble. smh

    • Triton

      Your kind is the dumbest.

    • Mr Xrat

      “Why don’t we just wait for the [X] and than we will see who is in trouble.”

      Literally the Xgimp entreaty for the last four years.

    • Wei Feng

      yeah a strong launch in Japan will teach Sony lesson about seeing who’s in trouble.

    • Luke Skywalker

      I thought u said you were from China……why are you talking about Japan, I mean shouldn’t you be talking about the launch in China?
      Just curious.

    • Wei Feng

      That’s easy, xbox is dead in the China.

  • I think you’re underestimating how many people will buy the X to play 3rd party games, but will see…

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Not as many as you’d like to think.

  • Ear4Muzik

    Apparently exclusives are everything and if your console doesn’t have many then its constant pain and suffering for the gamer.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      “have many”, how about have any.

  • Nathan Verbois

    I think a lot of critics in the press are missing the main selling point of this console to hardcore fans: It’s the most powerful console period. Even if there wasn’t huge support by third parties patching released games and preparing enhanced versions of upcoming games, the majority of is would buy it anyway. It will automatically play older games better even without a patch and while it may not always be dramatic it’s there. Also, it’s Xbox and we love our chosen brand. We don’t need any legitimate reason to show our support. Xbox is currently not the most popular, but it doesn’t matter to us, it also doesn’t matter that much to us that right now we’re low on exclusives. What matters is that Phil Spencer and his team have gone out of their way in just about every other area to make Xbox a gamer’s first brand again. They’ve restored my faith in he brand. The exclusives will come, though maybe never to the same amount or pedigree as Sony or Nintendo, and that’s fine. That’s not why I am an Xbox fan. I came to Xbox because it was the most powerful console and was built by gamers and once again I trust the people behind the brand to do right by me. That alone is reason enough for my support though there are plenty more, but hopefully I’ve made my point.

    (Argh. iPhone’s keyboard sucks these days, and I’m not going to go back and fix all of the spelling errors at this time because I want to get back to my games.)

    • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      That was really sweet. I heard violins playing far off in the distance. You really do love your Xbox. Thanks for sharing that with us. I can tell that every word came straight from the heart.

    • It_Is_What_It_Is

      “Even if there wasn’t huge support by third parties patching released games”

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Well idiots are entitled to do whatever they like with their money even wasting it on unnecessary game consoles. At least you’ll be able to say you have the most powerful paper weight ever made.

    • Nathan Verbois

      Whatever you do, DON’T. FEED. THE. TROLLS.

    • Mr Xrat

      Speak for yourself. Just like the Xbone, most of us have no use for this paperweight.

    • Josh Morland

      “It’s the most powerful console period”…When it will be released. As of now PS4 Pro has that honor. Many of you must be millennial babies. Having the most powerful console which is launching a year after the solidified competition worked out real well for M$FT in 2001.

    • Fred Parkins

      First will say am a huge Xbox fan.

      But all this talk about Xbox X being alllll soooooo powerful does NOT mean squat if only couple developers utilize that “power”.

      If you live on a road that has turns and blindspots and the fastest you can EVER go is 35 then it does NOT matter if are driving a Ford Pinto or a Lamborghini — you can ONLY go 35!

      Diehard fanboys and those in denial are missing that point. All because Xbox X is “the most powerful console ever made” doesn’t mean every game is going to be sooooo awesome compared to regular Xbox.

      Besides . . . each generation is honestly “the most powerful console ever made”. Was 360 more powerful then OG Xbox? Yes. Xbox One more powerful then 360? Yes.

      People don’t get your hopes up. Xbox One S is honestly all you need and is a great console. Don’t let the Microsoft marketing machine brainwash you.

  • Player One

    Article critic Xbox Brand ?
    Oh Big surprise for me !

    • Mr Xrat

      If it weren’t such trash, it wouldn’t be so forthcoming.

  • Farrukh Siddiqui

    I am expecting Alan Wake 2 announcement from remedy for xbox one x seriously this will crush the whole xbox hate train.

