More Evidence Emerges That AMD Is Making The Processor for Nintendo NX

Things are beginning to get more and more interesting for Nintendo’s still un-revealed NX.

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nintendo nx

Nintendo’s NX remains an enigma- for a console that is supposedly less than a year away from release, it is astonishing how little we really know about it at this point. Oh, sure, there has been loads of speculation, and quite a lot of rumors already, but we really know nothing concrete, other than the fact that it will be something new entirely.

One of these rumors that we have been hearing was that AMD was in fact going to be designing the chip for Nintendo’s new console, something that they hinted at back in December. Today, as VentureBeat reports, new evidence for that has arisen- AMD chief executive Lisa Su has confirmed a third semi-custom chip contract for a project potentially worth a billion dollars in sales. This goes hand in hand with the previous rumor, where AMD had heavily hinted that they would be designing the chip for a new console.

Them powering Nintendo’s next console isn’t that much of a stretch either- AMD has been involved with Nintendo in some for or the other going all the way back to the GameCube, back in 2001. Since then, the Wii and the Wii U have both utilized AMD tech too. And given that AMD also powers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is it that hard to believe that the NX will also be powered by them?

Now the question is, what exactly is the hardware architecture that AMD and Nintendo will use for the NX? Are they going to go with x86, like the rest of the industry, or are they sticking with the now entirely obsolete PowerPC? Or will they do something else entirely, and just go with ARM?

Whatever it is, it remains to be seen. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage and information.

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  • Gamez Rule

    To be honest, Nintendo needs to release around the time as Sony and MS to be in the game so to speak☺

    IF Nintendo release this console IMO they better get ready to release another when next gen comes, or history could repeat itself.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    If rumors pan out that NX comes next year this is what will happen:
    2016 up until next gen gives them enough time for their own console cycle with it, 4-5 years. Sony and Microsoft release their next consoles 2020-2021, Nintendo releases the year after getting the jump on them by having newer technology. This will give them more experience with more advanced technology for HD games so when the next consoles come, they’re ready to go. It’s almost brilliant, if NX turns out to be much more powerful at all than Wii U that is.

    • Michael Norris

      You will see Ps5/Newbox before 2020-2021.This generation won’t be 8 years like the last.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      We’ll see about that. Neither would want the well to run dry do quickly but cutting their lifespan short. The earliest we can expect them is 2019, but I’m certain my suspicions will turn out to be true, or have a hint of truth. I expect to hear more about next gen by 2018.

    • MrSec84 .

      Except Sony and Microsoft don’t operate on Nintendo’s planned schedule, 2019 is likely when the next Playstation and Xbox will release.

      PS3 had 7 years on the market because it took until 2010 to make a profit off of the hardware alone, PS4 has been profitable since early 2014 and 6 years is the norm for Sony.
      God knows about Microsoft, 4 years was their first gap, then 8 after Xbox 360 for Xbox One to come out, but I doubt they’d want to do that again.
      Worst case scenario Sony releases PS5 in 2020, purely because there’s a precedent set by PS4 taking 7 years to come out.
      It may also have taken all of the time they did with PS4’s development for them to nail down X86 as a standard for their future.

      AMD may have said they’re introducing a new product for a console, but even if that’s Nintendo it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s launching in 2016, especially if it’s a brand new console, because Nintendo usually announces well in advance of when they bring a new platform to market.

      If NX is coming out next year then it’s most likely the rumored fusion of handheld and console, with a platform that can run both libraries that Wii U and 3DS have and Nintendo will put their focus into their library of software, rather than dividing it on a hardware basis (which makes sense to bring volume of games for both up).
      Iwata talked a lot about wanting Nintendo’s hardware to become like a family of devices that can all run their games.
      Much like how Apple deals with apps running on everything, Nintendo games would be the selling point and no matter your budget you can play them, regardless of what system you buy.

      NX is most likely a core box that will run anything released too date, but also the initial system that will use that strategy and then Nintendo will just bring out the next platform (handheld or console) that is an evolution in tech, but doesn’t lockout future games running on older hardware.
      If it’s a completely new console, then it’ll probably have this functionality built in, just with comparable hardware to PS4 or maybe a little more powerful, cost being cheap for the end user will likely be Nintendo’s aim to not restrict people from buying it and somehow bringing competition with Sony and MS to some degree.

