Modern Warfare 2 Most amazing knife kill

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You may think you’ve seen the most insane MW2 knife throw kill, but you have not. THIS is the most amazing MW2 knife throw kill. Enjoy it.

The Most Amazing MW2 Knife Kill – Watch more free videos

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  • Razz

    Right in the eye!

  • Nick

    I was getting ready to complain about you wasting my time with a average knife kill like everyone else on youtube, But you were actually right, that’s one of the best. So well done. As for everyone else, stop wasting my time you damn PUSSIES!!!

  • nutbear96

    WOW! If you think thats good watch MW2 Mythbusters, they are mucking around with throwing knifes and (although it is set up) there are some amazing throws!

    This still is amazing! I usually get the most throwing knife kills in a game BUT I only use it in close encounters!

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  • Al Hammerhand

    Perhaps the dumbest FPS kill ever recorded. Looks like it went right through a tree, and then some barbed wire before it slapped the guy to death! Give that Ninja a gold throwing star. – I can’t believe I bought this stupid game.

  • bitch ass punk

    noob tube loving wanker. lucky throw.

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  • MW2 sucks balls

    looks like a glitched throw to me…OMG…another glitch in MW2….not a surprise with how many glitches this game has….the multiplayer is so fucked up it’s not funny.

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  • That was bull’s eye! I’ve seen a lot of those but that’s the best knife throw kill I’ve witnessed, it doesn’t look realistic though. LOL

  • Pixolator

    As long as the Cod series exists this videos will always remains and I enjoy watching them but never have a chance to execute any lucky kills like these ones I think you need a bit skills next to luck to pull any of these, thanks for sharing.


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