New Homefront gameplay footage

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Two new gameplay videos for Homefront 2 have been released. It looks like a pretty normal First Person Shooter, but a very well done, gorgeous looking First Person Shooter.

Check out the videos below.

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  • aquaman22

    Damn i liked the first video right up to the point when he threw the grenade. I felt a framerate bump there, or is that the video?? idk it just did seem right, please let me know. Also the second video was not as good as the first, check out the soldiers coming down the stairs as they’re approaching the people on the yard. and that whole video was weird like i didn’t know what was going on. Maybe i’m just too tired from posting and not sleeping! lol Aqua Out!!!

    • dh4645

      it’s probably just your connection. game looks awesome, but not sure if i’ll have the time to play.

      dh out

  • Thatruth86

    Stunning graphics game play no so great though did i just say that “0 lol.. Yea aqua its ur connection bc nothing jumped oveer here. With all the hype idk l seem to not like hypelol .. Lets just wait n see if this goin to be a solid game .. I wonder if theres multiplay “0

  • aquaman22

    @ truth, of course there will be multiplayer, they’d be crazy NOT to include the MP component of it. I mean that’s just standard these days that FPS come packed with an MP and a storage of DLC for the future. there’s gonna come a time where some FPS are gonna go as far as to not even include a campaign anymore. Somehow i see activision’s greedy asses doing this with the Call of duty franchise. Aqua Out!!!

    • Thatruth86

      Woops i made a mistake i meant “i wonder how the multiplayer going to be like” my bad yea .. I feel this has the potential to be talked about for a while now but maybe no the greatest bc i dont believe there is a greatest multiplayer FPS.. The cod series campaigns are soo trashhy smdh The best one was Modern Warfare 1 that was an awesome game..

    • aquaman22

      The game does look nice but again i reloaded the video and checked it again and i dont like when he throws a grenade. It could just be how the hand is or the gesture, but i dont like it. and just watch the second video it looked kinda weird. I guess i just didnt like certain animations. I dont wanna sound too picky but the demand for high quality and authentic games is on the rise and that’s what i want. Aqua Out!!


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