New Xbox to launch in 2015?

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According to a designer brought in by the platform holder’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft may be aiming to launch a successor to the Xbox 360 sometime in 2015.

Designer Ben Peterson posted the supposed screenshot of the confidential project on his web portfolio accompanied by the description: “Confidential / Collaboration with Microsoft’s IEB design group investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015. *Work samples only permissible in person.* (March 2011)”

The pictures aren’t really much to go on and the project is still clearly in its initial stages, but this is intriguing news regardless.

Thanks to ZDnet for the info.

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  • shastyxmcnasty

    I have heard grumblings of a new console scheduled for a 2015ish release for several months now, so this is not that shocking to me…what I am very thankful for, as I am sure the rest of the GamingBolt communtiy will agree on, is that we will not have to pay for anew console for quite some time, which leaves more money for whats really important…the games.

    • jbg0623

      Very true, I just hope that they dont do to the PS3 and 360 like they did to their predecessors; discontinue support to them as if no one owns one anymore.

  • sofabound00

    yeah, i’m less concerned with spending mucho bucks on a new console and more with when we’ll see another price reduction on the current xbox: e3 2012?

    • jbg0623

      Very true, all three leading systems need a price drop soon, it’ll be nice to see the PS3 and 360 at $199 eventually.

    • icemanjj27

      I also agree with you both the price seriously has to drop to maybe $200 for 250gb or more. WITH INTERNET.

  • tareq salah

    2015 is still far so i don’t know how much better the new console will be. but i think the current ones are good enough with enough features. i just want more great exclusives for the xbox 360 not a new console.

  • PilarVIRUS

    That’s still too far away, we need a new Xbox like now. It’s been almost six years and I need a new console.

  • jbg0623

    depending on where I am in life by then, I may consider picking one up. It makes me giddy to think the advancements they’ll have made by then.

  • doub7

    Yeah a 10 yr life cycle for a console is pretty amazing. Not in any hurry cuz I am way behind on games but think we all will b ready 4 sumthin new by then.

  • tareq salah

    so in 4 years i will be 32 years of age.
    i honestly can say that the only thing that would make me play video games by then are games i was connected to.

    -resident evil because i want to know how this series will end
    -uncharted because its just awesome.

    i think thats it. i’ll be a dad with kids by then, i think games would be over for me.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah… I don’t think I’ll be able to continue also. I’ll probably be working all the time.

    • tareq salah

      its not work that would prevent me, its just i would rather do other things like travel or learn a new hobby or something. i understand that video games can be played by adults but it doesnt mean i will play them for ever,

  • doub7

    I am 32 now & I still luv games. Granted I am single with no kids so it is easier for me cuz all I have 2 worry bout is work. I can’t c myself ever stoppin but obviously when u hav other responsibilities u have 2 tone it down.

    • tareq salah

      by all means i dont mean its wrong to play in ur 30’s
      i just would like to do something new in my life. most of the games i really enjoy are games i played before and there is a story that needs to finish.

      i really want to play the last resident evil. and last uncharted. and i can say that im done and i enjoyed video games.


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