Microsoft Japan Seems To Be Counting Pretty Heavily On The Power of the Cloud

It’s 2013 all over again.

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Xbox One Without Kinect

While the rest of the world has already moved on past the phase where Microsoft insisted that the power of the cloud will make up for any deficiencies that its Xbox One hardware might have, Japan seems to be still stuck in that phase (which sort of makes sense, considering that they are after all a year behind the rest of the world when it comes to Xbox One). See, Microsoft Japan seem to be counting pretty heavily on the power of the cloud to make their console sound appealing to the customers.

Speaking to 4Gamer, Consumers & Partners Group Director Nobuyoshi Yokoi was pretty confident about what the cloud could achieve- in fact, some might even say he was a bit too confident. He claimed that not only does the cloud help with matchmaking (which we know it is good at), but also that it can even handle processing and graphics rendering, essentially adding the power of two additional Xbox One consoles.

Which sounds… hyperbolic?

In any case, hopefully the Xbox One can sell in Japan on the basis of its games and not its pre release hyperbolic promises.

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  • PC_Is_The_Master_Race

    Years off and the only vendor that built in capability into their hardware is Nvidia. So only PC gaming will get any benefits.

    • Not_true

      Almost any internet capable device can benefit from remote servers, mustard.

  • Mark

    Well if u bought an X1 now, and played Titanfall, you’re playing a game that uses Cloud Compute for AI tasks. The problem right now is, although there’s a ton of NPCs on screen using AI and Titans, it’s hard to SEE the benefits of Cloud because it’s in its infancy for gaming. Not sure but possibly Sunset is using Live for AI and maybe Horizon 2. So X1 owners are playing games that uses Compute for cpu tasks. Crackdown will be the realization of the clear VISUAL benefits of heavy computation with destruction. So if Japs buy an X1, they’re investing in light Cloud gaming right now, but what will be a fully Compute console later on. I have no problems with Microsoft selling their product for what it is designed to do (Compression/Decompression Move Engines etc).

    Microsoft is using their first parties to push Cloud gaming as a differentiator for Xbox. It is obviously new game developement, which will increase in capability over time. They didn’t state the Japanese gamers will be playing “Graphics rendering from the Cloud” in 2014. Nor even 2015. What they’re advertising is that Xbox One will be recieving, Compute from the Cloud that is capable, of 3 Xboxes. For now there’s TitanFall. Then Crackdown, and maybe Halo 5 using Compute. Obviously Microsoft’s pushing their parties (and 3rd) to get to, the “graphics rendering” stage of Cloud gaming. Also with better internet connections over time. So if I’m Japanese and I buy an X1, play Titanfall, wait for Halo 5 and Crackdown, I’d be excited to observe Cloud Compute evolve with more possibilities on the way. I wouldn’t feel “robbed” or “duped” in any way, seeing Phil Spencer’s push and different studios show us what’s in the pipeline.

  • Mark

    Also, why do people feel Microsoft is combating the PS4’s hardware with the Cloud? Where have they ever mentioned Cloud as the means to achieve 1080p 60fps? Unless someone can provide some links? I thought that fight was in the SDK department. Boyd Multherer (Xbox One engineer) stated that MS was behind on SDKs for devs due to the removal of DRM. They’re playing catch up with Sony, and are doing a helluva job imo, considering them being knocked back. When it comes to the Kinect GPU reserve, they’ve stated months ago they’d be freeing up more juice to devs who doesn’t use Kinect, irrespective of the Kinectless SKU. As they’ve stated, they originally didn’t want devs to use too much of the GPU for fear of game performance taking a hit by Kinect functionality, so they “locked” 10% of the GPU supposedly. Lower resolution, but good performance. Phil now removed that reserve. How games will perform we’ll see, but it’s looking good so far. Destiny, Sunset and some others are benefitting.

    This, to me, is where the hardware fight has been going on. In fact, Microsoft obviously designed the X1 with Cloud in mind, years ago, before any PS4 reveal. Maybe some people feel they’re PR-ing the Cloud to gain the hardware advantage by perception. But again, the X1 was designed to take advantage of the Cloud, in mind years ago, and has been the message since the May reveal. It would behoove them not, to talk about the product and what they have in mind going forward, Crackdown hopefully show and proving.

    • Not_true

      Now that Phil Spencer is in charge they’re dialing back the “infinite power of the cloud” PR BS and going with the far more realistic “Dedicated Multiplayer Servers”, which is what they always were. Thanks for keeping it real, Phil.

      “The Cloud” is just remote multiplayer hosting servers, the same things that have been used for online FPS and MMOs for years and years. Crackdown 3 is going to have a prettier version of BF4 building destruction running on a remote multiplayer server.

    • Mark

      Hunh? What is TitanFall using for AI? Unless Respawn’s PR-ing too? Also, it was and is Phil Spencer pushing the Cloud as more than dedicated servers. It’s almost like he has to remind everyone that what MS is doing with the Cloud is all of those things. In fact, since Phil has been head boss, he’s the reason we saw the Cloud Destruction Demo at Build. Retweets everyone that it wasn’t just “throwaway work”, shows Crackdown 3 trailer “in concept”. I believe he’s tweeted they’ll show the expected latency and more later, as he’s aware of the mass scepticism. Been tweeted, “Eager to show an impressive realtime demo”, but obviously, the Crackdown can’t come soon enough.


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