Nintendo NX: New Rumor Suggests It Will Support Cross Play, Specs Close to PS4/Xbox One And More

Syncing between devices will be key.

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nintendo nx

When it comes to the Nintendo NX, there still isn’t a ton of information out there about what the console will do or what it will offer. What we think we know is that the newest console from Nintendo will not actually have an optical drive. The company hasn’t actually confirmed this but it appears that it also hasn’t denied those rumors and because of that the gaming world is moving on with that assumption.

This weekend, more rumors about what the NX is going to bring. The new rumors are coming from someone close to the company who says that the NX is more than just one console but more of a platform. That means that there is a push to make it quite a bit more cross-platform than what we’ve already seen from the Nintendo brand. There are some versions of the game that allow release on both the 3DS and the Wii U but the NX is geared to expand on that idea.

The company is reportedly looking to come up with a console that is comparable to the Xbox One/PS4 when it comes to the specs and the way it operates back and forth. While it makes sense for Nintendo to modeling their newest console on the ones available, there might be a bit of a danger of aiming their new console at those that have already been on the market for over a year. It’s possible other features will help set the console apart but we’ll have to wait and see when the company finally starts talking.

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  • lon3wolf

    They need to surpass those 2 consoles not get close if they are to make any impact with another console. IMO they would best leaving a new console until the perceived end of this gen rather than scrap the Wii-U after only 4 years. I like my Wii-U shame it’s not doing so well in sales. The other area Ninty need to improve is in online, it’s a mess atm.

  • Mario Wii U

    Stick with the Wii U I say!!
    Unless it’s an add on type unit for the Wii U and 3ds.
    Everyone who has a Wii U knows that nothing else beats it, if third party can’t make their games work on this new tech than Nintendo just need to give us all they’ve got.
    Give us Metroid, Zelda, Mario golf, plus all the stuff that is already coming and our little machine will be complete ☺️
    Oh and more DLC for Mario kart 8 and smash brothers !

    • Donovan Tull

      I know, I’m saving up for a Wii U, looks awesome!

    • Andrew Flath

      I got my Wii U on release day. It’s glitchy, drops internet connection 3-4 times a day. There was a decent Netflix upgrade that helped stop the AIP-701 error code. I have to unplug it every day or so because it freezes. You can’t even connect it directly to a modem, there is no ethernet connection, you have to buy the dongle separate. It’s not a great system, and has received lack luster reviews. It’s just a game console and noting special at that.
      I only buy Nintendo systems, so I’m excited that there is going to possibly be a better one coming out. It would be nice if it played all my Wii U games… but it probably won’t.

    • Mario Wii U

      Sorry to hear.
      There must be something wrong with your Wii U buddy?
      I have none of those problems at all, my wife and I play online everyday and It’s perfect, Netflix, YouTube, Google also all perfect.
      Every morning we wake up and the gamepad is flashing with another message on what’s coming and what’s already out. She says it’s the cutest thing ever!
      To us this is our favourite console.
      Hope you get it sorted mate, your missing out on some really fun stuff if it’s playing up like that.

    • Andrew Flath

      I just bought the Splatoon game today, and being that it’s mostly an online game, I’ve experienced multiple connection losses. Wii U should have an ethernet connection, and not just be wireless.
      And even though I’ve requested multiple times to the tech support people at Nintendo that my console is faulty, they will not replace it or fix it. It’s always ‘a problem with my internet provider’ and when I get tech support from my internet provider.. ‘it’s a problem with Nintendo’.
      This problem has gone on so long that my extended warranty is now expired.
      I’m ready to dump my Wii U for a new Nintendo console.

    • a.no1

      Most wifi routers are set to “auto channel”. This causes trouble sometimes even though you might see good signal bars. Log into your router’s webinterface and change the channel to a channel which is not used by other wifis nearby. If you don’t know how to check which channel is less used, there are apps for your smartphone that can do this by a click.
      In the end, before you dump it, give it to me 🙂

    • Andrew Flath

      My router is formated to let the Wii U bypass my router’s firewall. Besides, I have the Wii U LAN connector. So it’s connected by the ethernet cable.


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    • Mario Wii U

      That is so amazing!!
      You should tell everyone!
      Quick go now!

  • I heard about the handheld NX too. Pushing a handheld out that fast is going to spell trouble. They barely released the N3DS XL in North America. They did do this with the DSi when the 3DS came out in 2011, times have changed, that couple of months of loss they had with the 3DS could be worst, especially since America is just now getting the regular N3DS model.

  • Kid & Squid

    Jesus, first we get the rumor (supposedly from a “reliable source) about it being less powerful than the PS4, now we get news that they’re almost like Xbox One and PS4? What news is there to trust?!

    • Andrew Flath

      Nintendo has always tried to separate itself from other gaming consoles. I don’t trust when people say it’s going to be ‘like’ one of the others, because Nintendo doesn’t do that sort of thing.
      I saw some specifications for the NX that can’t be validated, it shows that it may be a cartridge type system.

    • Agent Rose

      Nintendo might as well be more like it’s competition. Not all the way, just some.

      Like the achievements system and not being so restrictive with people swearing. They need to man up and accept the fact that everyone swears.

  • just be patience, Nintendo will reveal it when they think is time. I say around e3 2016.

  • Brandon Bullard

    I became very nostalgic and sort of giddy at the idea of a new super-powered Nintendo gaming system… It would be awesome if Nintendo brought their creativity to the AAA console space, and showed everyone what gaming is all about.

  • Andrew Flath
  • Elijah Lewis

    I mean, what is even the point of developing a new console if it’s not going to be more powerful? Just for the heck of it? If NX is barely more powerful than Wii U, and is marketing itself primarily on being able to play first-party Nintendo games….. then what’s the point of making a new console? If people really wanted to play new Nintendo games, then they could just buy a Wii U and play them. Does Nintendo think that just having good launch titles is the only thing that can create good public opinion? PS3 had a terrible launch, and turned itself around. If NX isn’t gonna care about third parties either or improve graphic, then you’re just trading two nickels for a dime…

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