Nintendo NX Will Be Powered By Nvidia’s Tegra- Report

The tech behind Nintendo’s crazy new system.

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Eurogamer have leaked more details about Nintendo’s enigmatic new NX system- apparently, the console-handheld hybrid will be powered by Nvidia’s high powered Tegra mobile chips. Development kits for the NX are apparently using the Tegra X1 chip for now, although nothing stops Nintendo from including a stronger (or weaker) chip in the final, retail unit. Eurogamer on their part speculate (but this is only speculation, not a part of the leaks) that the final NX may be running on the X2 chip.

An X1 chip will make the NX more powerful than the Wii U, but less powerful than an Xbox One- in line with some of the rumors we have been seeing for the device. It would make it an exceptionally powerful handheld, but a rather weak console. There is some potential for there being another discrete GPU in the dock that will be used to connect the handheld NX to the TV, turning it into the console, which could theoretically add to its hardware power, at least in home console mode- but that’s just speculation for now, as well.

With the NX due to be revealed in the Fall, commonly assumed to be in September, we’re not that far from knowing what the system that Nintendo are placing all of their future hopes on actually is. I’m personally a big fan of the hybrid concept- so hopefully, these rumors hold true.

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  • Troy Marcel

    If it’s not better than the xbox or ps4 they’ve already lost.

    • lagann

      Agreed…i mean, these systems have been out for what, 3 years already? The tech to get at least similar specs should be dirt cheap now.

    • Pramath

      You and lagann are both missing the simple point that Nintendo don’t seem to be fighting for the same market that the Xbox and PlayStation are.


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