Microsoft Have Ensured That They Will Not Repeat PS4 Pro Mistakes With Xbox One X Enhanced Titles

I guess they at least got this one thing right?

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Look, I have been super critical of Microsoft, the Xbox One X’s reveal, and the utter lack of compelling software that may induce the average purchaser to spend $500 to upgrade to it. And all of those points stand. However, the one good thing that Microsoft has done with the One X in terms of game support is ensure that people who buy the system will have a vast library of games with immediately noticeable differences from how they run on the base Xbox One.

A ton of games have already been confirmed to receive Xbox One X enhancements. These include Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and a ton of indie games and third party software. This is, in large part, because unlike the PS4 Pro, which required developers to individually code their games for the system – whether by going back to their existing games and adding support to them, or by adding it to their upcoming games – the Xbox One X can itself enhance standard Xbox One games to some degree, thanks to a variety of techniques employed, such as supersampling.

Supersampling  is “switched on” by default on the Xbox One X and unlike the PS4 Pro doesn’t require the developer to put effort into making their games supersample on 1080p TV sets. This will ensure that existing games will run at a higher image quality on a 1080p TV right out of the box.

This is unlike the PS4 Pro situation where so many games had next to no Pro support or had a simple resolution upscale. Although the situation has improved compared to last year (games like Shadow of War, The Surge, Final Fantasy 15 and Nioh have impressive Pro support), developer effort on the PS4 Pro has largely been disappointing. So where PS4 Pro owners were left waiting for patches to some of their favorite games to be able to enjoy them enhanced on PS4 Pro – and some of the most beloved PS4 games, such as Bloodborne, still do not support the new console – Xbox One X owners will immediately be able to enjoy their existing games with fairly substantial enhancements such as potential better anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing, along with stable frame rates.

Add to this the fact that Microsoft seem to have courted developers far more aggressively, imposing far fewer restrictions on them as far as Xbox One X support goes, and that their UWP initiative ensures that scaling games up for Xbox One X should be very easy, and you are left with a console decidedly better positioned to get enhanced games than the PS4 Pro was. Sony definitely screwed up on enlisting support for that system, that is for sure.

Of course, whether or not the notion of playing the same games you already can, just shinier, is enough for you to want to spend $500 on new hardware, is something only you can decide. As far as I am concerned, while this is something Microsoft definitely deserves credit for, it is not nearly enough to compensate for the overwhelming weakness on the compelling software front the Xbox is currently suffering from. But again, Microsost’s Xbox One X will possibly have the best console version of a multi-platform game and 1st party exclusives are going to look absolutely stunning at native 4K, so Microsoft have already done their “technical” homework on Xbox One X well before the console’s release later this year.

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  • heima

    XBox X can automatically enhance games with super sampling, but it can’t implement native 4k resolution if it’s not added via patch by the developers. Thus it’s admirable the effort MS put to make developers patch the games. Something that apparently Sony hasn’t done convincingly so far.

    • Gamez Rule

      I know this may come over as anti-xbox to some people but what about us gamers that bought into the Xbone brand but isn’t interested in Xbone X.

      I mean where were the games at E3 to entice me into buying and justifying the purchase of a new £450 version of a console that has sat near my TV unit with no full exclusive console support from MS this whole time in 2017? We needed to be shown a good range of first party titles and exclusive titles to justify the purchase, and to be fair MS failed at doing that IMO.

      It’s all good that Xbone X will supersampling as default, but that happens for gamers using a 1080p, and still leaves people like myself that bought the Xbone wanting games not new hardware.

    • heima

      You say that you are not interested in Xbox X and yet you complain about lack of reasons to buy Xbox X. If you’re not interested, you are not interested. Period.
      As for the lack of good games, sorry, I don’t think that MS’ conference lacked good games, it lacked inspiration and a new exclusive AAA IP that would reinforce their commitment to us Xbox gamers.

    • Gamez Rule

      To state “If you’re not interested, you are not interested.Period” Sorry but that isn’t always the case. It was MS’s job to make me interested and they failed to do so.

      Example: IF MS showed full exclusive content to the console as well as support via lesser hardware Xbone consoles then people may be more interested in the Xbone X. No games got me interested to upgrade to Xbone X which I can’t play on my Xbone hardware.

      In my view ( someone that has bought all MS consoles ) at E3 MS never showed me anything to entice me into buying a new £450 console. Instead they made it clear that Xbone S was reduced in price which IMO would get more people interested in the lesser hardware.

    • heima

      IMO, all those people who are not interested in mere power and 4k resolution have no reason to buy Scorpio (or Pro, for that matter), whether Xbox (meaning Xbox One S, X and the fatty one) lacks exclusive content or not.
      Scorpio is a pretty good console, whose appeal resides in its power, that’s been clearly stated over and over during this last year.

    • andrewsqual

      Did you not see Crackdown 3 with its glorious PS2 visuals and textures and bland stiff animations? That is for you but XboneX users get to experience all that in glorious 4k lol, the only game changer that matters anymore.