      Maybe Nintendo will try to appeal to 3rd party by having tech that makes it easy for the recent 3rd party games to be ported onto the system, but Nintendo will need to make some games that appeal to the 3rd party audience to get those sales.

      Having one ecosystem allows them to free up some developer resources for new things and gain better sales for existing software releases.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Even if they’ve made a profit early on, they wouldn’t wanna put a break on the hype train sooner than later to stop the money from coming in, because once a successor is introduced, PS4 will stop selling as much as it has and they don’t want that within a few years. It’s also up to devs if they’ve maxed hardware as much as they can or not so they know whether to move on to something more advanced. Who knows who they outlined the steps to piece together how the hardware would look, but that doesn’t mean they’ll take their time also for this case.

      I think once PS4 starts seeing a decline in sales then we’ll start hearing about a successor, and I don’t think that will be for another couple years, so sit tight, since the console most likely won’t arrive 2018 or 2019 in that case since they want to maximize as much profit off of it as possible. NX has already been publicly described by Nintendo as a home console, so unless they are using that to cover up the fusion part of it, they’ve ditched that idea already after seeing how Wii U has done.

      I see NX as a bridge console for Nintendo, they get experience with more advanced hardware, catch up on the latest technologies for making games, and even have more graphical prowess than a PS4 or X1 to give them the upper edge so around the time the successors to those come around, Nintendo will release the successor to NX to be in the same league from then on out. I find the rumor for $150 at launch for it bogus, but that’s only if they got cheap with hardware again this time, which I doubt they’ll do, unless that was already in place before Iwata passed on.

      There’s also rumor that 3rd parties were pleased with a closed door showing of the console so there’s hope that they will have support but we won’t know any of that til next year. I’m still convinced this is Nintendo’s game plan, unless NX doesn’t release next year. Although that’s true, they will always prioritize 1st party because that’s their identity, any 3rd party grabbed up will only be the backbone of their lineup. I can’t wait for what NX is, I just hope it’s not a turn off for most people like Wii U.

      Just watch, PS5/X2 will be out 2020 earliest this time, since one will wanna be going as long as the competition is, so neither will stop short of the cash flowing in, even in X1 isn’t as far ahead as PS4. This is all conjecture on my part, but it seems like the pieces could easily fall into place for them to get back gamer trust if they get stuff like the things you pointed out right for many people to jump on the hype train. All I know is I don’t want this to be the end of them, sad to see them go down after Iwata just gave everything he had to his last breath.

    • MrSec84 .

      PS2 was selling like mad when PS3 was introduced, PS3 was also selling really well when PS4 was introduced and in 3-4 years the technology will have been well and truly tapped out in PS4.
      PS5 wouldn’t be introduced within a few years, we’re talking over 3 years here, the new system would likely be announced in early 2019, then release in the holidays of that year, same kind of schedule as PS4.

      6 years is the standard time frame between Playstation console releases, 7 is the exception, 6 years is how long there was between PS2 releasing and PS3 coming out, PS2 is the biggest selling console of all time and the best profit maker within the console market for Sony, no reason to think they need to drag out.

      You’re not really providing any logical reasoning besides you want Sony to give Nintendo time to catch up, which isn’t going to happen, Sony works on their own schedule.

      If anything if NX is a true game console, next gen for Nintendo then there’s no precedent for them releasing within 4 years of the last system coming out, yeah Wii U is selling badly, but Nintendo doesn’t want to alienate their already small fanbase on home console, which is what’s going to happen if they release an entirely new platform that has new big games that Wii U can’t play.

      If NX is a home console releasing in 2016, it’s most likely the fusion platform, because that caters to the market that can play both 3DS and Wii U titles on one platform, it has a selling point that doesn’t alienate those platform owners and can be released relatively cheaply as essentially a refresh in their hardware line-up.

      TBH Nintendo should try to bring the focus away from their hardware and more onto their games, don’t limit handheld gamers to only the one set of games that come to that system every year, same goes for console.

      If they can’t get software support from major console multiplats then they need to increase their sales output, which instantly happens if they have a system that can run both handheld and console software in one place.
      Their next handheld should be able to handle everything too.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      That’s true but back then people kept playing last gen well into a new generation, now people look to move straight away into a new gen so that pattern possibly won’t repeat with PS4. Times are changing. If they were to do the same kind of reveal with the next system, it’d be no fun if they couldn’t keep us guessing every time 😉 Sony keeps changing so their methods will also change.

