Ni No Kuni 2 May Be Coming To Other Consoles In The Future, Sony’s Shuehei Yoshida Confirms

It may be coming to other consoles in the future.’

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ni no kuni 2

When Level 5’s Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, the sequel to their excellent 2013 PS3 exclusive JRPG was announced at Sony’s PlayStation Experience, most people were under the impression that the game would be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, it appears that there was some sort of error with the messaging, as Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed on Twitter today that Ni no Kuni 2 is, at most, a timed exclusive- and that it may be coming to other consoles in the future.

Basically, then, the game is not a PS4 exclusive, and nor has Sony made any attempt to secure it as such. It will probably be coming to some other console in the future. That probably won’t be Xbox One, since that console is toxic for Japanese games, while the Wii U is dead, and on its way out. Almost certainly, this game, like so many other announced Japanese third party projects, might be targeted at the Nintendo NX.

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  • Starman

    Wth fk does gaming in Japan have to do with the states .. that is a racist thing to say that USA doesn’t play JRPG’s … if not for us you wouldn’t exist ….sony want’s to poison their minds with that ‘BS’ “Japanese honor BS… GTFO>>>> big mistake not putting it on xbox because Sony has convinced you all that Americans don’t like JRPG’s or Japanese games period …we never had this problem until Sony came in the industry with their crooked Japan business ways of doing things… FACTZ !!!!

    • Lordjax Jax

      I agree,This exclusivity by “liking brand” (Sony) which Japanese have, everyone knows is ending as it is increasingly expensive to produce a AAA game and if they do not make available their games for all platforms will have losses and sometimes not even paid the game itself, then those companies like Tecmo Koei,Square Enix,Konami among others that saw the PS4 as unique a platform now has to swallow patriotism and distribute to general.

      I think one has to oppose and claim the game sites to this and disprove this sale of sony in their fanboys and these Japanese developers who fail to launch their games for the Xbox.

  • Doge-With-It

    it’s a niche game anyway, who cares?

    i’m a ps4 guy & this game isn’t a system seller lol

    • Nintendroid TV

      Okay, well go back to playing your Battlefront or Call of Duty with your Dank Memes whilst us normal gamers enjoy a game with some actual content and an enjoyable plot.

    • Doge-With-It

      looks like the nintendrone is mad…go buy some amiibos, gj necroing a month old thread btw lol

    • Nintendroid TV

      Why would I be mad at someone who responded to my troll comment 😉

  • Nintendroid TV

    If this game comes out on Nintendo NX… I’m getting the NX version


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