Microsoft Say More Of Their Games Could Come To Steam

Microsoft discuss their plans for Steam going forward.

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Much to everyone’s delight, Microsoft began supporting gaming on PC with their games after years of ignoring the platform in favor of Xbox. However, as is always the case with Microsoft, there was a catch- the support was for Microsoft’s own store and format, the Windows Store, which only sell software in the UWA format.

For a lot of people, buying things from the Windows Store, which is a total and absolute mess, and playing them in UWA form, which is a closed format that does not support any extensions or modifications, was not an alluring prospect- especially since most of Microsoft’s PC efforts so far have been terribly unoptimized.

However, it looks like Microsoft are ready to capitulate to what the market wants now- they had already announced that Dead Rising 4, which they are publishing, would be coming to other PC storefronts than their own after a month of Windows Store exclusivity at E3- and now, they are also bringing Remedy’s Quantum Break to Steam, to the delight of a lot of PC fans of Remedy who wanted to play the game, but didn’t want to put up with the Windows Store.

And this is not the end, either- speaking to DualShockers, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said that the company would look into supporting Steam with their games more, where it made sense for them.

“Well, from a fist-party standpoint, over the years, we’ve always had titles in the Steam store, from Age of Empires, to Alan Wake, to even more recently we had titles like Ori and State of Decay,” Greenberg told DualShockers. “We have and we’ll continue to look where it makes sense to bring out titles to Steam.”

“We’re excited to have brought Quantum Break there, we know there are fans of the Steam store, and costumers there that we can reach, that will enable the title to have even more success,” he added.

Which doesn’t sound like every Microsoft game will be on Valve’s storefront- and it is likely that Microsoft’s premier games, like Gears of War and Halo will remain exclusive to their own store and format. But their relatively smaller games, such as Quantum Break and Dead Rising, at the very least, will probably be put on Steam- and that seems to be a nice compromise overall.

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  • d0x360

    I’m genuinely curious..what exactly about the windows store and uwp is a mess?

    First let’s all understand uwp started as a way for phone apps and windows apps to be identical. They were generally simple apps but over time the store and complexity of its content has evolved.

    Uwp apps are essentially identical to a normal win32 executable. The only real difference is they are essentially secured.

    Now when they launched win10 and games that were AAA on the platform there were growing pains and valid complaints from consumers but also a ton of misinformation consumers believed to be true based on things they read on a website which was propagated and repeated without actually checking the facts.

    At this point a uwp game supports every function that a game from steam supports with the exception of mods. That isn’t because a uwp game can’t be modded its because no games made for it are moddable. There is a distinct difference.

    Microsoft has already fixed all the major complaints about uwp games. The rest of the issues are in the hands of developers themselves. If you have a concern about features, performance.. Or anything then ask the people who made the game dont blame Microsoft for someone else’s failings.

    Let’s also remember no major store has ever had a smooth launch. Steam was a mess for quite a long time and still has it’s own issues. Microsoft has worked very quickly to rectify any issues.

    The only thing they really need to do now is make a dedicated store section for AAA titles instead of letting them live in the same space as mobile games and simple apps.

    • Michael

      Don’t belive the stuff this journalist writes. He exaggerates and is well known to be biased.

    • Doggystyle


  • Doggystyle
    • Crystalrcote1

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  • Mr Xrat

    They need some way to make a bit of coin off their crap games.


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