    • Halofreak1990

      You do realize that what Crackdown showed is the way it’s meant to be? It’s Crackdown’s art style, which you would’ve known, had you shown a little more interest, instead of resorting to childish bashing.

    • andrewsqual

      Art style? Unbelievable last gen bland textures and a sparse looking empty city is a style now?
      Well then you need to tell the actual fans that are all avoiding this game after that trailer that they are all wrong and it was always supposed to underwhelm them to the max.

    • Riggybro

      I think it’s the price/timing.

      When Pro was released I was able to sell me PS4 for a good price and just pay not much difference for a Pro. Wasn’t a biggie. I wasn’t like over-excited for it or anything I just thought what the heck (it wasn’t much $$$).

      Currently XBX is at a high price and XB1 is at a low price. So today the option for an easy cheap upgrade is not as available.

    • Halofreak1990

      “but what about us gamers that bought into the Xbone brand but isn’t interested in Xbone X.”

      It just means that the Xbox One X isn’t the console for you. And that’s fine. Phil Spencer explicitly stated that the One S will be doing most of the sales, and that the One X is for those people who are willing to spend the additional cash to get enhanced visuals.

    • Gamez Rule

      It was MS’s job to make me interested in Xbone X and they failed in doing so. MS haven’t supported me as an Xbone gamer within the first six months of 2017 regarding true console exclusives so why would I want to buy into another MS console that will still have that same issue?

      That’s what I’m getting when stating “but what about us gamers that bought into the Xbone brand but isn’t interested in Xbone X”

    • Harry Dorpelaar

      It cannot do automatic super-sampling. Super-sampling is running a game at a higher resolution and than downscaling it to a 1080p screen. If running at 4K needs a patch than super sampling will need one as well. It’s the same thing only on a 4K screen vs a 1080p one.

    • Halofreak1990

      Of course it can do automatic super sampling; 1080p games are scaled up to 4K, and, if the display is 1080p, then it’s downscaled again, which gets you your super sampling. No developer input required.

      What @disqus_eidelyn:disqus means is that for games to run in *native* 4K (meaning, no upscaling), the developer will indeed need to roll out a patch. And thusfar 30 games have been confirmed to get one.

    • Harry Dorpelaar

      I don’t know how I can explain it more easily but I’ll try. Super sampling (in this case) means rendering the game at native 4K but because a user has a 1080p screen the resulting image it is reduced in size to a 1080p image size. So you still need to render the game at a much higher resolution than it is coded to run to make use of super sampling hence why it needs a patch.

      In both cases the image needs to be rendered at 4K. The only difference is the output resolution.

  • kee1haul

    Sarcastic sub title you little pleb.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Well, they DID screw up everything except the hardware.

  • Death5talker45

    I wanted to get an Xbox Once X… I have an Xbox 360 E and am happy with it… but at $499 I will have to pass until it drops to $399… that was the amount I was willing to spend… I have 0 interest in the PS4s anti gamer stance of No BC unless you buy digital a new version of a game you may have already had… I like having a physical Disc… Xbox does that… I have 100+ Xbox360 games and enjoy all of them.. some are on backlog… I want to upgrade but I will wait for a price drop

  • Starman

    You all know i’m a big fan of gaming … love the xbox product … that being said , at the end of the day “I’m a hardcore gamer , (after work , gym etc etc) i have all systems …just didn’t get my Switch yet… I’m gonna lose some xb1 fans but …..THEY STUNK UP THE JOINT YESTERDAY… Nothing justifies what I saw on stage yesterday to make me run out and spend another $500..XB1X is a beast for a console , ….that’s not enough for me ..I WANT GAME’S.
    1or 2 games isn’t enough.. I love xb1 community but , if I see anyone defending that trash of a show yesterday …. You’re nothing but a common fanyboy …FACTS ..
    I can play all that was showed in 1080p …on my xb1s ..
    I will be pulling out the ps4-pro if Sony convinces me tonight.

    • andrewsqual

      I’ve been saying its pretty crazy when most of the fans can’t defend the conference and just remain speechless or a few like you just come out and say it.
      That last part you mentioned though, of everything shown, only indies and probably Forza 7 will be actually 1080p on your xb1s, EVEN as bad as Crackdown 3 looked. 🙁

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • andrewsqual

    Except naming it the dumbest thing since the Xbone. Apparently they never learn.

  • J.j. Barrington

    It remains to be seen. Really, it does.

    Besides, Microsoft made a bigger mistake: they forgot the exclusives. Does more than cancel out whatever little advantage you think they’ve got here.

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    “I guess they at least got this one thing right?”

    After watching Sony’s poor E3 conference, we can conclude that MS got more than one thing right: The Xbox One X, the better version of all Multiplats and now more games releasing this year. All Sony has left are Japanese titles…:)

  • Samathajbrown

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  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    We’ll see exactly what they got right when the refurb replacement consoles start shipping.


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