Microsoft HoloLens Looks Like Significant Financial Investment For Gamers

Microsoft exec says the price of HoloLens could be “significantly more” than a games console.

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HoloLensThere’s very little doubt that there is going to be a big demand for VR technology once it hits the market in a big way. What remains to be seen is just how big that demand will be once people start seeing the price tags for this tech. In particular, the Microsoft HoloLens isn’t going to be cheap. The New York Times reports it has talked to one Microsoft exec who said the price will be “significantly more than a games console.”

That means the Microsoft is looking to roll out its Virtual Reality headset with an MSRP that will be upwards of $300. Some might balk at that price, though it should be pointed out that price looks to be in line with other companies’ VR tech. The Oculus Rift developement kit currently sells for somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 and it stands to reason the HoloLens will be in that price range.

Of course, $350 won’t really be “significantly more” than a games console. That means we could be looking at a pricetag upwards of $400. At that price, will gamers still decide it’s worth the money? Only time will give us a definitive answer to that question. Microsoft is clearly hoping that the things the HoloLens can do will be well worth a price that might scare consumers at first. The company has already stated that the goal of the technology is to “blend your digital world with your real world.” If the device can pull this off, there may not be a price asked for the Microsoft HoloLens that people wouldn’t pay.

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  • Psionicinversion

    This is innovation right here… VR is just something people keep trying to make stick sure it maybe good for games but Hololens is the future of how we interact with the enitire world…

  • GHz

    Hololens is not VR, it’s AR. And gamers should get it out their head that this is a gaming system, or a peripheral for one. Hololens is a PC, and just like any PC, it’ll will have entertainment software like games. Because it’s a windows 10 device, it’ll work with XB1. My guess, the Hololens holographic PC will prob start @ a cost of $1500- $1800. Aint no way this tech is going to be cheap.

    • Mark

      On point GHz. Us gamers have this backward lol. When it should be seen as a standalone COMPUTING DEVICE. I mean darn, I wanna hear more about the HPU. If I can raise the cheese I’m buyin it.

  • Jessika S.

    I don’t really think that HoloLens will be that amazing until it’s second or third version. One day it’s gonna be amazing when the tech catches up and all will have to do is just put on glasses and not have to wear helmet.


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