Microsoft Shows off Future Xbox One Feature On Twitter

No date for the feature was announced.

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Xbox One Elite

Major Nelson has long been the spokesman for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One and in that role he’s shown off his fair share of new features. That was the case earlier this week when the man, who’s real name is Larry Hyrb, showed off what he called a “future Xbox One system update.” Hyrb showed off the feature on Twitter and it turns out that sooner or later users will be able to move their pinned items around the dashboard.

The use for this particular feature is rather obvious, as it will mean you can actually bring the games and applications that you like the most and use to the most to the front of the line. It’s kind of surprising that such a feature hasn’t been available for the Xbox One for quite a while. It’s certainly a feature that will be well received, even if it’s not exactly a game changer.

Showing off that you’ll be able to move your pins around was actually just a way to herald a bunch of the new changes that are going to be coming with the next Xbox One system update. Hyrb said on Twitter that the company hoped this update was going to be able to roll out in the next few weeks. Among the other features that will allow users to have more control over what they see on their dashboard is the ability to hide games that are “ready to install.” Among games that have this status might be titles the users has uninstalled, such as game demos and they have no interest in being reminded the game demo even exists. Hopefully this new update will come during or before the planned Xbox One and Windows 10 event in February.

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  • Starman

    “even if it’s not exactly a game changer”.
    Who the fk said it would be a game changer ? ….. It’s so obvious what you fa**ots here at gamingbolt does … no matter how good the news is for xb1 you always find a way to make Sony shine … with the little under-tones at the end of a paragraph…

    • johntate90210

      You know what I always thought was annoying on the PS3? You booted it up and it went to the main screen. Then you pretty much had to go LEFT to get to any and every thing. Why left? Every other menu in any software pretty much goes to the right. No, it wouldn’t have been a “game changer” to flip it around to normal but it would’ve been nice.


      Yeah! just like when the Xbox 360 was always being put down by the PS3, oh, hang on a sec… and if you dont like reading here, dont read it

  • Starman

    “It’s kind of surprising that such a feature hasn’t been available for the Xbox One for quite a while”

    How about it’s PATHETIC that PS4 has no real features on that crap … no music no true back-compat…. I can go on and on … but you never say sh*t like that about that dying company …. You’re hurting the industry with this kind of practice , only fangirls will say war is good … no not this kind of war ..i’ve never seen a bunch of little crying fa**ots like these Sony babies….. In all of my years of gaming, I have never seen a bunch of fangirl websites that take payola to give fake reviews and propaganda .
    I get on here and act crazy … a lot , lol but i’m not serious …. like MKDIKBOT / “”” / “”” and all his other names….

    My first console was Commodore 64 , Intelevision, Colecovision, Jaguar.. I had it all … yes the beginning … so when you little pr*cks think you know Sony … and think you no the history of gaming , getting info from BLOGS and other fangirls think again … calling out specs and fancy tech talk don’t mean a hill of fkn beans to me and gaming, remember this little boys , YOU DON’T KNOW SH*T …..

    PS Unless you can tell me you spent $20 in quarters , spent hrs in a ARCADE RM …. you can’t tell me sh*t about this gaming thing…

    • johntate90210

      The whole fanboy thing is childish. You see the same with iPhone and Android fans. As far as I’m concerned, it’s great to have two or three great systems because it keeps them competitive. Each company is pushed to give us more and better features.

      That Colecovision was a nice machine, wasn’t it? Why people went with Atari instead is a mystery to me. I didn’t have the Commodore 64 but the similar Radio Shack Color Computer. I went to Commodore when the Amiga caught my eye, though. Oh yeah, lots of quarters went in those arcade games and that was back when you could play for just one quarter.

    • Starman

      You speak like a true gamer … and not a “wanna be tech” .. it’s about “let’s have fun” .. stop competing , like the old days …

      PS: I have all systems , and I give my honest opinion ..

    • johntate90210

      I’ve had a bit of everything over the years. Last gen, I had 360, PS3 and Wii. This gen just the One, so far. People are going to love different machines for different reasons. Maybe it’s the exclusive franchises. Maybe it’s the controller. We should feel lucky there are choices rather than bashing opposing systems that just don’t fulfill our own tastes. Hey, if one company adds a feature that pushes another to add something, we all win.


      Couldn’t have said it better myself


      You say you hate Fanboys/girls, yet you act exactly like how one would act… “STOP NAME CALLING MY PREFERRED CONSOLE YOU FANBOY!” “IM A REAL GAMER, NOT LIKE THEM FANBOYS”, that all sounds a lot like a fanboy if you ask me… congratulations, you either had rich parents, or a good paying job to be able to own all them consoles, here have a cookie!

      I own and have owned in the past xbox, ps and PC, and seeing people like you make me realize why the world will never be a better place. Once you realize gamers come from all corners, will you realize the true potential of gaming and what it has to offer this world.

      Now stop acting like a spoilt brat

    • johntate90210

      We’re just all lucky there are some great systems to choose from.


      Too right

  • BigPrimeNumbers

    I’m confused because wasn’t it announced that people in the preview program would get these features in the Jan 21 update they received. I still only see the ability to hide games, and the Avatar store, but not the pin-moving or the achievement leaderboard features.


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