Microsoft Views Xbox One As ‘Windows Device’

We’re skeptical of the 2 billion units in two years goal.

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While Microsoft has long been billing the Xbox One as a tool that can work right alongside the company’s PC lineup, it appears that at least some within the company actually consider the machine as more of an extension than a gaming console that runs a similar operating system. Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela recently gave a talk at Citi Global Technology Conference centered around Windows 10 and he mentioned that he felt that the Xbox One was indeed a “windows device.”

“So a core power metric for us is Windows 10 devices. That’s not a PC statement. That will be phones, that will be tablets, that will be laptops, that will be desktops, that will be big surface hubs, that will be Xboxes. Xboxes today run Windows, and so every time we sell an Xbox we’re actually creating a Windows active device that hopefully people love it, it’s their gaming device, in their living room. It is not a separate animal. It is literately a Windows device.” The marketing guru said.

It’s pretty obvious that the company wants to tie the fates of Windows 10 and the Xbox One together. The company has said it wants to get a user base of more than one billion over the next two years. One way to reach this goal is to classify their phones, tablets and consoles as Windows devices. Of course, if the firm is going to see success when it comes to hitting those rather lofty goals, they’re going to have to avoid the admitted mistakes they’ve made over the lifespan of the Xbox One to date.

Thanks, Dualshockers

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  • The truth-ier

    the minute you thank dualshockers you know the article is biased against MS, the numbers they have reported, unlike in the past are actual instals and last i heard its at 81 million, obviously the installs will slow down, but this article takes way to much out of context, and usually this site writes articles with thought, this one has no thought, and is based on assumption and seems more like a opinion piece

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