Nintendo Is Hiring A Western Graphics Engineer For Their Next Gen Console

It’s happening.

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As of this November, the Wii U will be two years old. Even as a healthy console, that would mean that it would be time to start developing its successor- as a console which barely has a presence in the market, introducing a successor as soon as possible is now paramount. So it is heartening to see that Nintendo are actually working on their next generation system already, and that, more importantly, it appears that they are learning from their mistakes this time around and planning to craft a console that rights the mistakes of the Wii U.

A new jobs listing by Nintendo is asking for a graphics engineer in the west to help Nintendo design their next hardware. “Nintendo Technology Development is looking for a lead graphics architect in the system-on-chip architecture group in Redmond, WA. The group is responsible for the architecture of Nintendo’s game console SoCs,” the job listing reads, before it proceeds to outline all responsibilities, which basically amount to designing the system.

The reason why this is a big deal is is because Nintendo is hiring someone from the west for this job- considering that Nintendo’s stubbornly insular, Japan-centric, and inward looking attitude is what caused them to misread the market as badly as they did with the Wii U, tapping in a western engineer to design their next hardware for them sounds like a great move. Especially since, as SOny demonstrated with the Mark Cerny led PS4, it can work wonders to get some fresh blood in.

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  • d0x360

    Your comment about it being heartening to hear they are working on a next gen console is interesting only because every single generation since the nes the next console is being researched and planned from basically the day the latest one launches. Its obvious Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all planning what’s next so it be surprised by such a thing makes little sense to me personally. It takes years to build a console. Not only do you have to best guess where hardware will be you also have to start sourcing parts and dealing with chip designers in order to both design and manufacture those chips. If they don’t start immediately they would be behind from step 1.

    The real issue in console development and this generation is a better example of that than any before is instead of independently designing the best box they can they are only trying to match what their competition is doing and that is a huge mistake. This gen Microsoft knew Sony couldn’t afford to sell the ps4 at a loss and they also knew from their own research what hardware could go into a $4-500 box so they spec’d out that exact thing and built it when we all know Microsoft could have continued with the razor and blade model, sold the box at a loss at launch and could have from a spec standpoint absolutely blown Sony out of the water.

    Microsoft was hedging their bets and assuming Sony would only get yields of 4 gigs of gddr4 instead of 8 and had that been the case the Xbox one even with its lower power GPU would have won the graphics race hands down this generation.

    Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t make those same mistakes on top of the usual set of mistakes Nintendo always seems to make. One thing that will be interesting to see of of they pull another wiiu and launch before everyone else by a couple years BUT this time instead of matching power with the consoles already out like wiiu did they go and blow them out of the water which really would be quite simple

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