New Bulletstorm trailer- go green, use cacti to kill

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The new comedy line of Bulletstorm trailers shows Cliffy B giving you tips on how to kill monsters in the game.

The latest trailer teaches you that you should “go green” and just kick your enemies into a huge cactus to deal the killing blow.

Watch the 45 seconds long trailer below.

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  • Pixolator

    Played the demo for bulletstorm and it’s fun, getting this game when it’s out, actually it has a very basic story line and very linear you’re dealing with the small guys and at the end of each level there is a big boss, but the game and the weapons , plus the variety to kill your enemies it’s just pure fun.

    • dh4645

      it does seem really fun, but i’ll be busy playing killzone 3. they both come out next week on the 22nd. maybe i’ll pick it up once i am done with kz3 and its on sale.

    • joey_kangaroo

      I thought the demo was fun as well, this game is unique.

    • aquaman22

      I just think that because of all the points you can get by the different ways you kill people its like addicting or it will be addicting. I’m trying to compare it to like trophies. See with trophies i’m addicted, when i buy a game i’m immediately looking at the trophy list to see how are the trophies. In the case of bulletstorm you’re gonna have a crap load of points on the screen constantly and players love watching the points just rack up. But another thing I wanna mention is this: Even if this game blows and just gets averages of like 7s it WILL sell, because Epic is developing or at least helping to make this game because their logo is on the box, and Gears 3 beta will be coming with it. So that alone will give an xbox gamer an incentive as to why buy this game. Aqua Out!!!

  • The trailers are excellent but I don’t feel the same way about the Echo mode in the Demo. EA should have had People Can Fly release a single player or multiplayer experience.

  • lukepc92

    This sorta reminds me of The Club if anyone remembers it, its a really good idea, hopefully if has a better execution this time. I think I’ll wait to buy this one, once I’m convinced by the reviews.

  • yodathe3rd

    i played the demo and it was meh but then again it really is going up against killzone 3 and that trailer is funny love the photo and the going green needs to be posted on tv as well.

  • Thatruth86

    lmao wow this was horrible i guess he is really trying to promote sells for this game but when i read that he made this game to fxk with kz3 i almost died this guy must be crazy bullet storm over kz3 not going to happen. The demo wasnt all that and the button scheme was trash really x to sprint for a 1st person shooter fail

  • aquaman22

    You know i’ll say this, this game DOES look interesting and who knows it might even get really good reviews. But it seems like this will be more of an online driven game, as is almost all fps these days. with the exception of like bioshock i guess. but i wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends up getting solid reviews in the 80s to 85s. Aqua Out


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