New PS3 hack unbans consoles

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Following Sony’s decision to ban certain users from the PSN for jailbreaking their PS3 consoles, the modding community has snapped back with a new hack that will allow users to unban themselves.

The hack also will allow users to ban other consoles, provided they have the consoles ID. It all sounds very underhand and very illegal so you’d be wise to steer clear. And keep your console ID close to your chest.

Thanks to Destructoid for the info.

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  • Thatruth86

    Holy biscuitpf joy why am i not surprised about this sony shouldnt b either 🙂 .. Thats crazy its matter of time when sony should allow us users do wat ever we want with OUR PS3 accept playing pirated games but other then that yea …but cheating n wat not is a diff story to get ban .. N not onnly sony can nan its others users thats crazy keep ur ids tight players lol

    • aquaman22

      well that didn’t take very long did it! Maybe they should talk to the devs at apple to see how to they prolong the rehacking of the system. @Truth, do you even read what you type?? lol i cant understand the point you’re trying to make. Hacking, modding, jailbreaking, whatever should not be done because it will open doors to pirating of games, and people cheating their asses off. Sony has sustain a loss big enough to now have to deal with this bullshit. Apple doesn’t stress over this because they’ve only sold 6 trillion iphones and ipods, and like 10 quadrillion apps. Aqua Out!!!

  • Thatruth86

    Do u read what i write foo im talking about we should be allowed to do what ever we want with the products we buy for instance a the ps3 since we talkni about it we can make homebrew b able to open it figure w,e codes there is n what not but let the sony networks monitor the modded n pirated ones n ban them or they should make something within their systems that tampering with it disables their ps3 to work something like . so everyone can be happy.. bc pirating will be done none matter what theres no stopping that.

    • aquaman22

      Man, GamingBolt do you have a spell check on the site?? lol maybe it’ll be helpful for truth here. I can’t understand what you write because you misspell every other word. 360 figured out how to ban users I’m sure Sony can figure something out as well. They just better do it quick! Aqua Out!!!

  • jbg0623

    It wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve already been a victim of this. If I got banned I’d be pissed….like hurt somebody pissed.


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