Nearly Half Of Xbox One Owners Use Backwards Compatibility Feature

The service is, justifiably so, a hit.

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The backwards compatibility offering from Microsoft hit a landmark yesterday, with over 300 Xbox 360 games now playable on Xbox One. And to commemorate the occasion, Xbox head Phil Spencer posted a special tweet about it on his account.

The tweet was interesting, however, because it revealed another important statistic- almost half of all Xbox One owners use their consoles to play Xbox 360 games, too. This means that Microsoft’s backwards compatibility feature is a major hit this generation- which makes sense, given Microsoft’s consistent support of the service, and their efforts made at securing the best games from the Xbox 360’s catalog for it.

I sincerely hope that Microsoft don’t stop with this, going forward- I also sincerely hope that they can get Xbox games running on the Xbox One and the upcoming Scorpio, too. One Xbox system to play every Xbox game ever made sounds like a hell of an appealing proposition to me.

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  • Clint Hoffman

    This is only viable because the x360 was a great machine at a time when graphics were becoming ‘good’ enough not to make your eyes bleed (CGA days anyone..ugh) and on a system close enough to PC/GPU to make code run effectively without a complete rewrite.

  • Mr Plinkus

    How can ‘under half’ the Xbox One user base using backwards compatibility be considered a ‘major hit’ ?
    Again , more Gamingbolt P.R bullsh*t

  • Riggybro

    Backwards compatibility a “service”… sheesh.. dirty console manufacturers and their ways…

  • Michael

    Take notes sony. This is how you do proper BC.

    • Riggybro

      Take notes MS from your own Windows platform – this is how you do proper BC.

      Not as an afterthought, not when your hand is forced when sales are down, not promoted as a “gift” to your loyal consumers.

      It’s just a given – you know it’s what your customers want.

    • Mr Xrat

      Proper BC is the Wii U from launch. This is an hilarious sop to a dim-witted fanbase desperate for crumbs.

    • bewareofZ

      No, proper BC is at console launch with all game support. Not 18 months later with only a select few games.
      Proper BC was PS2/PS1 or Xbox 360/Xbox

  • Mr Xrat

    Funny how they want from 5% last gen to 50% this gen. That lack of good games on the Xbone is really hurting their sufferers.

  • Gamez Rule

    To be honest my son used BC on the Xbone as do I every now and then BUT it’s not as good as some people believe with certain games. And now Microsoft may be playing the waiting game when it comes to moving Xbox to a digital-only platform so really all this BC news will not matter IF MS get there own way.

    When I read “Major Nelson Hints at Xbox’s Vision for a Digital-Only Future” I just thought…Oh here we go not again, MS just don’t learn. IF this comes into force then gaming as we know it will change big time and not for the better.

    Examples: From others and myself on net.

    Without broadband you’re in trouble
    Slow / capped broadband = problem.
    Not every country has broadband.
    No borrowing games with friends n family.
    No trading in games.
    No used game prices to help kids buy games cheaper.
    No stores to walk into and talk about gaming.
    No physical memorabilia to enjoy.
    No physical game collections.

    More greed and profit not passed down to consumers. ( Physical games are cheaper in stores 99% of the time ) while getting REAL items.

    Why would people support getting rid of physical as that just brings more issues and takes away gaming as we have always known it.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Its the whole concept behind “Play Anywhere”. Its not to let you just play anywhere. Its more a scheme to coerce you into buying your games digitally and to keep you from selling your used games. “No used games”. Its the exact same agenda that old big nose laid out in the Xbox One reveal. Phil Spencer is just as sneaky as Don Mattrick was. I bet the Xbox Scorpio will go right back to those original restrictive policies that are eventually going to ruin console gaming for everyone. These people think their customers are stupid and I can’t seem prove that theory wrong.

    • Gamez Rule

      Agreed. Pulling the wool over so to speak.

      Example, Hard-drives could soon be a thing of the past for console gaming IF this “Digital-Only Future” happens as online storage could be the next thing to take place, BUT what happens with you have a network outage / No broadband / or just want to play a game like Skyrim offline? You cannot start off where you left the game as no storage could be accessed, let alone the game IF logging in needs to take place.

  • crazy_black_man-

    Xbox One backwards compatibility was a feature given while under duress. They didnt want to do it. They had to do it. Sony forced their hand. Microsoft was desperate for something to get the Xbox 360 holdouts to buy an Xbox One because they had abandoned MS and were purchasing PS4s in droves at launch.

    • Dougdec92

      360 BC games, lol, that cracked my ribs bro…lol

  • Dougdec92

    Well if MS can’t do quality exclusives but a lot of hollow ones, why won’t under half of their user base resort to the antique games of yestergen?

    • crazy_black_man-


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