Microsoft Looking At PC to Xbox One Streaming

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One of the most interesting and exciting announcements at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event yesterday was the announcement of Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs streaming- essentially, a Microsoft implementation of Remote Play, that would let you stream your Xbox One games locally to any Windows 10 running device (including your phone or tablet) and play your game on it. It’s a cool idea, and a great way to unify two of Microsoft’s most successful products.

But could it be done the other way around?” We’re actively investigating that right now,” Xbox exec Mike Ybarra explained during a roundtable interview to Eurogamer. “We don’t have any further details to share, but it’s something we’re looking at.”

If this can be done, it would be very interesting- imagine being able to play games like Total War or Civilization on your TV without having to hook your PC up to it, simply via Xbox One streaming. I certainly think there is a place for it, at least.

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  • Mark

    Please happen. I’d sign up to Steam asap. But I got a question. Microsoft said they’re targetting 1080p 60fps streaming from X1 to PC. But FH2 “only” runs 1080p 30fps on the One. How the heck can u get BETTER performance streaming? Add this to the fact that most PCs are mid range……

    Unless Phil’s expecting to hit 1080/60 on all future first party games? I’m lost broham.

    Also what about the reverse? If X1 gets Steam, and I start using it, I’m probably gon have to upgrade my PC to be able to run those games natively right, specific to each game requirement? I don’t wanna have to do that man. Lol.

    My dream is; buy a game from Steam. Install it to PC. Then stream it to my X1, using default settings I guess. But wait, since DX12 gives my trashy PC more power when Win10 launches……..then I may not need to upgrade! Rrraaahhhhhh.

  • Thanks for giving the PS4 more marketshare Microsoft lol.


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