Nintendo Switch: Players Can Upgrade To 2TB Storage With SD Card

That’s a lot of storage.

Posted By | On 14th, Jan. 2017 Under News

Now that the Nintendo Switch release date and price have been revealed, we’re learning a ton of information about it, almost every hour. Among the tidbits we learned most recently is that if users want to store a ton of games on the console, they’ll be able to do so, though not out of the box.

Instead, users will be able to get a 2TB SD Card. Game Reactor Spain learned about the ability to upgrade the memory using these cards, which reminds gamers of the way they can upgrade the Nintendo 3DS’s memory.

The PS4 and Xbox One are just starting to offer the ability to have that kind of storage, so it’s clear Nintendo has been thinking about ways it can become competitive in this market. With pre-orders now available at stores like Walmart, we’ll soon see whether these features are going to drive big-time sales.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Meanwhile PS4 / Xbone comes with 500+GB as well as a game for less money☺

  • Gamez Rule

    Really? How much are 2TB SD Cards?

    Also do they fit on the tongue☺

    • Psionicinversion

      SDXC are alot of money. i cant find any 2TB ones but 512GB ones are like £165, so your looking as SSD prices.

      might be able find them a bit cheaper else where id imagine but generally speaking not to good. Be good if it had external drive support so you could attach an external hard drive to it but have to see if it can do it

    • Gamez Rule

      I looked and couldn’t find any either.

      IMO this N-Switch is a fail waiting to happen just the the Wii U. WHY Nintendo didn’t listen to what gamers wanted in a console is beyond me. I was hoping for a console being able to give the current gen consoles a run for the money but like last gen Nintendo gave us an under-powered console instead.

    • Riggybro

      Who wants another plastic box under the tv COD machine? Not me thanks.
      And looking at the current market why would Nintendo want to release one? So they can fight it out for bottom place with Xbox?
      I commend them on offering a true alternative. Good for the industry.

      So the Switch doesn’t play Assassins Creed part 34 I’m not really sure if the majority of the 70 million plus 3DS and WiiU owners really care. Just make sure there is a steady stream of Zelda, Mario, JRPG etc…

      Like most I was hoping for a $200-250 price point but hey unlike PS and XB this thing has a screen attached to it and has a pretty unusual design which is pretty tightly packed compared to an APU in a big plastic box console.

    • Gamez Rule

      People that wanted the Wii U sounded off just like what you posted, and look what happened to that ( IMO It Failed )

      Nintendo by making the N-Switch expensive with it’s lack of bundled games, controller, shows Nintendo didn’t learn anything from their past console ( Wii U ) or listen to gamers themselves.

      Why couldn’t Nintendo release a home console with hardware that could give PS4/Xbone a run for their money while offering a normal controller like the good old SNES days. I bet that type of console would sell more than Wii U & Switch.

    • Riggybro

      The Wii U did fail. Yep (although as I have stated before it’s almost equal in sales to Vita and will end up not that waaay behind soon-to-be-replaced XB1).

      In my opinion though Switch is looking to sweep from both the 3DS and Wii U pool of Nintendo fans (e.g. – there is no alternative “handheld” this Nintendo gen it’s just the Switch) plus (they hope) pick up any extras outside of that.
      Bit different from the usual console/handheld Nintendo split.

      Yeah based on what has been announced so far I’m not envisioning PS4 type sales… but I think if the games come it’ll wedge somewhere nicely in between XB and PS. It’s all about the games IMO. Specs na.

    • Gamez Rule

      Well all I know is where I pre-ordered the Wii U ( and sent that back ) I didn’t make that same mistake with the Switch, and I’m glad I didn’t as that too would have been sent back.

      As a gamer myself I believe Nintendo haven’t learned from past mistakes and will soon be dropped from game makers just like the Wii U days, and once that happens we all know what takes place. Lack of sales, lack of support, lack of interest, then discontinued.

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    Salty sd card storage speeds now vs SATA 3 hard-drives .

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    • Gamez Rule

      Does make you wonder what Nintendo was thinking. And remember that Nintendo did state “Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost”

  • Hans Olo

    299 with no blu ray drive..should be cheaper with lack of drive
    70 pro controller?
    80 extra joy con to play 1-2 switch?
    Only decent game is Zelda
    Not going to pay 570 for the above and 1-2 switch for the kids
    Nintendo also said you have to use a download app from YOUR smart device to chat with friends???????????
    At least PS/XBOX have their online/chat systems in place.
    Also the WII U 2.0, I mean Switch will launch with PORTS:
    Skyrim Elder Scrolls V -on PS/xbox since November 11, 2011
    Lego City – Been on WII U since March 2013
    Mario Kart 8 – Been on WII U since May 29, 2014
    Now I know why Nintendo named it the “Switch” because you are keeping the games and switching consoles from WII U to Switch which is a WII U in sheep’s clothing!
    I know why they call it Mario 8 Deluxe…………because it costs more than the WII U Version!
    I got rid of my WII U, I bought it at laucnh with the promise of Zelda the following year, then they postponed it for the switch launch………………………………”The Ole Bait and SWITCH”

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