New DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move Controllers Registered By Sony

Looks like Sony are upgrading their controllers all around.

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PlayStation Move

It looks like the updated DualShock 4 controller, previously leaked, may be true- and that in addition, Sony may be planning an update to their PlayStation Move controller, too.

As discovered by Beyond3D forum member orangpelupa (via VideoGamer), applications for a new PlayStation Move controller (CECH-ZCM1G) and a new DualShock 4 controller (CUH-ZCT2G) were filed with a certification agency in Indonesia, that appears to be the Indonesian equivalent of the FCC, earlier in August, presumably ahead of their reveal at the PlayStation Meeting early next month.

As far as the PlayStation Move goes, this even makes sense- the controller has remained the same since its introduction six years ago in 2010, and it even has the old PS3 branding, with PS3 buttons (the PS4 has Options and Share, not Start and Select like the Move controllers currently being sold do)- updating it definitely makes sense.

The DualShock 4 could definitely have done with an upgrade, too, but the upgrades for it seem to be far more incremental than I would personally want, so I can’t say I’m too happy about it. We’ll know for sure during the PlayStation Meeting in September, I gather.

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  • TPoppaPuff

    Well, Pramath, if you’re going to call out Sony for making a bum controller, the first comment down here should be you explaining what exactly you expect from them. As I have heard, they fixed the thumbstick rubber issue which was by far the biggest, dare I say only real complaint I’ve heard about the controller. So please, before trolling Sony, please explain what you want changed so Sony can stop torturing you with their controllers.

    • chaz

      The ability to turn the LED off, and better battery life.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Yes the battery life sucks, but that doesn’t quite warrant his complaint. Also, turning off the light bar isn’t a controller issue it’s a software issue. They could do that in the OS update at any time. That wouldn’t be limited to just new controllers.

    • chaz

      I must admit to my experience with the DS4 and XB1 controllers being limited to the first batch ones for both- but the XB1 controller just overall leaves a far better impression. I suppose the general cheap feel of the DS4 has been addressed in future production batches, as you point out, so a lot of my complaints would be addressed right there.

    • chaz

      Also, I want to point out, while I actually like the DS4, it is not the best current generation controller on the market, and I feel that the Xbox One controller (at least the Elite), and the Wii U Pro controllers are both better.

    • Gladyssgonzalez2

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    • TPoppaPuff

      Well there are certainly features and a certain build quality that I can appreciate, it better have a high build quality when it costs the same as a used console itself. The design however, is slightly behind the PS4’s. Those bumpers and triggers are just awkward. As I said the 360, dpad aside, really nailed it and if they had simply made the 360 controller with slightly longer and more durable, better sticks that the X1 has and the X1 dpad, it would be the best controller on the market without question. Those new triggers and bumpers though… man… did they mess up.

      The Wii U Pro controller though, I can not agree with. The right stick is in the wrong place. As someone who plays a lot of 3rd and 1st person shooters and a lot of dual stick heavy action games, that stick is in a bad spot. I Claw, which means I have my index on the face buttons and pull the shoulder buttons with my middle finger. On most other controllers I have access to all the buttons at all times. On the Wii U though that is impossible and really the only games that work on the Wii U controller superbly are games where that right stick is rarely if ever used. On top of that, because of this, the face buttons are further inwards than other controllers which means the natural resting place, the back two buttons, are the opposite of every other controller.

      I play Mario Kart 8 with the pro controller only and love the game and the controller works fine for that game, but that’s because it doesn’t use the right stick. Also, Mario Kart 8 is the best game of 2014. 🙂

    • chaz

      I actually like the triggers on the XB1! It’s the bumpers they messed up (360 had such a perfect design… why did they change that?). That, plus the contour at the top of the 360 controller that they filled up, which makes the XB1 controller more uncomfortable at first for someone who is used to the 360 design.
      As for the Pro controller… I’ll be honest, the dual analog layout has not actually bothered me as much as I thought it would. I can play Call of Duty (one of the few comparable games across Wii U and other consoles) on it, and while my right thumb feels cramped a bit, it’s no better or worse overall than the small amounts of discomfort on the average controller. My big issue with WUP is the triggers- why only digital, Nintendo?
      Agreed on MK8 being the best game of 2014. Still my most played console game of this generation, too 🙂


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