      You could also say the continued success of PS2 was due to the slow upstart for PS3 so again that same success where it keeps strong past the end of its cycle will be sheer luck no guarantees. Last thing we need is them getting cocky like they did with launch of PS3 and destroying momentum. I’m not saying they will give them time I’m saying it will work out that if Nintendo releases next year they’ll have ample time to familiarize themselves with the tech so when the other two release what’s next Nintendo won’t be behind and actually have the experience, I’m just theorizing when they may release based on past consoles.

      Any chance of them releasing the successor to NX around the same time will be pure coincidence since for Nintendo a normal cycle is around 4-5 years.

      Yeah they’ve already asserted responsibility to keep fan base satisfied even when NX launches but the part about it being a fusion platform could just mean combining tech so that it plays both Wii U and 3DS games not that it will replace the next handheld and play original handheld games itself.

      Nintendo makes too much on handhelds to take it that far. Any new games on Wii U will be almost all cross platform after NX releases not many original games will follow for it after since they need NX to have more adoption. That’s true they should focus on bringing more games especially first party that rarely gets put out at all but I’m sure they will put big focus on also having a unique feature that screams Nintendo but won’t alienate consumers like the Game Pad has.

      I still think that even if it runs both console and handheld, it won’t replace a new handheld line for them. If it does they will lose a lot of customers that way too. Either way they go they will lose people no matter what. So something like Sony’s remote play where you can use Vita for some PS4 games could be a start for inspiration I guess?

    • MrSec84 .

      Not really, just looking at how few of the existing PS3 owners have moved on to PS4 it’s pretty clear that a large percentage of the PS4 owners aren’t pre-existing PS3 owners, they’re just new gamers or even 360 owners.
      PS3 continues to sell, but what you have to bare in mind is that PS3 has been more expensive to get down in price, PS2 dropped like a stone and PS4 will more than likely do the same, since it’s a single main processor and memory chips, not a bunch of separate parts that are costly, hence the far earlier profits than even in the PS2 days.
      Costs of other parts are really low as well.

      The economy being the way it has been has also meant existing PS3 owners have kept their systems and probably won’t move on until costs get cheap enough, likely around the mid point of the generation, so late next year or 2017.

      Sony won’t be short on sales of PS4 just because the next platform comes out, they’ll have an awesome line-up which has been invested in well to release over the next few years and throughout to the end before PS5 releases, which is clearly how Sony software development works.

      Back to NX my point about Fusion wasn’t to say it could replace handheld, what I’m saying is that it gives handheld gamers another option when at home, their games become a big screen affair if they want.
      NX as a fusion system, from the rumor is that it caters to all and is the starting point for all of Nintendo’s games to run on any system Nintendo releases, Iwata even eluded to wanting this approach to be a thing, just like how Apple handles apps on their devices.

      For Nintendo it’s their software that’s really important, the platform/hardware is just a vessel for gamers to access Nintendo’s content.

      Dealing with hardware like it’s a refresh, rather than a distinct new generation probably makes more sense going forward, provided platforms make a slight profit and their R&D budget is paid then it really doesn’t matter, because Nintendo would be making the most money off of software and things like Amiibo or amusements like their future Theme Park endeavor.
      TBH Nintendo should have gone into making movies and rides like Disney years ago, their mascots are strong enough for them to make a boat load more cash than just video games and doing that business would probably grow their brand further within the gaming market.

      Nintendo needs to be targeting everyone that wants to game, as well as everyone that wants their entertainment and if they do that they can become massive IMO.
      I think it’s within their capabilities.

      NX should be the start of a new approach to how they handle hardware and that kind of an unrestricted hardware model may be enough to get 3rd party developers back, if the audience is big enough and a substantially large enough group of those gamers will actually buy 3rd party games.
      To sell to 3rd party again Nintendo needs to bring games that suit that market, they need games like Uncharted, Gears, Horizon, Dreams, Gran Turismo/Forza, Fallout, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive, Street Fighter, Doom, etc, but all Nintendo’s own.
      Instead of taking a new style of game to them and using an existing mascot Nintendo should make a new mascot, tweak it to be more mature in art style, have solid online features, voice chat, with their core awesome gameplay and they can become more diverse.

