Naughty Dog on Jak 4: ‘We Can’t Ever Say It’s Never Going To Happen’, Not ‘In The Cards’ At The Moment

Fans will have to wait.

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It’s been nine year since Jak 3 was released and fans of the series were looking forward to the follow up at the PlayStation 4 launch event today. Unfortunately for some fans (or fortunately), Naughty Dog announced the next entry in the Uncharted series instead of Jak 4. This made some fans sad and others disappointed.

However, Arne Meyer, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog clarified that they never said its not going to happen but at the moment its not simply on the cards.

“We can’t ever say it’s *never* going to happen, because who knows what the future has in store for us. When I started at Naughty Dog just before Uncharted 2, nobody at the studio would have ever expected us to not only create two teams, but make a Mature rated title. All I’m saying is that we tried, but right now, a next Jak isn’t in the cards. Frankly, it’s really great to hear how much you have enjoyed the Jak series and how much thought you put into them. You all really are some of the best fans we could hope for!,” she said in the comment on the PlayStation Blog.

She further clarified to fans that they wanted to create a new Jak game but it never worked out.

“Awww, sorry to hear that. We’re big fans of Jak as well and we tried to make a new game on the PS3 – but that team ultimately made The Last of Us. Can’t say we didn’t try… you should try our other games perhaps. We think there’s still a lot of that Naughty Dog magic in those too.”

“I’m glad you still like us. We did look into doing a Jak 4 with Bruce and Neil and the team who went on to make The Last of Us. There’s a couple of articles here and there talking about why we decided to not do another Jak, along with some concept art. We tried!”

Are you disappointed by the lack of a new Jak game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • shivam.chandra24

    well I was pretty excited when I saw the uncharted trailer but at the same time pretty disappointed to not see jak !

  • Matt

    Wow Naughty Dog, very disappointed, not only did you not make Jak 4 but you made Uncharted 4… that’s a slap in the face to all your Jak fans! I was expecting a Jak 4 or new IP from you guys but apparently you guys are working to get uncharted to be the next Call of Duty (Copy and Paste) i thought you guys were going to surprise us, but no you really screwed up. While i loved uncharted and i’m sure this title will be very fun, i will not support it, i am very disappointed with the way you guys listen to your fans! I’ve always been a fan and always will be but you guys are really screwing your fans over and i don’t appreciate it!

    • Ken-Yuhiko :akatsuki

      Thats exactly how I feel 🙁 Jak 2 was the first game that I played on ps2 and loved it <3 But hey, we have to wait. Sometimes when they talk about jak 4 not being made, but we tried and failed. they said that They don't have the ideas, a storyline to follow and that stuff. I get a feeling that I want to join the team 😛 (I doubt that It'll happen) cuz I have a great idea and for how they should make jak 4 pluss a good storyline and I'm sure other fans have their own ideas and storylines too!) I beg naughty dog to make another Jak4, its my favorite game and always will be <3

  • The Shadow

    I hardly play video games anymore, but was ready to buy a PS4 when I heard there might be a new Jak game… guess I just saved a ton of money, but it’s still disappointing 🙁

  • Jordan

    We really want another Jak game, you have the tools and the fans are dedicated to you guys. Suprise us within the next couple years this is really what we want.

  • Michael Bailee

    If Naughty Dog needs a vision for a new Jak and Daxter, because the one they had just didn’t feel like Jak and Daxter… Here’s another vision –

  • Jayson Westray

    While I’m disappointed about the lack of a new Jak game, it’s still good to hear they’re not dismissing the idea of making another game. It will probably follow up from Jak 3 but it won’t be a Jak 4. Naughty Dog stated that it would be a new title.

  • superboyprime

    we need a new jak and daxter and NOT a reboot

  • Sean

    Its not that we haven’t played all of Naughty Dog’s other games. We have, and we all love Uncharted and the Last of Us. Its just that Jak and Daxter is something really special to us. We all grew up on the games; there’s magic in them. I know a lot of people hated the Jak II-GTA twist to the franchise, but the overarching themes of the series stayed pure through the end. Naughty Dog has never created anything conceptually as amazing as Jak and Daxter, and we just want to return to that world. (Plus come on, “the dark eco probably destroyed Gol and Maia, probably…”) I would rather hear that Naughty Dog will never make another Jak than hear a vague indefinite answer. It sucks to keep us always waiting.

