Nintendo and PlayStation Congratulate Xbox On Their 15th Anniversary

A milestone celebrated by all.

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Fifteen years ago yesterday, Microsoft launched the original Xbox, throwing their gauntlet into the console gaming market, and kick starting their own odyssey, an unforgettable one that ended up contributing a lot to the modern gaming scene. And congratulating Microsoft on completing this milestone were none others than their biggest competitors in the market- Nintendo and Sony.

Posting on their Twitter, Nintendo wished Xbox a ‘happy anniversary,’ congratulating them on ’15 fantastic years,’ a gesture that Microsoft really appreciated- the main Xbox account liked and retweeted the tweet, and multiple regional Xbox accounts all liked, retweeted, and responded to the tweet too. This seems to be another step in what appears to be growing closeness between Nintendo and Xbox- just recently, Nintendo had sent Xbox head Phil Spencer an NES Classic Mini ahead of its launch, for example.

On the other hand, PlayStation also wished Xbox a happy anniversary, with the PlayStation UK account congratulating Xbox with their tongue firmly in cheek. This kind of thing is great to see, because in the end, these companies don’t hate each other, and definitely have a lot of respect for each other. They all learn from each other, and they all need each other to succeed. Of course, that’s something that fans of none of these will ever understand, which is why fanboys exist, I suppose.

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  • jp

    its called PR.

    • crazy_black_man-

      LOL. Public Ridicule?

    • jp

      that’s you buddy.

  • crazy_black_man-

    I would like to congratulate Don Mattrick for grabbing the wheel and steering the Titanic right into the iceberg. Well done Don. If it hadn’t been for you trying to take the ship down, these clowns wouldn’t be getting tons of free games and other worthless sh** from Phil Spencer, who has been barely able to keep the brand afloat, while still taking on water. Congrats Don wherever you are! It’s been a real hoot this gen watching out for sharks among the remaining survivors.

  • crazy_black_man-

    I will agree with your last paragraph that Sony DOES need the Xbox to succeed somewhat. It gives people a better idea of the true measurement today of a solid state, and what should be a standard, top quality game console vs a current generation Xbox game console. It’s like a putting a Samsung branded tv up against a Magnovox. 45 million people are gonna pick the Samsung because they know the brand’s history for being a leader in quality electronics, and about 20 million will settle for the Magnavox just because it has a cheaper remote control with a certain button configuration that they happen to like better. Go figure. To each their own, and their love for refurbished electronics.

  • Mr Xrat

    15 years of cancerous dogsh1t, thanks MS.

    • crazy_black_man-

      So glad I never stepped in it! Hilariousness!


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