New Dante Look Justified By Devs

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After having recently said that the new Dante is ‘all about cool‘ and that hate against the new Dante was ‘anticipated,’ Alex Jones, Ninja Theory’s lead producer and Tameem Antoniades, chief creative director, in a video interview with the US PS Blog, have backed why they chose for the new emo, gay looking Dante, and why they think it was a good idea. Check it out, it’s given above.

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  • All 3 of the guys on that video are not fit to give any opinion of what DMC is. one claims they wanted to keep what is iconic about DMC well news flash. THE WHITE HAIR IS FUCKING ICONIC YOU DUMB FUCKS! no-one is going to buy this game that is actually a fan of DMC it’ll sell well to newcommers but thats all. and i have very little faith that they will remain faithful to the combat system of DMC 😛 i predict a GoW style system. DMC is dead.

  • they know nothing about DMC. nothing. DMC is dead and all the fans know it.

  • YP

    ef them, Dante is dead, this director dude is annoying, bring back old Dante or GTFO

  • Combat mechanics are going to take a back seat and we’ll be treated to a ride rather than a game. These guys don’t have the slightest idea about what made Devil May Cry great. It allowed you to be DANTE! It allowed you to create incredible fighting sequences with an easily accessable yet wonderfully deep mechanics. Games from this studio play themselves. The talk about broadening gameplay by throwing in non-fighting play mechanics. The play mechanics this team have been resonsible for so far have been boringly simplistic, and never allow you to stray anywhere but from preset sequences the team have allowed you. DMC does not work like this, you can push Dante to new limits as your skills improve, you’re never boxed in. I cannot wait to see the garbage system they come out with – I actually can’t wait to play it, I need a good laugh.

    Capcom are truly shocking to farm such a beloved franchise to these people.

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