MS defend the price of Games on Demand titles

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Microsoft have defended the “relatively” high pricing of digital titles on its Xbox 360 Games on Demand service by claiming that customers are paying for the convenience of the service.

Some girls such as Super Street Fighter 4 and Bayonetta hold the reasonable price tag of £19.99 and £14.99 respectively, whilst Halo Reach was priced at £49.99 when it launched on the service earlier this week.

“No one retailer has the lowest pricing for every product, and our program is about giving people 24 x 7 convenience and selection when shopping for Xbox 360 games. We’re incredibly excited about what Games on Demand means for digital distribution, and will continue to evaluate and evolve the service to meet market and consumer demands,” says Microsoft.

Thank god we always have the sweet and moderately priced allure of second hand games as an alternative.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the info.

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  • DIE2869

    So much for saving money on cost of packaging!

  • shastyxmcnasty

    I really think Microsoft missed a great opportunity here…they could have built up brand loyalty by giving their customers a nice discount….and they could have spun an ad campaign about going green etc by reducing waste…i also believe that because you are not receiving an actual hard copy you should get the games is still cheaper to go t gamestop and pick the game up then get it from Microsoft.

  • PrivatePyle

    These games are usually priced higher so retailer’s can get their hands in the cookie jar, so why are these games priced at the same value when they come from the main base of operations?
    It’s bs, they don’t even have to pay for materials to make the game such, like the disc, disc jacket, or the case.
    They make more money when you buy it digitally than when it’s store-bought.
    They can defend it to a point, but they know they’re being greedy.

  • tareq salah

    blatantly lying to our faces and say that we pay for convenience? by the way i actually like going to the store and pick up a game there. i don’t care for convenience here.

    shame on them for being so greedy, they like to save on packaging and shipping but nooo not the customers.

  • bman128

    Kinda funny. I believe Alan Wake is like $30 on Demand but you can get it for $10 on Amazon or Ebay and still download it.

  • doub7

    Why are they addressing this now? These prices have been outta control since GoD launched. They r totally out of touch w/ reality.

    • PilarVIRUS

      That’s exactly why I don’t purchase from GoD.

    • Philippe

      ps3 and make sure you get call of duty the online play is free plus now that blu ray is going to be the only dvd plyaer u should get it for that 360 you have to pay like 1 50 buck for the attactment. Plus 360 burns out just like a computer my buddys just died and now he has to send it back in and get a new one but it happends like 3 months ago and he still hasnt gotten it

  • jbg0623

    well what do you expect its the Xbox, they pay to play online. That’s pretty dumb to start with. Then when you add in this I hate to say it but serves you right for making the wrong decision in terms of gaming platform.

    • PilarVIRUS

      There’s nothing wrong with paying for online, nothing wrong with it at all. I mean, Sony starting to see their mistake of free online, thus PS+.

    • tareq salah

      i dont think its a mistake, i think sony was generous to offer option of free or ps plus. this was one of the main factors why i decided to get ps3.

      yes xbox live is a better service but i’m happy with free ps online.

      but there is a point here. if xbox charges for online (which is ok) why can’t they offer cheaper games to download?

  • doub7

    I don’t regret a penny I have paid for xbox live, it is well worth it. I play online on PS3 as well but it is not as good an experience overall imo. But yeah I have never bought a game on demand & prolly never will.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      same here. i love the xbox online and everything that goes along with it…i find the god sections completely disappointing tho…if you care to go to a store you can usually find the game cheaper by around 50%

  • sofabound00

    “Some girls such as Super Street Fighter 4 and Bayonetta hold the reasonable price tag of…”

    Some girls? …Is it just me or is that a typo? Freudian slip, anyone? 😉

  • tareq salah

    i think companies can make profits selling cheaper games online to download. i mean i can buy games for 50% off almost a month after they are released used.

    or maybe include free dlc, themes, customs etc if you purchase a game on demand,

  • doub7

    Lol…I didn’t even notice the girls thing until u pointed it out. I have a funny feeling a girls on demand service would b much more successful than games on demand.

    • tareq salah

      lol actually there are girls on demand, there is the sports illustrated
      magazine and videos being sold on ps3 i bet they sell more than other games.

  • tareq salah

    i would support these games right away, and if they want to keep the price high, ok just give us more content. so we feel like we get what we pay for. more soundtrack, artwork, customs,avatars themes wallpapers. things like that.


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