Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Isn’t Like Assassin’s Creed, Says The Developer

One does not simply parkour into Mordor…

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Okay, so Shadow of Mordor has done it. it’s a great game, and it has revitalized the Lord of the Rings license, as far as video games go, much like Batman: Arkham Asylum did for Batman video games five years ago. Shadow of Mordor is a great game, and the reviews reflect it. That said, when it was first revealed, there was a healthy amount of skepticism- not just because it was another Lord of the Rings based game, but also because it basically looked like Assassin’s Creed set in Middle-Earth, down to its movement and combat.

According the the developers, Monolith Soft, this was not a comparison they were ever worried about.

“There’s so much new going on there thanks to the Nemesis system and the way we combined all the elements to make the world come to life,” he said. “So we never really got that [Assassin’s Creed comparison] criticism once people had a chance to play it. As soon as we started showing it, it became clear we had nothing to worry about,” lead designer Bob Roberts told IGN.

“I don’t know if vindicated is the right word, because we always knew what it feels like to play. Once people get their hands on it, they stop worrying about the comparisons and it totally feels like its own thing.”

And it is its own thing, and it is awesome.

Have you bought the game yet? What do you think?


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  • d0x360

    Based on videos I thought it was just like assassins creed but I’ve spent about 15 hours on the ps4 version of this game and honestly… It does a lot of things better than that series. Stealth kills are way more satisfying, the actual stealth is too, high fall kills are way better, the ability to properly plan and execute a kill is done better…assassins creed could learn a lot from this game.

    Oddly it has the same exact control flaws as creed. I often get stuck to objects, its often hard to get down off objects etc. The game despite its flaws is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

  • GamerGirl

    It's a significantly better game on PlayStation.,:



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