Microsoft Will be Offering Free Upgrades to Windows 10 For Windows 7/8/8.1 Users

Cortana integration with the new OS also confirmed.

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Microsoft had their Windows 10 event today, and it was a pretty big deal- a lot of what had been leaked over the last few months was finally confirmed, including the full integration of Microsoft’s voice powered personal assistant, Cortana, into the new OS.

Cortana is thoroughly embedded in Windows 10- she seems to form the backbone of the frontend of it, as a matter of fact, and is behind a lot of the new features and improvements that the OS is offering. She’ll do the obvious, like fetching you search results, and reading out the weather, and your appointments and tasks, obviously, but she is also completely integrated into the new browser that Microsoft announced for Windows 10, Spartan (yeah, another Halo reference), and she can perform other PC specific tasks, such as accessing the hard drive to fetch specific data.

As exciting as Cortana was, however, the best news to come out of this event for most customers was probably that almost no one would be left behind- after years of confusing and fragmented upgrade paths, Microsoft announced that everyone who has Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 would be upgraded to Windows 10, free of charge, for the first year. The specifics of that aren’t exactly known yet, and the wording was a bit ambiguous, but still, that is a legitimate shocker, and it is good on Microsoft for offering away their biggest product for free like that.

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  • Britney Bates

    They should PAY us to use it! I bought software from to fix my PC because of the problems I’ve had using Windows 8. Free is nice, but do what is right Microsoft and issue refunds to angry customers like me.

    • Psionicinversion

      thats probably where you problems started lmao

    • Britney Bates

      No, because it is the only one that fixed it!

    • Christina Perry

      You should run Microsoft! My PC is faster than ever now, thank you sooo much!

  • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

    Microsoft, No thank you. Since May of 13 when your ill conceived console was revealed I have since bought a Mac and rid my entire home of all windows PC’s and replaced them with MACs and Chromebooks for the kids. I don’t want any part of your ugly OS’s or your eco system any longer based on principle alone.

    • Psionicinversion

      lmso i bet you home is riddled with windows kit and if its isnt your devices will all be runnintg MS office lmao

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      Speak English…

      #1 What in the heck is a Windows Kit?
      #2 I use Google Doc’s and will never use Microsoft’s Office Products ever again.. and that includes Word.
      #3 LMSO????

    • Psionicinversion

      hmm i dunno maybe windows root kits??? you can use gogle docs but ithink you can sync that up to also word you hate but i think you can sync most stuff upto Onedrive so its got wideast range of stuff so your always conected to whatveer you do. and havtn got clue what LMSO is becuase ive been drinking for 3 hours and seems to have gotten past me

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      He’s a 15 year old pretending. Actually, not even 15 years old. Probably 12 years old. Especially since he claims he replaced everything with Google and Apple products because of “Spying” even though Google products have even bigger NSA back doors and Google openly hands over data and doesn’t even fight back.

      If he was that serious about security, he would have booted Linux and used OpenOffice for productivity but since he’s a console peasant. It’s super easy just to use a Debian distro and work your way up. Though if you were that paranoid about the NSA. You’d just install Gentoo and use TOR.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      So you went and bought Macs and Chromebooks which are notorious for having even worse NSA spying intergration than Windows.

      So you shill for a company in Sony that still treats consumers like criminals and lies to them constantly like a console peasant. Then bought products from the two companies who rolled over much quicker for the NSA instead of booting Linux on everything instead which is much safer, more secure and more productive.

      Are you an idiot? I’m pretty sure you are a complete idiot. Or fifteen years old and making things up.


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