Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Discusses Nintendo’s Third Party Strategy for Nintendo NX

Will this be the time when Nintendo finally gets a handle on third party support?

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Nintendo systems have historically been known for poor third party support- ever since the Nintendo 64, every system, with the minor aberration that was the GameCube, has had exceptionally poor representation of third party games, that have come to be increasingly more important in the modern gaming climate. Nintendo’s current systems, the Wii U and to a lesser extent, the 3DS, have both suffered greatly from this problem.

It seems Nintendo’s investors are aware of this problem too, and they are also curious about how Nintendo is planning to go about this. In a statement to investors, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata tried to shed some light on how Nintendo is planning on approaching the third party conundrum with their next system, the enigmatic NX.

“I believe the standard for software publishers in selecting what hardware to provide their games for is the installed base after all,” he said. “The larger the installed base or the more it is believed that the installed base will largely expand, there is an aspect that more software publishers are likely to join in. On the other hand, Nintendo is collaborating with various software publishers. At E3, which was held in the U.S. and is the largest trade show in the video game industry, we received many proposals for joint initiatives. In addition, Japanese software publishers have close relationships with our licensing department on a regular basis. As for collaborations with software publishers or their games, please consider that there are various ongoing projects below the surface.”

Third party collaborations are definitely one way of increasing third party enthusiasm for your system, while also increasing and diversifying the catalog available, but will this ensure that Nintendo gets the same kind of third party support that PlayStation or even Xbox do? That is something that remains to be seen.

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  • d0x360

    Install base is important but I expected more from Iawata. I mean come on man you run Nintendo.

    Another aspect is power and to a lesser extent today, ease of development. Power is important for 1 single reason and that’s multi platform releases. If a publisher has to spend a ton of money either upgrading or downgrading a game they just won’t bother.

    The good news is if the game is coming to pc upgrading isn’t an issue but downgrading is a major one. Why? Not only do you have to make the game visually less appealing which looks inferior to customers and makes them likely to buy on another platform regardless of platform specific benefits but you also have to optimize like crazy which is where you burn money. Also if your architecture is different from say a modern console (a PC) you are also less likely to get ports because of extra time needed for platform specific code and debugging.

    Install base..come on Nintendo you are way smarter than this and if you aren’t we have a big problem

    • Tara Sorensen


    • harrietfordypa


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  • Kfal Balli

    If 3rd party games can’t run on your console then there is a problem. The wii had a large install base and it still had subpar 3rd party support. I think nintendo need a big 3rd party exclusive. Like a GTA Chinatown sequel, Virtual Fighter with a controller like this

    • Tara Sorensen


  • I wonder how long it will take, for Nintendo strategy, to really work for them. As in, plenty of 3rd party publisher started developing for them, enhancing the gaming purchasing options, for Nintendo gamers.

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