New Xperia Play ad isn’t all that weird

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Considering the recent and bizarre ad for Sony’s upcoming Playstation phone, this new video seems rather tame by comparison.

The ad shows actress Kristen Schaal, of Flight of the Conchords fame, playing a multiplayer game of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus against herself. Okay, so maybe it’s a little odd, but it does a good job of showing off the phone’s gaming capabilities.

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  • doub7

    This ad is much better than that weird last 1. Plus they got sum1 from Flight of the Concords, which is awesome. That Modern Combat game looks pretty sweet, I bought the 1 on the ps3 & it was a great value 4 $10.

  • woodysroundup

    Kristen Schaal is the BOMB…i heart BOBS BURGERS.
    sweet commercials, but where are the Playstation games? I’ve seen 3 of these spots and they’re all for Market apps you can get on any Android device.

  • PilarVIRUS

    I’m sorry but who would want to buy this, it’s doesn’t seem that attractive to me. If you want a system that can play games, it’s an iPhone.

    • tareq salah

      the problem with playing games on the iphone is why they made this add, you really cant play most games when you already cover the screen with your thumbs. i think this idea is great and should be implemented in most upcoming phones.

  • doub7

    Amen 2 that brother! This phone will b an epic fail imho. Really wish they would have just dedicated all the time & resources 2 the NGP.

    • tareq salah

      actually i think the ngp will be a huge fail. the psp didnt work so what did sony do? make another one with touch screen. the ds just appeals to more mass.

      i honestly think they should have worked on this phone concept with all android phones to compete with apple rather that compete with nintendo.

  • doub7

    Even if the 3DS crushes the NGP like the DS did 2 the PSP, the NGP is still the handheld 4 me. It is the most powerful portable system ever, like havin a PS3 in ur pocket. I want high performance don’t really care about the touch screens & such. They fixed the 2 biggest flaws of the PSP, bulky UMD media & no 2nd analog stick. Plus Uncharted in my pocket makes me happy.

    • tareq salah

      all this sounds great, and it could be a success i don’t know, i think it depends on erasing the image psp printed in our minds. plus they need to drop it with lots of games at launch.

  • doub7

    Yeah they have announced a dream lineup including Killzone, Resistance, CoD, LBP & Uncharted. But ur rite they need 2 have a few or all of these @ launch & really come out swingin. Can’t make the same mistake as the 3DS.

  • doub7

    Kristen Schall should really get more parts, she is frickin hilarious. & yes Bob’s Burgers is great. Glad 2 c I’m not the only 1.

    • tareq salah

      lol actually she is weird in the commercial.


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