Microsoft Takes Shots At PS4 Pro Specs, Boasts ‘True” 4K Gaming For Scorpio

Microsoft joining in on the fun.

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Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro yesterday was a bit of a disaster – and the machine itself appears to be a bit confused. It’s a half step product, not much of a power jump over the standard PS4, but just enough of one, a machine where developers can’t actually utilize the extra power in meaningful ways, a 4K machine that doesn’t have a 4K Blu Ray drive… it’s a mess overall, is what I am saying.

General reception to the PS4 Pro has been fairly negative so far- and Microsoft, who saw the reception to their Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio reveals earlier this year be exceptionally positive, have decided to join in on the fun a bit with two tweets poking fun at Sony and their new console. The first tweet, by Aaron Greenberg, links to Sony’s spec sheet for the PS4 Pro, cheekily saying that Microsoft are “proud to bring True 4K gaming & most powerful console ever made coming with Project Scorpio,” a reference to the Pro mostly being unable to render games in 4K natively.

The other tweet is by the official Xbox account, which also cheekily makes a list of all the features available on the Xbox One S, not available on the new PlayStation (or available in a more limited sense only), before advertising the One S’s lower price of $299.

I’d say that Microsoft should be above this, but then I remember Sony’s shots at Microsoft earlier in the generation, when they were stumbling, and so I tell myself- have at it, Microsoft. Have at it.

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  • cweb1988

    It definitely is a weird mid step product.

    Thankfully Microsoft will be offering a more substantial “upgrade”……instead of a weird half step that really isn’t worth it.

    Microsoft’s biggest thing here will be the price point. If they can keep it around or below $500 then it’ll be a HUGE win.

    • Wontime

      If it is 500, the scorpio has a great chance of it being my 1st MS purchase

    • Lucas Reis

      i think that 500 is the most probable…best case scenario is 450…anyway…im looking foward to MS next announcements

    • TheCellGames

      Indeed. Thankfully Phil Spencer has proven to give huge values at a decent price. $270 for vanilla Xbox, $300 for S with all the features. I wouldn’t be impressed if the Scorpio were $450-$500 for a base 500gb model.

    • Mr Xrat

      That “more substantial” upgrade that’ll be offering the same textures and the same framerates and still struggling to do 4K for most games.

      It won’t be under $500. It won’t have any exclusives and the Pro and NX will already dominate the market. It’s over.

    • Corey

      K bye.

  • -youjustgotburned-

    Oh this article will surely get a certain someone to blow a fuse.

    • efnet

      Lol you know it

  • Stizz Get Cake

    What makes you think with the specs that are in project scorpio that it will go for $500 like the original Xbox one was? I highly doubt it I’m going to say $700 and that’s just me being nice.

    • lagann

      Doubtful. At $700 it would be suicide. $500 is the most they can charge and I’m sure they are looking at $400 price point very intensely.

    • Lucas Reis

      pricetag based on specs…wrong move boy…wrong move…just look at pro price…my bet will be best case scenario $450, worst case scenario $550…that is just a tough anyway…

  • Gamez Rule

    Shots fired or not I posted this on another article and this view could show Sony as having the last laugh.

    “PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim is being released alongside the Xbone S which is still weaker in the gaming department compared to all PS4’s and only slightly better than their original Xbone.

    Even when Sony is at a disadvantage spec wise Sony have always sold more than MS overall year over year in each generation so IMO MS has more to prove than Sony in these console wars.

    People say “Sony aren’t going to release PS4 Pro and then announce PS5 two years later. It’ll never happen”…. BUT MS is doing exactly that because MS just released the Xbone S with upgraded specs and will be releasing Xbox Scorpio within 14 months of Xbone s release date?…. So why couldn’t Sony release PS5 two years from PS4-Pro release?”

    • Lucas Reis

      first…the sales, the profit that each company gets with their consoles…cant be considered a failure, because , the main objective isnt sell more, is sell as expected…then we can reach the “sell more ” goal…and sony launched theyr “upgraded console”, alongside with the slin model, but if this a rigth or wrong move, only the sales of both in the next months will tell, in my point of view, MS took the rigth path releasing the slim 1 year before the upgraded…and guess what…its a success…

    • Gamez Rule

      Truth is the Xbone S is not much of a leap when compared to the PS4-Pro. ( both same gen and both playing all games from Xbone and PS4 and vice versa )

      Scorpio is looking more like a next gen console IMO as from the looks of it not all games are guaranteed to work on Xbone ( but all xbone games work on scorpio ).. where all PS4-Pro games work on PS4.

      Scorpio is clearly not going to be a current gen console it’s more of a next-gen console because If you look at how big of a jump it has over the Xbone you’ll see it’s actually four times more powerful to Xbone (1.3 TF vs 6 TF) which when you go back and look up older consoles it’s the same level of difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One (0.3 TF vs 1.3 TF) The next gen console made by Sony ( PS5 ) will be the real competitor to Scorpio.

      It’s clear that MS are just cutting this generation short with starting a new generation just like they did with the original Xbox.

    • Lobo

      Hi. Microsoft has already stated that they will also ensure that all games work with Xbox One and Xbox One Scorpio (same as what Sony is doing with both Playstations). Google it.

    • Gamez Rule

      Initially, Microsoft stated that Scorpio wouldn’t have platform exclusives, but then a senior Microsoft spokesperson said it was ‘up to developers’ to decide if they want to develop games exclusively for Scorpio?

      UPDATED: Xbox Scorpio, next year’s 6TF console from Microsoft, will have a selection of exclusive titles, but these will be virtual reality games. All non-VR games will play on Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio, Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s head of Xbox games marketing has confirmed to Engadget.

    • kma99

      Why wouldn’t the Scorpio have exclusive vr titles? Thr one s cant do vr period. Imagine that

    • Gamez Rule

      But that shows more than one type of gamer on more than one current gen console owned by a single company, hence why Scoripo is really a next gen console as it’s got it’s own games that work on the console while also playing current xbone games.

    • kma99

      Ok Microsoft said they didnt want just a minor bump in performance and it was presenting this for thr hardcore who wants all the bells and whistles. Just because you assumr its a next gen console doesn’t make it fact. As far as we know the ps4 pro could be a next gen console since they are touting next gen features.

    • Gamez Rule

      Time will tell I guess…

    • Gamez Rule

      And so it begins…

      Phil Spencer confirmed that developers and publishers will have full freedom to choose how they want to utilize all that extra power in the new console. “Publishers will decide how they want to upgrade, we will work with them to ensure platform supports their plans,”

  • Mr Xrat

    lol simmer down the desperation, Microsoft.


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