Microsoft’s Kinect is the ‘fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history’

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Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, has stated that the Kinect motion detecting camera for Xbox 360 is the “fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history”.

Microsoft said yesterday that its Entertainment & Devices division, which is responsible for the Xbox 360, PC games, Zune and Windows Phone 7 businesses, saw increased revenues and profit during the last quarter of 2010.

6.3 million Xbox 360s were sold during the last quarter of last year along, with eight million Kinect units.

Thanks to CVG for the info.

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  • Entity81

    When I purchause the KInect I believed that you can substitute it for a XboxLive Vision Cam I was wrong.Let hope Mirosoft future updates enable this an option.

  • aquaman22

    Great you got a product that can let you move crap around with “your hands”. now tell me, how is this thing going to help you play the ONLY game worth playing on the 360? Oh that game being Gears of course, because if you’re counting COD let’s face it, it’s time for a new console. There’s nothing you can say to me about how kinect will work with gears, because the point it that it won’t. Great I can tell my xbox to play music and do hand gestures to move about on my “dashboard”….Guess what, eventually you’re gonna have to grab that rock you call a controller to play the game. Sooooo $150.00 just so i can tell an xbox to play a song or do hand gestures at my tv. Thanks but no thanks MS, you had me at “hand gestures”. LOL

  • noxtics

    Out of all the motion controllers out there i really do think that this one is king. It really does something that the other system don’t. I don’t think that the other motion controllers are bad and they all have their pluses and weaknesses like anything.

    I really think though that in a market where everyone just copies ideas from one another this was really a refreshing entry into the consumer electronics market. Also this was also a great way to attract casual gamers and families alike to the 360.

    This gave the 360 mass market appeal and it shows ..the sales for the xbox360 last year were at an all time high and the months leading up to the closure of the year set the 360 to outsell all the other consoles.

  • Thatruth86

    “the fastest selling electronic device in history” say what i would have never thought that thats pretty cool though. Even kinect games doesnt catch my interesting but amongst hacking and using it for other means is a cool idea like something out of minority report lol… But thats good news shows how much they going to put in work by making lots of games for this to continue sells of this product .


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