  • Supron Ewgenij Makarow

    You fucked with your fans long enough, Naughty Dog was once my favorite developer, not anymore. Far from it, I like Insomniac more than you now cos they care for their fans, Ratchet & Clank ain’t my cup of tee but atleast they deliever, never liked uncharted, boring games that are so overhyped, Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider and Gears of War, run and gun is what you do in these games, linear and predictable stories. Played all Three, the last of us was pretty good though but nothing we haven’t seen Before, reminded me to much of the excellent Tell Talle’s The Walking Dead game, I bought The last of us but this is the last game I bought from you, will not suport you no more UNLESS you finally get your thumbs out of your asses and deliever more Jak and Daxter games that you claim to love and to be such “fans” over yourselves….

  • Louisa

    Oh, I just played through the 3 games in about 30 hours, give or take. PLEASE let Jak 4 be the next game they develop!!!!

  • Caitlin

    I was so looking forward to a new jak and daxter game. you guys are really messing up. you know the fan base is still here and it’d sell so much more then any of these new game. disappointment all around get your crap together naughty dog.

  • tyler colclasure

    jak needs to have a new exciting title it wpuld headline and bring excitement to a new platform, the fact that there was a sequel leaving a completely open story line that hasnt been touched is dissapointing, continue the stpry line, do your fans a favor.

  • weisefading

    I want a return to the original jak and daxter world. I miss the yellow, green, blue and red eco. And the colorful world of the first games.
    I like the worlds of jak 2 and 3 also but there is something special about the original world, I want Jak to return to that world and experience something new, and i would like to see that world expand, the original games were way too short. We didnt even get to see the yellow sages village, we just completly skipped that for some reason.

  • Jimmy Kubli

    I want a new Jak so bad I played the first two (jak and daxter the precursor legacy and Jak II) over twice, both of which were good story tellers but Jak 3 with its open world(s) was just amazing I loved the game so much I played it on my ps2 and beat it twice once on normal then again on hero lost my memory card after the ps3 came out I thought about jak again turned on my ps2 and play it through twice again without turning the console off cause I still didnt have a memory card but eventually I had to turn it off which was said but it was using a lot of power just having it running all the time, after that Jak 1 2 and 3 came out on ps3 for 20$ bought that played them all again and Jak 3 twice again so I played the in all around times playing the games all the way through I played jak and daxter (3) jak (3) and Jak 3 (6) thats 12 play throughs those were some good games not to mention I own the entire uncharted series up to 3 for playstation 3 but ya I would really like a new jak to play to bring back some old memories and make some new ones.

  • odyto

    i believe it would be grait if u gave it an other try in the future and i am sure that all of the Jak sires fans would help with ideas about the script and monsters in game…
    A story of Mar could also be interesting too.Or even a game of Jak defeting the dark makers all over the universe!

  • Brady

    Make another Jak game or I will make a kitten and a baby duckling become friends then separate the two and kill the duck and make a nice pattè out of it and feed it to the kitty then tell the cat. He will be mortified and want to kill everything in its way just to fuel his hate fire burning deep inside his loins. Then I will give that cat to the CEO of naughty dog where it will rape and destroy everything said CEO loves and charishes. ORRR you could just make everyone in the world happy and make Jak 4. Fill our hearts with the hope and joy that the original Jak games once brought us as children.

  • Arlenmessenger

    well, of course we are disapointed, it has been long due since a real jak and daxter game. the lost frontier can hardly count as a real jak and daxter game, since most agreed that it’s plain out bad. And this damn love child of your with uncharted. i must admit that i’m growing tired of the damn series, i have played them all and it would not bother me one bit if Drake droped dead in the next game. Give ous some good old jak and daxter. or at least bother to give us something new.

  • ali

    ahh i realy hoped to get a new jak game. I mean the real jak saga. would always play jak 3 10 years ago :(!!! Thats the only naughty dog i played and i believe its the game which made the company famouse

  • Musky 5

    The Jak games are my favorite video games and I would LOVE a Jak 4 by naughtydog. There are still unanswered questions. How did Mar create everything? Are Gal and Mia still alive? Why not have Gal and Mia become the new secret metal head leaders after kor dies? There are still metal heads at the end of Jak 3. That would make a great Jak 4. Naughtydog, you should try to make a Jak 4 again!

  • Jay william

    yes please naughty dog please make a jak 4 i really enjoyed jak 3 and jak 2 please do something about it don’t just say we can’t


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