      Take Code Name Steam, IMO that should have been a Wii U release, there was another 3DS title that was similar to Gears, which could have just as easily been a Wii U game and that would probably have helped move some hardware.
      Nintendo needs to be making new software now, at least a few new IPs in the 1st 12 months, made for more mature gamers and they’ll come back to Nintendo.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I could tell that much but overall adoption of next gen has been pretty fast so it’s a step over adoption of last gen and shows generally people were ready to move on quickly. Yeah economy has also affected adoption rate too but also amount of games available early on had an effect too.

      I’d say late 2016 when the holidays have deals we’ll see more people buy the consoles. That remains to be seen. Oh ok but it can still draw from handheld sales if the part about it being able to also play handheld is true. Yeah I suppose they could have taken advantage of it back then also but better late than never.

      Yeah I’m sure they will the non video game endeavors will give them momentum and help their situation. Yeah the problem this whole time was them thinking they could do it all on their own. Pushing away devs and audiences. They need games for many audiences not just their own stuff since everybody plays dffierent stuff now unlike back in the day when options were so limited.

      If Nintendo makes their games with multiple audiences in mind, instead of just basing data on whatever fan base they have atm they can have a more open mind. I noticed that too? They kept continually supporting handhelds but not lending enough support for Wii U which has frustrated me. The other title you’re thinking of is Ironfall.

      They need to put more emphasis on console development in contrast to handheld development. Doing the opposite is what made them fall hard this gen hope they wake up to that realization. They need to be titles older gamers prefer nowadays or be current games that inject different ideas that can appeal to them since doing the same thing won’t work every time. Certainly Nintendo is smart enough to know that.

    • MrSec84 .

      Regarding 1st party being Nintendo’s preference, it’s true that’s been the case, but making sure your hardware is built to accommodate 3rd party developers and fit within the standard that the market demands it doesn’t mean you can’t have a platform that is easy for your own studios to work with, even have potential for them to tap in due to platform specific traits.

      If Nintendo are making a proper next gen console, catered to suit 3rd party well then that will mean simple architecture to work with, great development tools built in collaboration with the hardware Vendor (namely AMD in this instance), which suit all developers and gives everyone working on your system a much grander canvas to built their visions on.

      As a gamer that has played Nintendo games for years and most of my childhood spent gaming on Nintendo systems I definitely don’t want to see Nintendo go the way of the dinosaur, which is why they need to take this approach and gain their place back within the market.

      I don’t mind the fusion approach if it’s released in Fall 2016, merely the stop gap to cover time until Nintendo releases a proper new console that will be fully supported by new IPs that cater to all genres, more targeted to the kind of audiences that Sony does.
      I want Nintendo to make it a hard decision on whether to choose the next Nintendo platform or the next Playstation, same goes for Microsoft with their next Xbox.

      Right now Sony has it in the bag for me, I’ve been on the fence since E3 on getting a Wii U, when I thought I was sold on getting one before E3 happened.

      So far Xbox One hasn’t grabbed me, MS doesn’t have enough exclusives that I’m interested in.
      If NX was a stop gap fusion machine that makes more of 3DS games, runs Wii U’s line-up better and has some of it’s own core games, with a reasonable point around £200 then I’d buy that, especially if it launched with a proper exclusive new Metroid and decent 3D Mario game in the same vein as Galaxy or 64, Nintendo needs to bring F-Zero to the system, along with a few cool new IPs that grab the western audience back.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      That I definitely agree with. Downside with that is not just alienating other devs but also decreasing amount of outlets of different ideas and input which prohibit their vision. Hope they at least see that now. I’m sure as a business they’ve watched their competitors in some capacity to know what worked and didn’t work for them so they can strike out now and make their mark this time.

      With Miyamoto not working on NX and possibly younger staff and outside sources helping in its conception I think we can rest easy on it being more acceptable assuming Nintendo learned anything before Iwata passed and this system was his death wish. Yeah they should be fighting for the consumer, pretty much all these years it seems it’s been blind faith that’s got them this far.

      I’ve had the Wind Waker HD Wii U since 2013 and I haven’t looked back, but I also plan to get other systems, such as Xbox One which I plan to get in a bundle for Halo 5, so I get exclusives I may miss out on. Halo 5 is pretty much main reason I’m even bothering to get one before I get PS4. PS4 I may get with Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III. I’m sure Nintendo is doing most of that as we speak.

      We got a new IP Splatoon who’s to say not many more are brewing under the hood. And Splatoon was only made in 1 year so who knows if new games that were just started this year may be set for NX. I think this time, Nintendo will go back to being a name people are proud to own.

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