Most Crazy, Creative And Insane Piracy Punishments In Video Games

This is why you should always buy original games.

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Developers are always looking at new ways to protect the games they make, and also make sure that they don’t lose money while pirates and hackers steal their game and much of their hard work. As gaming has evolved over the years, so has the DRM methods to try and make the pirates’ lives difficult.

Developers from the smaller to the big companies have come up with some of the most innovative and amusing methods to really deter pirates from cracking their games. From the crazy to the inventive, to the outright insane, here are some of the most creative ways developers tried to stop people from stealing their games.

And it goes without saying, Always Buy Original Games.

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Note: List is in random order 

Dirt Showdown

The developers of Dirt Showdown made sure that if the player has pirated their game, they would know about it outright. For example, the game substitutes random in-game words with “pirate”. Gamers who wanted to pirate the Showdown debated whether it was worth getting humiliated on the track by a computer player named “Yarrr Avast.”

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  • J Smith

    ten and elven are pretty much the same thing so i don’t know why you posted it twice

  • Seth Allen Macias

    i dont think id count number 15 as effectiv. a ferryman you speak to like very very few times in the game tells u to buy the game or else. yeh thats going to stop people..

    and number 10 and 11 are pretty much the same…

    and number 17 lists 2 diffrent ones at once. could have removed 10 or 11 and used 16/17/18 however you want to seperate it instead

    number 27 kinda pointless to use this line “Those who played the game would notice that their startup company will start to lose enormous amounts of money.” and then fallow it by a slightly diffrent line. unless in the game you do actually lose tons of money right away even in the legit version

    29 “This made the game quite unplayable” Mirrors Edge is only playable if moving fast in alot of places needing to jump or dodge ect. i wouldnt call it quite unplayable i would say it was probably impossible to play.

  • Robert Littler

    I think Frontier Elite II is worth a mention as the most idiotic copy protection of all time.

    When you play the game, occasionally upon landing a message appears from the starport police asking you to enter a work from the manual, it doesn’t tell you if you got it right or not.

    Get it wrong and days later when you land another message from the police pops up and tells you that your ship has been seized because they believe it was stolen!

  • Roberto Consonni

    Us pirates always find workarounds, so.. Not that effective.

  • if your gna play pirated games play them on a console .. case solved and closed 🙂

  • Joseph Jensen

    Your description of the Operation Stealth protection made no sense.

  • suli559

    Oh god i remember this meryl one from MGS1!!!!! Believe it or not i tried all the combinations of codecs one by one until i was able to call her! at the time i had no idea i was pirating the game, i owned a modded PS1 that played copied games

  • Jésus Alberto

    Denuvo cracked in several games, including Fifa 15 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

  • Ole Jacob Bekkelund

    I renember renting star tropics over the weekend, at my local video store. needless to say, not letter came with that rental

  • Adroit

    By the end of the 90’s I had a massive code folder filled with photocopies of the original manuals and other materials required to by the games or to circumvent the copy protection of the games. I even had a Monkey Island code wheel in there. The Leisure Larry 2 page I had was a many generations later copy and I could only make out a few of the faces but it was good enough. Good times.


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