    • Wei Feng

      True, at least instead of been 720p upscaled like Quantum Fail on the TV media box, they can make it hit at least Fake True 4k checkerboard 30fps.

      Plus, it’s only on xbox (exclusively on PC as well and later on a steam release)

    • Triton

      Remedy is working on a multiplat.

  • L 7 CHAPEL

    Well when you don’t have anything unique or interesting to write,
    go ahead and write yet another article where you chime in to the negative chorus…
    Never more than in the gaming press, (and the people they allow to write articles in general,) do you see the blatant realization of why there are so many English and journalism Majors unemployed…

  • SJ777

    How about reporting on Sony being in full blown panic mode Gamingbolt? Paid meatpuppets with their stables of sockpuppet accounts are working overtime to Astroturf as much of gaming media as they can, we’ve got Mark Cerny trying to get school kids to believe the Ps4 Pro has an 8TF GPU. No doubt Sony will tease the Ps5 with a handful of lies and a fake video they will claim is “actual gameplay”, although it will be at least 2yrs before it will see the light of day, assuming there is another playstation.


    Im so sick of hearing meat puppets talk about Sonys’ atrocious exclusive Japanese anime games and indies. I want some 4K HDR news and video of something other than whitewashed funky haired anime characters. Give me some 4K HDR rendered footage of Battlefront 2, or Forza 7, or even Madden for crying out loud. Instead we have to look at this ridiculous fool heading into Gamescomm.

    • Josh Morland

      You M$FT schills can’t even concoct solid arguments right…The only one in panic mode is Phil “PR Machine” Spencer and the Xbone community. Xbone One X was a knee jerk reaction to the success of PS4 (Pro) due to M$FT’s many blunders ranging from:
      (1) Releasing less powerful Xbone in 2013 at a higher price than PS4…
      (2) Requiring the Xbone to be constantly online to function…
      (3) Requiring the Xbone to have DRM on used games…
      (4) Larry Hyrb stating the Xbone can’t function without Kinect…
      (5) M$FT killing off the Kinect just to keep Xbone sales afloat…
      (6) Larry Hyrb stating that the DRM in Xbone couldn’t be “switched off”…
      (7) M$FT claiming the “power of the cloud” could make Xbone faster…
      (8) M$FT paying YouTubers to promote the Xbone in a good light…
      (9) M$FT practically giving away Xbones at a discounted price to still be outsold by their competitor…
      (10) M$FT killing off studios and lacking exclusives…And if you Xboners think that Xbox One X will help them beat PS4 (Pro), you must’ve forgot about OG Xbox.

    • Wei Feng

      The fans that where left couldn’t thank them enough for been sold a tv box lemon. They didn’t want to game anyway so surfed the app store in the laggy dashboard.

    • SJ777

      Suzuki Samurai here probably thought Mark Cerny was a genius for putting RAM in the ps4. It wouldnt be surprising considering how far Japanese hardware and software engineers are behind their North American & European competition.

    • Wei Feng

      Yet the “uncompromised 4K monster” promised at E3
      is just a checkerboarder.

      And the list of 3rd parties that can’t get native 4k keeps growing, let alone attempting 60fps.

      Until then, keep watching your kinect based 1080p TV media with
      sub-HD resolution gaming put second.

  • Mr Xrat

    Preview: all the trash we laughed at back in June. Can’t wait.

    • SJ777

      Yeah those whitewashed Japanese anime exclusives on the ps4 are laughable.

    • Michellehgil


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    • Mr Xrat

      Hahahahaha just like I said.

  • Josh Morland


  • Wei Feng

    So they haven’t cancelled crackdown 3 yet?

    Maybe they’re waiting for a better time next year to announce it.

    Terry Crew been forced into liking it with $$$ is funny.

    • Psionicinversion

      Terry Crews is a PC guy now, he doesnt care about puny little console games.

    • Wei Feng

      Yeah. he’s Just paid to care a little bit about Crackdown until it’s cancelled.

  • Henk van Puffelen

    Why is it a bad year for the XBox fan? Loads of games to play, a new Forza and we got the X in november. No reason at all to call this a bad year!


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