New Skyrim update goes live for PC

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Bethesda has released a new patch for the PC version of Skyrim, and it contains a lot of fixes and improvements. We have the entire patch log for you.

This is just the beginning Bethesda says, with a lot more upgrades to come.


  • Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods
  • Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author
  • Mod load order functionality

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon
  • Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller
  • Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly
  • Followers now sneak properly when player is sneaking

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  • charles2029

    Bethesda knows PC gaming isn’t dead. Did they completely fix the PS3 version of Skyrim?

    • Anderson

      That’s a lot of money for not a lot extra. I mean sure, the model’s nice quality and all, but it’d be nice to see a efdfirent collector’s edition that was maybe only twice the price of the base game and had extra in-game content instead of a plastic figure that’s just going to sit on a shelf and collect dust.Map looks nice, artbook looks good, and the making-of is kinda neat but those are all pretty standard items for a a360 special/collector edition of a game, so really it’s another a370 for a plastic model, of the kind of quality that would be available for half that if it wasn’t being labelled as a collector’s item.It seems to be a developing trend in special editions including physical items of limited/no actual use and then charging twice the price of a normal SE/CE (Deus Ex Human Revolution, Duke Nukem Forever, and Shogun 2: Total War (chessboard; wtf??), I’m looking at you! (Though DX-HR did at least also have some snazzy in-game content)).I’m also loving the vehemence of some of the replies above. It’s only a game, folks, no need to get all angry about it just because you don’t like someone else’s opinions and/or spelling


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