Nintendo NX: The Pokemon Company Intends To Bring Pokemon On NX With Cloud Features

Pokemon CEO has big plans for the future console.

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nintendo nx

While we know very little about what Nintendo plans for the NX, beyond a number of different patent filings, it doesn’t appear that the gaming community is going to be waiting on its laurels to hear from the company before they start making their own plans. In particular, Pokemon wants to have a real presence on the upcoming console and it appears they want to be able to take advantage of the upcoming console.

Pokemon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara recently sat down with Japanese language website Famitsu and his interview was helpfully translated by Nintendo Everything. The CEO talked about a number of things when it comes to his franchise. During the interview he touched on Pokemon Shuffle, Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and talked about how he wants to use the cloud if and when he brings a new game to the NX.

It seems likely that Pokemon will be coming to the newest Nintendo console in one way or another and it would also seem as though that would be one of the most anticipated games on the console when it arrives. In particular, the CEO wants to take more advantage of the Pokemon Global Link and Pokemon Bank on future devices. The company wants a rather large emphasis on using the cloud and they want to be able to use the cloud in order to play in on a console or device and then when you are done playing you’ll be able to load it back into the cloud. Whether or not that will be possible won’t be knowable until we learn more about the Nintendo NX

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  • Hermione Granger

    do i smell always online drm??…

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Nintendo isn’t that stupid to let it happen. we at least know that

    • Hermione Granger

      people said the same about dlc and mobile… and guess what, here we are today.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Any company who hasn’t done it yet has seen the consequences from customers. Why would Nintendo make themselves wanna lose customers, it’s just not feasible?

    • Hermione Granger

      its act of desperation, thats what it is… its like no no no we aint gonna do bad things like the others, we are for the kids and family… then going out in full force, desperately excusing and try to convince dlc is a good thing, and everyone else than ninty is doing it wrong.. then dlc arrive and its cut out content, or content they was gonna release but it was more important to get the game out unfinished first. then release the game content as free dlc bit by bit so they look like saints… they think they fooled everyone and got away with it… then they do more or less the same with mobile.. saying: no our mobile games is free2start and not free2play like the bad other mobile games, and they promise they are sure not gonna trick kids in spending money on berries.. then we see that pokemon game get released on mobile and its the same as all the other free2play garbage out there with paywalls everywhere… they dont fool me i dont fall for their bs. the next up after mobile now is digital only future with online drm , its coming with the nx that you can bet your penny on.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      TLDR; Sony and Microsoft aren’t even doing DRM, in fact Microsoft dropped the DRM for X1. What makes you think Nintendo will implement DRM after seeing its competitors back from it?

    • Travis Frazier

      Correction: They both are most definitely using DRM. No console can survive without some kind of DRM. They aren’t using DRM that requires you to be online which is what I think you were wanting to say.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      When you look at it that way, you can say every console in existence had DRM to counter piracy and counterfeit. Thing is..when people talk about DRM they talk about staying online and enforcing strict authoritative measures. thing is with DRM…its way of preventing piracy is to have a system stay always online. Consoles have had measures to stop piracy for years so now..technically you’re wrong also if we analyze it that way. Nobody broadly defines anti-piracy as DRM since it only has to do with staying online, not anything else. Or should we go over the definition to make sure we set this all straight?

    • Travis Frazier

      “you can say every console in existence had DRM to counter piracy and counterfeit.”

      Pretty much. Because that’s what DRM is. DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT. It might have been lacking on some of the really old systems, but any modern system has it. It is the protection measures put in place to protect their digital content from being hacked, pirated, copied, ect.

      If people talk about DRM as ONLY being the systems that require you to stay online then they are misusing the term as that’s only one form of DRM and it’s refered to as “always on DRM”. Anything as simple as a DVD movie making it difficult for you to copy and burn your own versions would be DRM.

      I have a question for you. How old are you? I’m not saying this to be mean but DRM isn’t a new term unlike the idea of requiring you to stay online which is a fairly new idea in video games (except for online mulitplayer games like WoW of course). I’m asking becuase if there is a new wave of gamers that don’t know exactly what DRM is then I should probably prepare better examples to explain exactly what it is.

      “Or should we go over the definition to make sure we set this all straight?”

      Lets do that.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ah ok. I see, usually it was only applied to mean always online so I thought it just meant that context. Tbh I’m gonna be 20 years old this year and the first time I heard the term was a few years ago with the DRM debacle with Ubisoft.

      I didn’t grow up with a wide spectrum of knowledge so I didn’t know it could be applied in other ways especially since every time somebody used the term it always referred to being always online. Ok I read it..I initially thought DRM only applied to software but now see it also entails hardware.

      That’s why I wasn’t sure. Thanks for clearing that up. So I guess what I’m trying to say is instead of Nintendo going backwards I think they’ll be more open with their systems, especially since they expressed interest in removing region locking from future consoles. Who knows.

    • Travis Frazier

      Its cool. Its a bit technical and most people really only talk about DRM when its highly intrusive so I can see how people would have only heard the term in the context of the whole always online problem. Most people really don’t give it a second thought about the less intrusive DRMs like copy protection and steams DRM. Although I always hated CD keys that you could only use a limited number of times.

      And I would love for them to stop region locking their system. I’m not big into importing games but I LOVE a lot of the japan exclusive special edition systems.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Yeah only on bad terms is DRM mentioned. Yeah I especially hate the keys and Steam DRM in general even though I have account for it.

      Yeah especially for series like Ace Attorney where the likelihood of localization is 50/50 and you can’t play the games that don’t leave Japan unless you get a Japanese 3ds.

      I really hope they’re working on that because no one is gonna want a region locked system 3 times in a row (Wii U and 3DS being region locked ). They’re gonna need it.

    • Sandra Fisher

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    • XbotMK1

      Nintendo would have a death wish.

    • Hermione Granger

      i think they might have, then they can go full time to mobile and card games.

    • J_Joestar

      sounds more like expanding PokeBank to more platforms and allowing it to link with more games in different ways.

  • Mario Wii U

    Wii U wins!!!!!

  • XbotMK1

    Cloud is a vague term that I think companies need to stop using so much to be more specific. Every online interaction today uses “cloud” so they could be talking about anything. The term “cloud” has been overused and used too loosely this gen mostly thanks to Microshaft.

  • haven’t play pokemon since the Nintendo 64 days, it’s been too long.

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