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Halo is arguably the mother of all FPS games on consoles right now. It has the greatest contribution in making the FPS genre popular on consoles. And all credit goes to Bungie, the developers of the series. Now there is actually lots of time left till Halo: Reach releases, the last Halo project by Bungie. But that doesn’t mean Halo series will be done and dusted. Microsoft will obviously continue this blockbuster franchise and for which they must have, by now, thought of the possible next big developer that can carry the reigns from Bungie. Now carrying the Bungie legacy and following their footsteps will not be an easy job for any developer. But we also believe there are enough talented and experienced developers out there who can do the job with same or better effectiveness. So here at GB we thought of just sharing our wish list of those awesome developers that we would love to see working on future Halo projects.

Insomniac Games:

What? A supposedly Sony exclusive studio developing a Halo game…Are you guys nuts? That’s probably the first thing crossing your mind right now but hey! We are just sharing our wildest wish list here. Now Insomniac has a great lineup of quality franchises under its belt such as Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Resistance. And have already proven their worth in the industry. Now what Insomniac can add to the Halo franchise is what they do best, simply make it more fun. Add tons of new cool weapons, diversified levels/enemies, and make competitive multiplayer a little more chaotic. We know this is nothing more than just wishful thinking but still there is nothing wrong in doing so.


Imagine a Halo game on CryEngine 3…w00t! Wouldn’t that be sweet? Now Halo franchise isn’t known for its awe-inspiring graphics but that could all change if Microsoft decides to hire Crytek for the project. We all know what Crytek can bring to the table and that is jaw-dropping visuals. But that doesn’t mean the guys at Crytek are only good for that aspect of a game. They can create amazing First-Person Shooters of the highest standards and games like original Far Cry and Crysis are a testimony to that, both of which boosted ground-breaking visuals but in addition to that they were great overall gaming experiences as well. So Halo games in Crytek’s hands would mean they are in safe hands.

Epic Games:

Epic Games having been working in partnership with Microsoft since the start of the current gen consoles on Xbox 360’s blockbuster Gears of War series. So working on a Halo game wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Epic Games certainly knows how to make top-tier FPS having developed Unreal Games. But what can they do to the franchise’s good? Well if Gears of War is some indication then they can make it…let’s say a bit more tactical, a bit more bad @$$??? But please not on Unreal Engine 3, brand new Halo game on a brand new Unreal Engine…sounds good to us.

Gearbox Software:

Out of all the developers mentioned here, gearbox is probably the strongest contender for the job. They also ported the original Halo on PC, also they’ve been rumored to be the next Halo developers before. Gearbox has a great deal of experience having worked on various quality games starting from half-life, halo ports to most recently, the highly acclaimed borderlands. Gearbox might have lost some confidence after the release of last Brothers in Arms game which didn’t quite live up to its hype but with Borderlands’ success, GearBox sure has again made its mark. And we are damn confident they can responsibly take Halo franchise to a much needed new direction.

Infinity Ward:

Well Infinity Ward doesn’t need any introduction. They are undoubtedly the most successful, the hottest developer this generation. They have set the bar for competitive multiplayer in the industry. With unmatched success of Call of Duty franchise, infinity ward is in league of its own. Again it’s next to impossible thinking that infinity ward would ever work on a console exclusive title neither Activision would ever allow them to do so. But we just can’t help ourselves from imagining this scenario. This would mean unimaginable new heights for the Halo franchise.

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  • jesse

    i like crytek with the keys to the next halo game i believe they can set a new standard for the fps in the consoles era right now ….IW would mess it up just for the record i wont go past this comment give it to crytek

  • Hey dumbasses, they’ve already named 343 Industries in charge for all future Halo games after Reach, WAY TO FUCKING GO!

  • 343 Makes Halo

    This would not be a bad wishlist if you stated that you knew 343 Industries was taking over the IP completely. From games to movies, comics to action figures, and anything Halo from this point on. But obviously you were not aware of this very well know fact, for some time now, and decided to create this list to fill something that was already decided.

    In an alternate universe where 343 Industries may have not been formed, then I may go with Crytek or maybe Gearbox. But the rest of your choices are a joke…as far as Halo goes. They would destroy what the game is about and exploit it.

  • Branden

    ^ hilarious.

    Anyway Infinity Ward wouldn’t do it as they are trying to make different stuff now (good since MW2 was a hyped and broken failure). As for Gearbox, Insomniac and Epic, they have way too much originality and good franchises under their belt (Borderlands, R&C, Gears of War) to be messing with outplayed franchises like Halo. Its the Madden of Shooters. Plus Halo 3 is still being played so fanboys should shut up and let these dudes make new IPs.

  • Joe

    yeah how did you NOT know that 343 industries is Microsofts internal Halo team? this has been known for probably going on 12 months, if not longer.

  • Ragna The Bloodedge

    Seriously the GAYLO crap again. I mean no disrespect to Halo fans, but I disagree with everything hardcore Halo fans say. It’s repitive gameplay. a good overall story but I heard better. Halo needs to die, also Reach doesn’t have the best looking graphics unlike Vanquish developed by Platinum games. the graphics will blow even CRYSIS 2 graphics.

  • chris

    … what a garbage website.


    And insomniac does spyro games for the 360… there goes your “exclusive PS3” jab…

  • Joe


    no, insomniac have NEVER done a game for the 360. they did Spyro for the original Playstation, but then passed on the franchise to other developers. a complete list of Insomniacs games:

    Game Title US release date Platform
    Disruptor November 20, 1996 PlayStation
    Spyro the Dragon September 10, 1998 PlayStation
    Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! November 2, 1999 PlayStation
    Spyro: Year of the Dragon October 11, 2000 PlayStation
    Ratchet & Clank November 7, 2002 PlayStation 2
    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando November 11, 2003 PlayStation 2
    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal November 2, 2004 PlayStation 2
    Ratchet: Deadlocked October 25, 2005 PlayStation 2
    Resistance: Fall of Man November 17, 2006 PlayStation 3
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction October 23, 2007 PlayStation 3
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty August 21, 2008 PlayStation 3
    Resistance 2 November 4, 2008 PlayStation 3
    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time October 27, 2009 PlayStation 3

    as youll see, nothing but playstation games.

  • alan

    @above all: 343 Industries is a japanesse movie studio (they also did the matrix anime) paid by microsoft to produce anime content for Halo Waypoint. They are in no way a game making studio all Halo games are made by Bungie (with the exception of halo wars). 343 is just there to handle the franchise – marketing and such.

  • Guy

    Pretty sad “article” indeed.

  • Joe

    Microsofts official bio of 343 Industries:

    “343 Industries is the publisher of the blockbuster “Halo” series of videogames and, as part of Microsoft Game Studios, oversees the “Halo” franchise, including novels, comics, licensed collectibles, apparel and more. 343 Industries is home to world-class developers working on future “Halo” projects, including “Halo Legends” and Halo Waypoint, as well as partnering with renowned developers such as Bungie LLC and Robot Entertainment to produce “Halo” games for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE.”

    like it or not, they are making all future Halo games.

  • Dwayne

    Infinity ward – glitchiest games ever
    Insomniac – Resistance, are you kidding me, friggin terrible game
    Epic games – only one character design in all their games
    Crytek – have the tech but would they do Halo justice?
    And to top it all off, this article is irrelevant anyway seen as 343 Industries are now at the helm of all things Halo. Whoever wrote this article needs to do some research, play some proper games and try not to piss off the Halo community


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