New Star Citizen Video Shows Off A ‘Persistent Universe’

Is there no end to this game’s awesomeness?

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Star Citizen just had its second Citizen Con over the weekend, and during that weekend, we were treated to a whole lot more about the game, including our very first look at the game’s potentially killer feature- its persistent universe.

The video that you see above explains exactly how this persistent universe will work, and what it will add to the game, while also showing us more gameplay footage (and hinting at more of the lore) of the game. As always, the game looks stunning and glorious, and it seems to hint at an almost limitless potential.

Apart from this new video, Citizen Con also saw a general celebration of all things star Citizen, while attempting to raise more money for the game, which is currently among the highest crowdfunded projects of all time, with over $56 million in funding garnered.

It launches next year for the PC exclusively. Stay tuned.

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  • Psionicinversion

    there is no end to its awesomeness, i see some SC disbelievers talk about how dated the landing section is i.e. going through the planets atmosphere, seems they completely ignored the fact they said its an early prototype. its going to get 10x better from that :d

    • Mark

      Wooww! And yeah people that criticize that kind of stuff is ignorant. Flying around in a solar system, moving toward a planet, then landing on it with a full population?! Dayum. Real quick, what is the premise of this thing? The story and purpose?

    • Psionicinversion

      Well story is whatever you make it. If youve ever played Eve and freelancer type games etc theres lore behind everything but you carve the universe out however you see fit for yourself. Want be miner can do that, want be a pirate, merc, data runner, trader, ship loaner etc you can do that. Its completely open to do pretty much anything you want and theres no “hand holding” telling you what do or where to go. CIG provides the tools, we’ve just got to use them 😀 thats the short version

      Theres space combat, FPS combat, can takeover and steal other ships for example in the constellation (in that video) you can see the side docking collar well you can be fighting a ship say another constellation and you can cripple it, and could have like 20 real players inside the constellation your flying in combat gear you dock with it “blow the facking doors off :P” storm the constellation kill the players inside it and take it for yourself. Its like a “next generation” space sim.

      There will also be dedicated team at CIG to see what players are doing and if theres interesting things going on theyll create a news feed and that will be shown off in the TV’s in bars and stuff you visit.

      It is niche type of game so a vast majority of gamers most likely wont be interested but itll have a big enough player base to sustain it. If the smallish user base can sustain eve then this should be sustainable.

      I call them the SC disbelievers because alot of people think Roberts is suddenly going to run away with millions of $$$ and leave us with nothing. Creating all that just to run off is kind of stupid especially someone as high profile as Roberts just isnt going to get away with it.

      Hope thats answered your question a bit.

    • Hyper1

      haha it really is starting to become quite an effort to explain exactly what star citizen is isn’t it, I mean its incorporating so much stuff into it, I really cant wait it will be amazing.

    • Psionicinversion

      SC only requires 1 word to describe it… Awesome 😀

    • Mark

      The definitive space mmo it is then. Thx broham.


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