New patch data details next Mass Effect 3 DLC

Reckoning DLC will add co-op missions to ME3.

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BioWare recently released a title update for Mass Effect 3, and while it was only supposed to be downloaded to fix some minor bugs in the game, it looks like it also contains data files that contain information on the upcoming DLC for the game.

We know the Reckoning DLC is coming in soon for the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3, but if details uncovered in these files are anything to go by, it’s going to be a lot bigger than we imagined.

Apparently, the DLC will have co-op missions that are related to story, because according to the files, these co-op missions take your single player stats into account- your paragon/renegade meter, your progress in the story, your level, your reputation and such.

Also, the DLC will also be bringing over a few new weapons to the multiplayer that have till now been exclusive to solo play in ME3.

What do you guys think it is going to be? Tell us in your comments below.


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  • MadDogAtBay

    I could care less about multiplayer.I have played close to 600 hours of ME3 alone,(not to mention ME1 and ME2) and not one minute of that play time has been multiplayer.I don’t play this game to play in some stupid frag fest.As far as I am concerned, the Galactic Readiness stat is just a piss ant trick to get people to play multiplayer or use some fracking app on their IPad/Phone to raise it up.I play these games because I love the story and the character interaction and developement,not to participate in some idiotic, impersonal

    multiplayer grinder achievements so Electronic Arts can sell me some lame m.p. DLC.I can just hear some exec from EA telling Bioware that they want more people playing multiplayer.So now we apparently have Bioware making our single player stats carrying over into multiplayer to try and attract more people into play.I have never played in any mmos and have no interest in doing so(I spend far to much time already on single player). If Mass Effect continues to trend towards more multiplayer than single player,then I will sadly have to stop playing it.


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