Microsoft hopes for Gears 3 to lure CoD fans

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Kevin Unangst, senior producer at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, hopes that Gears 3 will be able to convert FPS gamers who enjoy the Halo and Call of Duty games into third person shooter types.

“It is the biggest and best Gears we’ve done, it is our blockbuster and a huge, huge release for us,” he said. Unangst thinks that Gears 3’s new FPS inspired game modes like Team Deathmatch will help the game appear to a wider audience. “Personally I play Team Deathmatch a lot and they’ve got that so I’m personally quite excited,” Unangst added. “I think it’s going to be huge. Adding modes like that is important because there’s a lot of Halo and Call of Duty players so it’s another way we can bring [those] players to Gears of War.”

We’re all certainly excited about Gears 3, but is there honestly that much difference between third and first person shooter gameplay?

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  • DirectingChaos

    I think it comes down to making the multiplayer enjoyable for noobs as well as those that have invested a lot more time into it, if either doesn’t hold true then the numbers drop and eventually people give up on the multiplayer. If they can keep that fine balance and make the multiplayer a fun experience over a long period of time rather than it becoming controller throwing frustration then they should get the players regardless if their main preference is for third or first person. After all its the experience we all go on for, if its good we stay if not we go… simple as that isn’t it???

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah, but I wonder. I mean, Gears is in a league of it’s own why would they want to go over to a lesser market. Nevermind, I understand it, the money.

  • berrytastic

    Its just not gonna happen. I mean its a totally different gaming experince and one that run and gunners of COD just arent going to ‘get’

    I love Gears but im a bit rubbish at it where as anybody can be good at COD

    Keep dreaming EPIC

  • shastyxmcnasty

    I think COD is running out of steam, COD MWF, W@W and MWF2 were amazing, but they were just remakes of the previous version without alot of advancement, and as far as I’m concerned Black Ops is an abomination. I realize that alot of people out there are gonna hate me for saying that, but be honest with yourself,wheres the advancement??? An R/C car, big freaking deal, and with MWF 3 Treyarch isnt even updating the engine, how can they expect to keep up with titles like DNF Gears and the hopefully amazing BattleField 3 with the all new frostbite engine. I would love to see GOW 3 topple COD, i know Ill be pre-ordering Gears over the next COD

  • PrivatePyle

    Much more of a difference in 3rd Person to me, because it feels like you can see more realistically than just having tunnel vision in the FPS’s.
    Adds peripherals to the gameplay.
    Sure you can hide behind a wall and plan to pop out at the right moment for someone who is running through, but I think that takes more skill than the corner camping that goes on in CoD…..which might actually drive people to not play Gears.

  • doub7

    The learning curve in Gears is 2 steep for a lot of gamers. I know so many ppl who won’t play cuz they get sick of gettin owned when they 1st start playin. The gameplay in Gears is so unique, ur skill from other games doesn’t really transfer over. Where as if u play a lot of fps games u can pick up pretty much any of them & b decent @ it.

  • nmalthus

    If Gears hasn’t done so already it probably won’t. Gears offers an experience like no other and yeah COD is losing it’s flare. They should have stuck with a modern warfare scenario and headed towards future warfare and not back to old school. Not that Black Ops wasn’t cool, just that era along with WWI & WWII are just played out.

  • tareq salah

    when i bought killzone 3, i was excited to play online, come to find out that with all the publicity and money spent on promoting killzone 3, the multiplayer maps were empty, and i can swear its because people are still playing COD. i don’t think any game is gonna take away from COD online, untill those who play COD have enough and they decide to move on. it sucks but true

  • bman128

    I personally want something to bring down COD. But I Guess thats where all the 13year olds are so I don’t mind but still.

    • tareq salah

      i reallly think this game is unstoppable, its like the next madden, they can make the same game but call it COD east vs west war and it will still sell millions.

      its sad because i cant play killzone 3 online, no one is there to play with


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