New Crysis 2 trailer makes you a gatekeeper

Posted By | On 18th, Mar. 2011 Under News

EA’s released another new trailer for Crysis 2 and it features lots of single-player gameplay footage.

Titled, “Gatekeeper”, the trailer shows you why you should be on your toes throughout the game and use all the tools and abilities of your Nano suit in order to survive.

The trailer’s fast and looks pretty good and the game’s shaping out to be a winner.

We’ll find out how much it’s worth next week, as it releases for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

We’ll have our review up soon, stay tuned.

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  • PrivatePyle

    They did a great job with conserving the energy bar, You can still run jump and have your nanosuit activated for a few moments. That feature had to be the most complicated, in my mind, to work with.
    The hand menu is nasty too.
    Can’t wait to see what score you guys rate it.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    yah, This may sound weird, and it may be obvious to the rest of the gamingbolt fans who played Crysis 1 (I never got a chance because my laptops are always p.o.s.’s. But I really like the Halo meets Bioshock feel that Crysis 2 multi-player has, I realize that we’re not wielding tornado’s or throwing bee’s but the added abilities make the game stand out. Does anyone know (or remember from Crysis 1) if there are many different abilities that havent been touched in the trailers or demo.

  • xbasx

    amazing (: cant wait till get my hand on this game! xD
    not long left till friday! 😀

  • doub7

    EA has done a really good job of promotin Crysis with a steady stream of smokin hot trailers. Good job EA & Crytek, the game looks amazing.

  • bman128

    Sad thing is that it confirmed that I will just end up playing the same way as the first one and just stealth, shoot, recharge, stealth. Still fun though.

  • PilarVIRUS

    While it sure looks AWESOME. I’m a bit concerned about enemy AI. I sure hope it doesn’t go the CoD or even BC2 route with the enemies, the need to go Killzone.

    • jbg0623

      Agreed, aggressive and tactical. I like to shoot challenges not targets.

  • jbg0623

    seeing this makes me want it even more. Come hell or high water I’m going to win that contest.

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  • doub7

    From what I understand in crysis 1 (never had the rig 4 it either) it was more cumbersome 2 swap abilities. I think u had 2 go into a menu or somethin. They wanted 2 put them all @ ur fingertips in this 1. This is just from reading aritciles about the game so forgive me is sum1 has played it & says I am totally wrong…lol.


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