New GDDR5 RAM Chips From Samsung Hint At PS4 Slim Possibility

Take this with a grain of salt.

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Rumours are beginning to circulate around the possibility of an impending redesign of the PlayStation 4 into a new PlayStation 4 Slim. This all came to be following Samsung’s announcement that the were beginning to mass produce the first 8 gigabit [1GB] GDDR5 DRAM Memory Chips.

Rumours were compounded further when vice president of memory sales and marketing, Joo Sun Choi said “We expect that our 8Gb GDDR5 will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the best graphics memory solution available for game consoles as well as general use notebook PCs.”

Naturally, this is just a rumour and is in no way a confirmation of such developments, this is especially worth mentioning as the new hardware could quite literally be related to hundreds of other forthcoming devices, as mentioned by Mr Choi.

The only reason these rumours are gaining such rapid traction is that Sony are well known for releasing slim builds of their consoles and the fact that the PS4 is the only gaming console that is currently making use of GDDR5.


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  • Starman

    So let me get this straight , they’re getting a new chip-set … will this make it hit 1080p and 60fps on exclusives finally and or allow them to finally make open-world game …. I thought the all mighty GDDR5 , why do they need a new chip set ????? it was all BS from the beginning …..

    • gamer1

      are you stupid? this article is talking about the same 8gb GDDR5 the ps4 uses only samsung made it smaller, which means sony may use it in a ps4 slim

    • justerthought

      What? Something has spooked you and sent you into denial. Like everyone else, Sony manufacture their products using whatever hardware is available at the time. As soon as cheaper cooler parts become available they redesign and bring out a slim. The slim will be the same power, but cheaper to produce and running cooler so more reliable.

      You last sentence shows you are a fool. Sony have to pay for GDDR5 RAM to manufacture a PS4 whatever the case. Buying the latest parts that are cheaper is actually a benefit when money is tight. Go and have a lie down.

    • jayflow

      Man you’re are wasting your time with this troll. He trolls every story about Sony so just ignore and move on.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Sounds like Apple’s getting ready for the new and more slimmer Macbook Pro according to most Apple rumors sites.

    Cursory research would tell you that Apple’s biggest provider of GDDR5 is Samsung. Apple is making a new macbook. Samsung is Apple’s exclusive provider and Apple uses their GDDR5 in Macbooks. So more than likely for the new Macbook.

    Sony uses Samsung and Hynix for supply and there would be smoke for a PS4 slim if both Samsung and Hynix were developing the same sort of new GDDR5 at the same time as they would have to be consistent.

    There needs to be a lot more involvement from Sony to be true for a PS4 slim because all this really is just pointing to Apple at the minute.


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