Naughty Dog Devs Respond To Uncharted 4 Delay, Promise It Will Be Worth The Wait

Naughty Dog developers all apologize in a highly self effacing manner.

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Yet again, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was delayed today. It’s gotten ridiculous to the point that I have stopped keeping track of the sheer number of times that the game has gotten delays at this point- it’s a bit comical, sort of like Project CARS or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were last year.

Still, in the end, I’d rather have a game be delayed and great, than on time and broken- like what that Shigeru Miyamoto quote says. But hey, a delay can still be understanding- Naughty Dog probably understand that themselves. Which is why them getting in on the fun of poking fun at yet another one was so funny today on Twitter.

It started with Neil Druckmann, who had a relatively grounded tweet thanking fans for the support, and asking them to hold on for just a while longer – “This’ll make for a smooth worldwide launch. Thanks for your patience… It’ll be worth it at the end. Promise.” – sentiments echoed by San Ramon, who said, in a far more casual tone, “So Uncharted 4 is now slated for a May 10th 2016 release! It’s going to be amazing peoples and totes worth the wait.”

Meanwhile, Arne Meyer seemed to be enthusiastic about the idea of a global launch- which is the stated reason for delaying the game again. “New date with a little longer wait. But I like the idea of ensuring a smooth launch – plus a global release date!” he said.

On the other hand, Andres Ortiz gave the frankly ridiculous excuse just the respect it deserves- which is to say absolutely none. Jokingly, he tweeted, “Sorry, guys; there just aren’t enough disks for everyone!! Sony needs more time to make them all!”

… on second thoughts, maybe he was being genuine. Which actually makes the delay sadder. How can you not anticipate enough demand for the final entry in your most popular series, Sony? 

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End hits PS4 on May 10. Hopefully.

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  • jacksjus

    I’m curious to know what happened at ND that made them realize this launch would be bigger than any previous entry.

    I think UC3 did like 3M day one. Do they expect this one to exceed those sells day one? What lead to this? Was it a sudden spike in pre-orders?

    Who knows but when it drops no doubt in my mind it will be worth it.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      well it IS supposed to be the last one-they expect it to go out-with a BANG

    • jacksjus

      That isn’t helping any. They’ve known for some time now how they wanted to end this, hence the change in writers and directors early on.

      My question was what suddenly change to make them say we think we underestimated our launch quantities.

      According to them this is their reasoning. What’s really odd about it is that I don’t recall the game going gold yet so the mfg of disc hasn’t even begun.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      well the change in writers and directors was because Amy Hennig left, not because they changed it on the fly. I think they mean more…they don’t wanna clash with Ratchet and Clank so they delayed it so they have month of May for more sales I dunno. as for going gold…it’s at least a month before the game goes gold, so expect within next 3-4 weeks an announcement on it, since it takes time to manufacture discs etc. I wouldn’t worry about it-but I guess at launch we’ll find out if there’s more that meets the eye with the delay.

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  • Truth™

    More downgrades. Aiming for a silky smooth 24FPS

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      you’re STILL doign that…? you must be sooooo sad! ahahah

  • GUN®

    “It’s gotten ridiculous to the point that I have stopped keeping track of the sheer number of times that the game has gotten delays at this point”

    Really? 3 delays is ridiculous? One delay was only a month and this delay is only 2 weeks. Chill


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