New Unreal Engine 4 Visual Effects Video Is Stunning

Looks pretty gosh darn amazing.

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In the video that you see above, two graphics designers will walk you through the new visual and graphical flairs and effects that Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 will allow for.

Unreal Engine 4 is the next generation successor to this generation’s most popular middleware game engine, Unreal Engine 3 (although for next generation, Crytek’s Cry Engine 3, DICE’s Frostbite, and Unity have all seem to beaten it to the punch so far). It is supposed to be highly scaleable, running on everything from that midrange Android phone in your pcket to the most high end PC imaginable, and everything in between. Yes, that means it will run on Wii U too trolls, now stop asking.

Anyway, the effects that you see above? Only possible on the high end devices (so not on Wii U- here, here’s a victory for you trolls after all!), and they look stunning.

It’ll be great to see the power of Unreal Engine 4 harnessed in more games as the generation goes on.

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  • Psionicinversion

    wow that looks amazing lets see the PS4 render that!!!

    • John D

      It will. To bad 90% of pC owners will never see them graphics. There hardware is old. Also The Order 1886 still looks better. There is a gameplay video coming out tomorrow. Prepare to get jealous. Thank you have a nice Troll day.

      Unreal Engine is overrated. Every Unreal Engine 3 game had horrible Texture problems and streaming issues. Nothing to see here.

    • Psionicinversion

      the order looks rubbish, looks like some B movie! The visual really arent all to impressive and if you believe there the best ever… well if a game is multiplatform why bother adding all the visuals to a PC version make it look amazing and then try put it on the 360/PS3 and have to dumb it down so much it looks rubbish in comparison. PC will surge ahead blowing stuff like this out of the water now that theres more power in the consoles it wont need to be dumbed down

      95% of games prolly wont look like the tech demo cus itd take more power than 95% of gamers have got to run it but it does have the potential to run it. PS4 out in the cold!

    • cozomel

      The more you hate on it, the more it shows how much you fear it, you hate that it looks so good. It really bothers you sad, sad boy

    • Psionicinversion

      I feel it so badly when ill be playing playing Star Citizen 1080p Maximum details 60 fps and puts all this stuff to shame with its 300k to 7 million polygon ships insane levels of detail, planets that look so real its like your actually flying through space with its modified cry engine 4, team of 4 graphics engineers and aim to have the same or more than crytek refining the game engine and gfx capabilities so its the absolute best.

      Your right i am jealous, ill look at the order and think wow… how can something become so last gen already wish this game looked like that!!

    • cozomel

      wow that looks amazing lets see the X1 render that!!!

  • Mikeherp Derp

    Pretty cool how they can take a 2D animation and blow it up (pun intended) into a layered 3D object with its own light source.

  • toddraynerart

    @psionicinversion:disqus Your trolling has failed, go to somewhere where PC trolls are welcomed. The Order 1886 looks great! Plain and simple, even on a crappy video feed. It was built a certain way with a certain vision, to look, feel and be cinematic and widescreen is apart of that vision. As is 30fps. I watched this tech demo with my 15 old son and he was blown away on how much work can go into games nowadays. This was very cool to see some behind the scenes of what it takes to make games. PS4 and yes most likely X-Bone both could handle this with ease. Like they said it’s scalable, so PS4 will run full 1080 and as usual X-Bone will go 720. I am curios on what games are going to use this engine. Only time will tell.


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